Da Lat or “foggy city of Vietnam” is a scenic city located in the central highlands region of Vietnam. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, French colonial architecture, and rich culture. Visitors can see the picturesque locations of Da Lat if they arrive during the day. Take an excursion and discover the lively Da Lat at night in the evening. It is the most attractive location in Vietnam, particularly for both domestic and international tourists, especially for young Vietnamese, because of the atmosphere, scence, foods,.. in here. And this is one of the top nighttime activities in Da Lat that you should try when you are in this destination.

Night Market

The Da Lat Night Market is a vibrant and abustling place where you can shop for souvenirs, handicrafts, and local food. The market opens to customers at around 17 o’clock because it is a night market. when the main market in Dalat closed. If there are stores selling flowers, clothing, food, etc. during the day, there will be souvenir shops, gift stores, and snack stands at night. It located in the heart of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. From the night market, it takes you about 5 minutes to reach the Xuan Huong Lake, very convenient. Coming here, you must definitely try grilled rice paper, soy milk, filter cake, wet chicken heart cake, …

Dalat night market
dalat night market

Xuan Huong Lake

Take a stroll along the picturesque Xuan Huong Lake and enjoy the cool breeze and the peaceful atmosphere. One of Vietnam’s beautiful lakes, Xuan Huong Lake is located in Dalat. This lake is surrounded by a flower-filled park and an attractive pine forest, giving it a lovely appeal. The lake is beautifully lit up at night, and you can rent a swan-shaped paddle boat or take a walk or ride a motorcycle around to see the lake’s beauty at night.

Xuan huong lake

Lam Vien Square

Lam Vien Square was constructed on the edge of Xuan Huong Lake. The huge wild sunflower, the gorgeous, vibrant glass artichoke flower buds, and especially the amusement park make this one of Da Lat’s most well-known attractions. It’s a great place to relax, people-watch, and enjoy street performances. The square is designed and built into 4 different large and small blocks, including: theater works, squares and parks, commercial and service areas.

Lam Vien Square

Da Lat Opera House

The Da Lat Opera House is an architectural masterpiece that was built during the French colonial period. The concert hall is designed for live music events, including classical and acoustic music performances

Da Lat Opera House

Enjoy Pubs and Bars

Da Lat bar is a place with a wide variety of colors, as well as the soft, romantic charm of the foggy city. Only people who enjoy the bustle after dark should visit this location. It has a lively nightlife scene, and there are plenty of pubs and bars to choose from. Some popular places to check out include Maze Bar, 100 Roofs Cafe & Bar, and The Rabbit Hole.

B21 Beer

The warm dark brown tone of the wood provides an important inspiration for the bar design. The decorative elements are also carefully organized to have a lovely Western sound.

Address: No. 68 Truong Cong Dinh, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Average price: 50,000VND – 250,000VND/pax

B21 Beer

V Sky Bar Da Lat

Being the only pub in Da Lat that plays acoustic music, V Sky pub has long enjoyed great popularity. When night falls, the bar’s band will play a variety of tunes using a guitar and cajon drums, creating a dynamic atmosphere that will allow you to unwind without making too much noise or sacrificing lyrical beauty.

Address: No. 17 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Price: 80,000VND – 500,000VND/pax.

V Sky Bar Da Lat

Enjoy Coffee

Cafe People frequently cite the saying “first hunt for clouds, second to hunt for sunset” while discussing Da Lat’s beauty. As a result, if you are in here, you must choose a really laid-back location where you may enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sun set and the landscape as night falls.

Tiem cafe tui mo to

Old corrugated iron in vintage colors covers the roofs of the houses. Time has stained vintage furniture. Even the shop’s flower garden, trees, and cactus pots are poetry.

Address: alley 31 Sao Nam, Ward 11, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.

Tiem cafe tui mo to

Ami Garden Da Lat

When you visit the coffee shop throughout the day, you can sip on a cold beverage while admiring the clear blue sky, the blazing sun, and Da Lat’s natural beauty. The scene is as stunning and glistening in the evening when the coffee shop is lit up.

Address: No. 14 Dong Da Street, Ward 3, Da Lat

Ami Garden Da Lat

Camping overnight on pine hill

An outdoor camping trip in the evening to take in Da Lat’s splendor at night is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for nature lovers. In Da Lat, there are many different types of camping. You have the option of stopping in a specialized camping or glamping location or picking a hilltop surrounded by pine forests and sparkling lighthouses.

Popular camping sites:

Thien Phuc Duc Hill: Ward 7, Da Lat

Da Phu Hill: Ward 7, Da Lat