Hanoi has it all to entertain you, from historical museums, beautiful landmarks, flavorful street food to vibrant nightlife. But when all the traffic and noise start to drive you mad, it’s the perfect time to escape a little bit from the chaos city center and get out to the countryside on one day trip from Hanoi.

For day trips from Hanoi or out of Hanoi, you’ve got a list of destinations, and top things to do. It can be difficult to narrow your choices since you don’t know what is the most suitable destination for you. It can be about the budget, your favorite activities and the experience you want to try.

To help you choose from the day trips from Hanoi, here are all 12 recommended destinations including comparison, location, budget and other information.

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I. List of top one-day trips from Hanoi (Out of Hanoi)

1. Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park is an easily accessible slice of nature: a dose of greenery, birdsong and clean air, a perfect location for a day trip to get away from the bustling and hustling of Hanoi.

Just 60 kilometers from Hanoi and couple of hours’ drive, you will reach this outstanding natural beauty of the tropical rainforest with cool fresh mountain air in a mystical atmospheric backdrop of clouds and jungle. Here you will find hidden temples, waterfalls, water streams, bird garden

Ba Vi National Park

A thousand years old tree inside of Ba Vi Nation Park 

For anyone love mountain hiking and nature, this place is worth trying for a day trip. Walking and hiking opportunities are popular in this area of lush tropical foliage with plenty of forest trails and mountain slopes. Hike to the peak and enjoy the panoramic views of Red River Valley and beyond.

The outlook is best from April through to December when even Hanoi can be seen in the distance.

  • Location: Ba Vi District, Hanoi, 60 kilometers to the west of Hanoi

  • Entrance Fee: 60.000 VND/person

  • Opening hours: 05:00 AM – 09:00 PM

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2. Hoa Lu Ancient Capital 

The name says it all, Hoa Lu Ninh Binh was the ancient capital, the hub of politics and trade in the country Vietnam during the 10th and 11th centuries. Located in Ninh Binh, Hoa Lu ancient capital is a majestic palace surrounded by rocky mountains and numerous calm lakes… The whole scenery creates a mysterious characteristic, which is very appealing for many tourists.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Hoa Lu ancient capital (Photo: Josie_fk)

Approximately 100 kilometers to the south of Hanoi, the original citadel no longer stands, but there are newer temples and buildings honoring the original dynastic families. There are also several impressive and culturally significant temples such as King Dinh and King Le Temples.

If you are interested in culture and history, then Hoa Lu is a suitable place for a day trip. Also, if you want to get away from Hanoi to seek somewhere quieter then we highly recommend this place.

  • Location: Truong Yen, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province, 100 kilometers to the south of Hanoi

  • Entrance fee: 20.000 VND/person

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3. Bai Dinh – Trang An

Bai Dinh – Trang An is also one of the most popular day trips from Hanoi. A 2-hour drive from Hanoi will take you to the biggest pagoda in Southeast Asia. The whole complex consists of several temples and over 500 intricately carved statues of Buddha, including one that’s made of bronze and is 10 meters in height.

Then you depart to Trang An to enjoy a boat ride along Ngo Dong River. This boat ride through a beguiling landscape of limestone caves and pillars will be the highlight It’s not far from Hanoi, so this area of immense natural beauty is fast becoming a popular trip for those looking to escape the city and immerse themselves in greenery rather than concrete.

There is a vast network of rivers and deltas to explore, but the highlight is taking a boat to an enormous cave complex that’s hidden away in the mountains.

taking a boat trip in Trang An

Taking a boat trip in Trang An is a must if you’re going to visit Ninh Binh

Likely the most popular day-trip from Hanoi because of the beautiful scenery. The trip starts with a two-hour drive into Ninh Binh province, where you then get on boats and float down the Sao Khe River with a guide who’ll keep you entertained while she rows the boat – at times with her feet. At Trang An, you’ll float into caves and glide past towering limestone karsts, weaving through scenery unlike anywhere else in the world.

  • Location: Ninh Binh Province, 100 kilometers to the south of Hanoi

  • Entrance fee: no fee for Bai Dinh Pagoda but you have to pay 80.000 VND for 2 ways electric car for sightseeing. In Trang An, you have to pay 200.000 VND for the boat ride.

  • Opening hours: Bai Dinh Pagoda: 6 a.m to 9 p.m. Trang An: 7 a.m to 4 p.m

The famous Kong Skull Island film set

A new attraction to visit in Ninh Binh – The famous Kong Skull Island film set (Photo: suksessejati)

4. Cuc Phuong National Park

Located 100 kilometers to the south of Hanoi, Cuc Phuong National Park is the first, largest and also most important nature reserve in Vietnam. This is a huge area of protected land and offers visitors some of the best outdoor experiences in the country. The highlight of Cuc Phuong National Park is properly its diverse system of fauna and flora, including endangered species.

Cuc Phuong National Park

The highlight of Cuc Phuong is the Butterfly Season start from March to May (Photo: sandraibpe)

The flora is various with 1944 species. Diverse fauna includes 71 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, 33 reptiles and 16 amphibians. Besides some endangered animal species, there have many animals such as bears, horses, boars, tigers, leopards, ferrets, squirrels, monkeys,… Cuc Phuong is also the home of hundreds of birds, beautiful and strange butterflies. Hidden in the park are beautiful landscape and historical natural remnants such as Trang Khuyet Cave, Chua Cave, Thuy Tien Cave, Nguoi Xua, Cave, Con Moong grotto, San Ho Cave…

If you are a nature lover and can handle some hiking, this is the place for you to take a day trip. There are many hikes through the park which allow you to enjoy that scenery at its best.

  • Location: Nho Quan District, Ninh Binh Province, 120 kilometers to the south of Hanoi

  • Entrance fee: 40.000 VND/person

  • Opening hours: 8 am – 6 pm

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5. Halong Bay

Properly one of the most booked day trips from Hanoi is Halong Bay – the crown jewel of tourism inVietnam. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most world-renowned natural wonders in Southeast Asia – to miss seeing it in person would be a travesty.

Take a bamboo boat to explore untouched spots of the Bay

Halong Bay is best explored by cruise, one day trip is a popular choice among tourists. From your cruise, you will be able to see not just the emerald ocean water of the Gulf of Tonkin, but also the limestone formations, emerging from the bottom of the sea and natural hidden caves. Many tours even stop at isolated beaches and islands for some water activities such as swimming and kayaking in the truly breathtaking scenery.

This is how one-day trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay looks like!

Halong Bay can be busy and touristy, but this attraction far exceeds its reputation and will leave you reeling from shock when you see the beauty.

  • Location: Halong City, Quang Ninh, 170 kilometers to the east of Hanoi.

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Halong Bay

6. Phat Diem Cathedral

Phat Diem Cathedral is one of the most famous and beautiful churches in Vietnam, which featured in Graham Greene novel “The Quiet American” (1955). Built in 1892, Phat Diem Cathedral is beautiful for its enchanting East-meets-West beauty of a cathedral. The curved, tiled rooftops, stone cave and wooden pillars are very exotic.

Today, Phat Diem Stone Cathedral is still functional and serves a large Catholic population in the area. When visiting this place, you should combine with nearby attractions, such as Trang An or Tam Coc.

Phat Diem Cathedral

The architecture of Phat Diem Cathedral is blended between the Western and Asian style

  • Location: Phat Diem, Kim Son District, Ninh Binh Province, 117 kilometers to the south of Hanoi

  • Entrance fee: Free

  • Opening hours: 7:00 am – 9:30 pm

7. Mai Chau

Mai Chau Valley is another quintessential picture of Vietnam, with rice paddies and lines of jagged mountain ridges is where you can experience the lifestyles of the region’s ethnic tribes. It’s one of the longer drives in this list, at over three hours, but here you’ll get to experience the lifestyles of the region’s ethnic tribes. Mai Chau Valley is among the refreshing day trips from Hanoi, to the south-west of the city.

Come to visit Mai Chau to explore the minority ethnic culture and daily life

Overnight homestays are popular, but stopping in for one day trip is also a fine option. You can bike or trek through the remote villages and you’ll even have a chance to spot some rare and exotic wildlife.

  • Location: Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh Province, 135 kilometers from Ha Noi

  • Entrance fee: Free

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8. Tam Dao Hill Station

Nestling below soaring forest-clad peaks, Tam Dao is a hill station originally built by the French to escape the hot summer in Hanoi. Now, it’s still used as a hilltop resort, and a favored weekend escape for Hanoians

Located 1200 meters above sea level, Tam Dao can be reached by a winding road uphill through pine tree forests and other green vegetation. This area has cool weather all year round and is a useful base for hiking. Views of the surrounding area are wonderful and there are many hiking opportunities to be had amongst the hills.

Tam Dao Hill Station

Tam Dao is a famous place for relaxing and nature discovery

Tam Dao Hill Station is also a national park great for those naturalists looking for wildlife like birds or butterflies.

  • Location: Tam Dao District, Vinh Phuc Province, 85 kilometers to the Northwest of Hanoi

  • Entrance fee: 40.000 VND/person

II. Day trip in Hanoi – Things to do

9. Bat Trang Village

Just 25 kilometers from Hanoi center, Bat Trang is famous for its porcelain and ceramics, which are sought-after throughout Asia because of their quality and traditional designs.

Bat Trang village itself is ancient, dating back more than 1,000 years. From the old days, this village is a pottery supplier for the Ming Dynasty in China and even exported goods during the French colonial period. Today, it still retains its traditions and cultural value.

Bat Trang Village

Making your own ceramic is an interesting activity for both adult and kids (Photo: teish.oc)

Today, visitors to the Bat Trang Ceramic Village can watch ceramic masters at work, observe how ceramics are made. There’re also opportunities for them to try to make their own ceramic products and buy pottery as souvenirs.

  • Location: Bat Trang Commune, Gia Lam District, Hanoi, 13 kilometers to the southeast of Hanoi

  • Entrance Fee: Open space

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10. Duong Lam Ancient Village

Another choice for among day trips from Hanoi is Duong Lam Ancient Village. Duong Lam Ancient Village is a preserved and restored traditional village with historic relics and ancient architecture dated to 1,200 years of history. Duong Lam gives off a peaceful and calm vibe to everyone visiting it. If you want to get a glimpse of life as it was before electronics changed the world, this place is perfect for you.

Duong Lam Ancient Village

Duong Lam ancient village will be the best if you’re seeking for a culture trip and a peaceful place

The whole village is like a museum itself with Viet traditional and cultural value. There are communes, temples to kings from the village, centuries-old homes and communities of people happy to show off their way of life. If you want to discover the authentic Viet ancient architecture and how villagers live their lives, then Duong Lam Ancient Village is a cannot be missed!

  • Location: Son Tay Town, Hanoi, 40 kilometers to the west of Hanoi

  • Entrance fee: Open space

11. Perfume Pagoda

Huong Pagoda or Perfume Pagoda is properly one of the most touristy spots in Northern Vietnam for both locals and foreigners. Perfume Pagoda is the centerpiece of a dramatic complex of temples and pagodas that are found in the spectacular mountains of Huong Tich, a place of limestone rocks and endless caves. Note that this place is always crowded from February to April and you might don’t want to bump into too many people.

You will go by road at first and then by boat through a limestone valley and finally climb up the long stairway to the sacred pagoda. The whole area is a combination of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The boat trip alone to get to the pagoda is beautiful enough to justify the trip.

Perfume Pagoda

Before going to perfume pagoda, you will take a boat trip along Suoi Yen (Photo: tharindu_dilshan)

The main pagoda is settled inside Huong Son Cave which is naturally decorated with shapes of stalactites and stalagmites that may appeal to visitors’ eyes.

  • Location: Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi, 60 kilometers southwest of Hanoi

  • Entrance fee: 50.000 VND for the boat ride, 80.000 VND for sightseeing

12. Van Phuc Silk Village

Van Phuc is just 10 kilometers away from Hanoi and basically the nearest location among those mentioned in this post, so it is easy to take a day trip from the city. Van Phuc is known for its silk production. This village produces some of the finest textiles in the country with a much cheaper price than those sold in the center of Hanoi.

With over 1,000 silk shops offering a diverse range of delighting shirts, crafts, ties and dresses made of silk, the site is undoubtedly a paradise of silk and fashion lovers. The silk is very light weight and has a smooth appearance with high quality suitable for all skin tones.

  • Location: Van Phuc Village, Ha Dong District, Hanoi, 10 kilometers to the southwest of Hanoi center.

Above are all 12 recommended destinations for your Day Trips From Hanoi. For better information and tour booking from AZ Local Trip, hit the button