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Best Vietnam Itinerary – For an unforgettable journey in Hanoi

You are planning Vietnam Itinerary, yet sinking yourself in a sea of information. You have difficulty arranging destinations and activities of your interest in an amount of time.

Therefore, we are delighted to provide Vietnam Itinerary of different duration in this article.

To commence with, we suggest you read through some main highlights of this tropical Asian country. After that, you yourself can decide where to go and how long to travel in Vietnam!

1. Why Vietnam? Is Vietnam Worth It?

Vietnam is not too large a country; however, the tourism industry here is developing quickly. It is apparently an ideal destination for your holiday.


Vietnamese people are friendly, warm-hearted and enthusiastic. You are welcomed by a gentle smile wherever you go.


Vietnamese authentic food is just superb! Food tour with local guide is obviously an indispensable part of every trip!


You can travel at a very low cost in Vietnam.

Sure, products are sometimes overpriced by some local people. Yet, you can always find nice local buddies who are willing to assist and provide local tips to facilitate your journey!


Vietnam simply lives up to everyone’s expectation. You know that you will be offered with anything you want here!

Moreover, I would love to mention the characteristic feature of each Vietnamese region.

Northern Vietnam

Northern Midland and Mountainous Region involves majestic terrains the Fansipan – Indochina Rooftop.

Vietnam Itinerary - Northern Midland and Mountainous Region - Sapa - Fansipan
It has great advantages to develop ecotourism thanks to its nature reserves, national parks, forests and beautiful landscapes. In addition, palm groves, tea lands, orchards, rolling hills of valleys, terraced fields along the mountain slopes will attract you on the spot.
Particularly, ethnic groups in this region manage to maintain their ancient traditions and customs. Unique festivals and fascinating folk games are certainly a highly in Vietnam Itinerary.

Red River Delta and North East Coast

Hanoi, the capital city, has a system of historical and cultural relics and natural landscapes in the surrounding.
Vietnam Itinerary - Red River Delta and North East Coast - Hanoi - Hoan Kiem Lake - Walking street at night
Quang Ninh – Hai Phong City, in contrast, concentrate on Northeast sea islands, especially Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba Island.
Vietnam Itinerary - Red River Delta and North East Coast - Halong Bay
Ninh Binh Province lays its emphasis on the complex of Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Hoa Lu, Trang An, Van Long, Cuc Phuong National Park, etc.

Vietnam Itinerary - Red River Delta and North East Coast - Ninh Binh

Central Vietnam

North Central is a region with many good conditions to develop tourism with beautiful beaches, rivers, lagoons and valuable historical, cultural and architectural sites.

Vietnam Itinerary - North Central - Hue - Forbidden Citadel

In addition, the biennial Hue Festival is an international cultural event attracting both domestic and foreign tourists.

Also, North Central is the home of 25 different ethnic groups with diverse folklore treasures.

South Central Coast has all terrains, hills, mountains, forests and seas, creating wonders. It has beaches with blue water, white sand and golden sunlight as well.

Vietnam Itinerary - South Central Coast - Da Nang - My Khe BeachAccording to Forbes Magazine, Da Nang Beach is among the six most attractive beaches in the world.

UNESCO has also recognised Hoi An and My Son temples as world cultural heritages.

Southern Vietnam

South East area leads you to Ho Chi Minh City (“Pearl of the Orient”) of 300-plus-year old history.

There are many revolutionary relics and ancient architectural works such as Dragon Wharf, Cu Chi Tunnel, Independence Palace as well as ancient temples and churches, etc.

Vietnam Itinerary - South East - Ho Chi Minh City - SaigonMekong River Delta has the intricate canal system, along with green forests and islands, forms a diverse ecosystem for the region. There are national parks, bird sanctuaries, botanical gardens with exotic flora and fauna.

Vietnam Itinerary - Mekong River DeltaMekong Delta will also attract you with gardens and year-round sunny islands. Then if you favour sea tourism or Natural & Ecological Tourism, Mekong Delta will be the ideal destination.

2. Planning Vietnam Itinerary – Best time to travel to Vietnam

Vietnam serves as a truly year-round tourist destination. This humid tropical monsoon nation has considerable geographical diversity. Therefore, there is no specific time to recommend as the best to travel.

However, the most favourable holiday season may be during spring (February to April) and autumn (August to November) if you want to cover the whole country. The temperatures are rather moderate (usually ranging from 20°C to 33°C). Besides, the rainfall is lighter as well.

3. Detailed Vietnam Itinerary

Planning a Vietnam Itinerary is challenging for any international visitors who are still unfamiliar to this country.

As experienced local experts in tour operating, AZ Local Trip has managed to put forward full itineraries. These travel plans are supposed to help you save lots of time arranging.

We are so glad that our Vietnam Itinerary has obtained really great feedback from foreign travellers.

Below is our detailed itineraries:

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