Ha Giang

Ha Giang Overview

Ha Giang lies in a remote mountainous area in Northern Vietnam and has a border with China.

As it has been still off the beaten path, it features exotic sceneries of granite outcrops and limestone pinnacles.

Notably, the trips from Yen Minh to Dong Van and Ma Pi Leng Pass to Meo Vac are definitely mind-blowing. Also, Ha Giang is famous for its diversity of ethnic groups and the unsullied nature.

It is considered as an ancient land with a long history. Not only is it the blend of civilizations in the Metallic Age, but it also has a turbulent past with invasions from China and French colonials, which creates a unique identity for this area.

It is an ideal place for those who want to experience exciting adventure and enjoy rugged landscapes of majestic mountains.

Visitors will have an unforgettable memory when traveling by bike or climbing dizzying pass that clings to the mountainsides to explore the unrivaled beauty here.

However, you should notice that the roads here are not quite good – if not terrible, so you should be careful when driving here.

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Ha Giang Attraction

Ha Giang is famous for its season of buckwheat flowers, which is often from October to November. This kind of flower features a wild beauty, enchanting the heart of many people. Besides, there are also other attractions in the area such as Dong Van Plateau, Happiness Road, Lung Cu flag tower, and Vuong Residence. We will give more details about these four attractions below.

#1. Dong Van Plateau

The plateau boasts typical imprints of unique landscape, natural phenomenon, the development of the crust of the Earth, as well as the long-term cultural tradition of ethnic minorities such as H’Mong, Dao, Pu Peo, and Lo Lo.

#2. Lung Cu Flag Tower

It is one of the must-visit destinations in Ha Giang. Any visitors want to conquer this point once. It is renowned for “The starting point of the first drawing of the map of the country.”

#3. Happiness Road

This 200-meter road was built by thousands of volunteers in six years. The most famous part of it is Ma Pi Leng, which is about 20 kilometers in length and considered one of the Top 4 Great Passes in Vietnam.

#4. Vuong Residence

A king of H’Mong ethnic group built this ancient palace. It boasts a unique architecture style of H’Mong, France, and China with the primary materials of fir wood, terracotta tiles, and stone. Currently, it is still well preserved after the ups and downs of time.

Ha Giang Restaurants & Dining

Ha Giang is widely famous for its colorful cuisine. There are many unique food specialties for you to try such as au tau porridge, grilled alga, steamed egg rolls, buckwheat cake, and lon cap nach.

#1. Bong Restaurant

This address owns enthusiastic and friendly service, a wide range of food from local to Western dishes, and pleasant outdoor seating.

#2. Pho Nga Cong

If you want to try yummy “pho”, this restaurant is your answer. This place offers both beef and chicken “pho” with the incredible taste of soup. You must try it!

#3. Duc Giang 2 Restaurant

This restaurant serves many kinds of hotpots as well as other local specialties. It is a chance to explore many different types of Vietnamese dishes when visiting Ha Giang.

Ha Giang Nightlife

As Ha Giang has been on the developing process, the amenities in this province still need improving. That’s why the nightlife activities in Ha Giang are limited. There are just a few options in Ha Giang city for you to hang out at night. You can hardly find café and bars in the districts of Ha Giang province, but its Ha Giang city.

But if you want to have a drink, we have an address for you now – Pao Town Cocktail Bar. It is an ideal place for you to chill with your friends, along with a host of tasty drinks.

Besides, one of the most famous spots in Dong Van Plateau is Pho Co café. However, the staff seems a bit unaccustomed to welcoming customers.

Ha Giang Shopping

As a province in the mountainous area, you can feel special experience when shopping in Ha Giang, which is different from that in cities and supermarkets.

And Trang Kim Market is a must-visit place that you should add to your bucket list. This market is near the town of Tam Son in Quang Ba district. You can participate in this unique market every Friday. Visiting here, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere here when many ethnic people wearing colorful customs try to trade their goods with others.

Trang Kim Market offers a wide range of commodities, from souvenirs to staples. So you can easily find items you need in this market.

Ha Giang – Best time to visit

If you are the first comers to Ha Giang, we highly recommend you to visit this place during its dry season, which means the months from October to April. You should avoid traveling to Ha Giang in the rainy monsoon season that includes the months of December, January, and February as it is too cold. Also, there is much rain during these months, so you can hardly see any beautiful landscapes when getting around during the rainy season.

In case you want to explore the winter season in Ha Giang, you should bring more warm clothes and raincoats.

Ha Giang – Where to stay

As the government is trying to boost tourism in Ha Giang by building new roads and infrastructure, the number of visitors is on the rise. That’s why the demand for accommodation is also getting higher. In Ha Giang city, you can easily find a hotel or homestay to stay while in other districts, the options are much fewer.

To help you save time in finding a place to stay in Ha Giang, we have a list of some suggested addresses for your consideration.

  • Truong Xuan Resort
  • Rocky Plateau Hotel
  • Hoang Ngoc Hotel
  • Hoa Cuong Hotel
  • Green Karst Hostel & Bar
  • Dong Van B&B
  • Royal Hotel Ha Giang
  • Tam Giac Mach Hotel
  • Khai Hoang Hotel
  • Golden Stone Hotel

Ha Giang Itinerary for Ideal days? 

Since Ha Giang is a big province, you will need to spend at least three days exploring this place. There are many attractions that you should add to your bucket list.

We have a recommended 3-day itinerary if you want to visit Ha Giang someday.

Day 1: Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Yen Minh – Pho Bang – Sung La – Dong Van (160 km)

After having breakfast in Ha Giang city, you can start to move from this city to Dong Van through districts of Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Pho Bang, and Sung La. During the trip, you can stop by and take a lot of beautiful photos as the landscapes are significantly great.

Day 2: Dong Van – Lung Cu – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac (90 km)

After waking up in Dong Van plateau, you will drive to Lung Cu flag point, which is a monument to mark the country’s furthermost point. Then, Ma Pi Leng Pass is your next destination. We cannot describe how amazing it is when travelling through Ma Pi Leng. This pass will help you enjoy various winding trails and breathtaking views. Besides, you can have a chance to see an enchanting river from above – Nho Que. After the trip, you can move to Meo Vac before and stay there.

Day 3: Meo Vac – Mau Due – Du Gia – Ha Giang (180 km)

On the way back to Ha Giang city for departure, you should stop by Ha Giang museum to know about the culture, tradition, and history of this land.