Vietnam, an agricultural country is known as a beautiful destination with thousands of natural landscapes bringing the inestimable cultural an historical values. Vietnam possesses a variety of fabulous destinations so the best advice is to keep 3 days itinerary to explore one city in Vietnam. This duration is enough for almost all the sceneries of this one from the North to South. For those who are wondering what to visit in Vietnam in 3 days, our Vietnam Itinerary 3 days will offer 3 options for you to freely choose for your best experience in Vietnam.

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3 days in Hanoi- Vietnam Itinerary 3 days

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is always one must-come destination for tourists in all regions of the world when travelling to Vietnam. Hanoi is the centre of culture and politic of Vietnam, a city set off by the primitive buildings built for over 100 years standing among the modern buildings. It makes the unique of this city based on the international mix-culture convergence. You will find out nowhere like Hanoi. Street-by-street, each detail on the houses, off the road, in local daily life; the familiar feeling comes to you when you walk around the Old Quarter: Italian Coffee, English Breakfast, the old buildings with the age of 100 designed by French, Vietnamese traditional cuisine on the fringe of the road. A multi-cultural community that’s made up of Chinese, French, Russia and maybe American influences stands in front of you waiting for your exploration. For those who want to understand thoroughly the cultural and traditional features of this city, don’t miss it!

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1.1 Day 1: Explore Hanoi Old Quarter and North Hoan Kiem

Hanoi Old Quarter is one popular landmark that no one can’t stop falling in love in Vietnam Itinerary 3 days. Wandering along the narrow alleys of the Old Quarter, tourists can enjoy the hidden beauty of 36 bustle streets. Don’t miss Hang Dao, the street with the deep-rooted history in the Old Quarter or Hang Ma with lots of red lanterns and parallel sentences.

Weekend Night Market Hanoi

Old Quarter Night Market boasts its spectacular beauty at night

If you visit Hanoi, Water Puppet Shows definitely can’t be miss. This special traditional art is absolutely unique and this art is only found in Vietnam. Vietnamese water puppetry is a sole variation on the ancient Asian puppet tradition. Tourists can go to Thang Long Water Puppet Theater to enjoy amazing performances, revealing farmers’ emotions and thoughts on the surrounding and great desire for a happy and tranquil life. Then you continue to head to Hoan Kiem Lake, considered as the pearl of the capital. This place offers tourists a tranquil destination for relaxing and observing the daily lifestyles of locals here.


Hoa Lo prison to gain knowledge of Vietnam history

Hoa Lo Prison – One of the most horrible places in South East Asia, don’t miss it if you are going to Hanoi

1. 2 Day 2: Museums, Temples, and Café

A delicious bowl of Vietnamese Pho is certainly the best way to begin the second day of Vietnam Itinerary 3 days. Standing in Vietnam or all around the world, it is certain that Pho is one of the most well-known global street food. Pasta, Ramen or any kind of noodle you can remember, the Vietnamese Pho is different from them. You can’t find anywhere have the attitude of having breakfast in Vietnam, sit in a small local booth, look at the warm bowl with most basic consists of a clear beef- or chicken-based broth, rice noodles, herbs, and thinly sliced meats, and stand up with a full energy for the early morning (Vietnam rewards an early riser).

The first destination in this day will stop at Ho Chi Minh Complex. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex is an important place of pilgrimage for many Vietnamese and the area consists of botanical gardens, monuments, memorials and pagodas. It sounds a great idea if you can observe Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the final resting place of noble Vietnamese President, also known as Uncle Ho. Others popular places of interest you must come are Stilt House –  Ho Chi Minh’s Residence and One-pillar Pagoda, the oldest pagoda in Hanoi.

You will also be required to leave all bags and cameras at the door. Supervisors will make sure you don’t dilly-dally too much as there is always a line and they want to keep everything moving smoothly.

Note: You should wear trousers and t-shirt unless you desire to be kept out. That means dressing respectfully, so no sleeveless shirts, short skirts, and the like. Make sure that you bring necessary stuff for all day. Less is more!


The Ho Chi Minh complex

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the heart of Vietnamese people

Temple of Literature, the first university of Vietnam is definitely one popular destination that tourists must try in 3 days in Vietnam. The Temple of Literature is cited as one of Hanoi’s most picturesque tourist attractions. The first university of Vietnam originally built in 1070 dedicated to Confucius, scholars and sages. The place is extremely well preserved and is a superb example of traditional-style Vietnamese architecture with the turtle steles, pavilions and even the courtyards. Built-in Ly dynasty, the original purpose of this temple is too delicate for the sons of Kings and royal relatives. Visiting the Temple of Literature you will discover historic buildings from the Ly and Tran dynasties in a revered place that has seen thousands of doctors’ graduate in what has now become a memorial to education and literature.


hanoi temple of literature

Temple of Literature is known as the first university of Vietnam.

If you desire to explore more the proud history of Vietnam as well as the bravery and the love for the independence of Vietnamese, Hoa Lo Prison or ” The Hanoi Hilton” offers you a more profound insight into this unbreakable prison with thousands of torturing. If you have spare time, walking along the river bank of West Lake to enjoy the nightlife of Hanoi.

1.3 Day 3: Inside Hanoi – What to see in Vietnam in 3 days

Our third day starts with a cup of Vietnamese egg coffee, the harmonious mix between the bitterness of dark coffee and the fat taste of eggs. Then you can catch a taxi or rent a motorbike to visit the Museum of Ethnology to discover the multi-cultural feature of different 54 ethnic groups. The outdoor section of the museum is a highlight of special houses modelling the residence of ethnic groups living in Northern and Central Highlands.

Long Bien Bridge, a witness of the long-rooted history of Vietnam is our next destination in Vietnam Itinerary 3 days. Crossing across Red River brings tourists an unforgettable experience, walking and inspired by the structure of the ancient French bridge nearly the age of 120, take a large view a part of the Red River and the riverside town. An interesting fact that the bridge forced driving on the left-hand side while Vietnam is a right-hand side traffic country.

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge boasts its mysterious beauty, especially on sunset.

Then it’s time for shopping. You can continue to reach Bat Trang Ancient Village to purchase some favourite ceramic products and enjoy the real feelings of experiencing to make a ceramic product by yourselves. Or you can come back Hanoi Old Quarter to try bargaining a handicraft artefact in Hanoi Night Market in Hang Dao Street.

2. Da Nang in 3 days- Vietnam Itinerary 3 days

Unlike other cities which are dealing with the problem of the traffic jam, Da Nang is a safe city with no scams and no other cheats. This former French colonial city allures a lot of tourists from all over the world with its impressive natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, and special culture.

2.1 Day 1: Introduce yourself to Da Nang city

Wake up early to sip a cup of coffee and breakfast in one restaurant in Da Nang. Then take a taxi to the Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture, the one exhibiting the largest objects of Cham Sculpture all over the world. The artefacts displayed in the Museum of Cham Sculpture are mainly sandstone, terrace cotton, and a few bronze objects.

Then, you can observe Lady Buddha Da Nang (The Statue of Bodhisattva of Mercy), located at Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula in Da Nang which is 9 km away from My Khe beach, or 14 km from Da Nang city centre. Lady Buddha Da Nang statue is inside Linh Ung pagoda courtyard with a height of 67m, the lotus diameter is 35m, equivalent to a 30-storey building. This statue is the largest and tallest one in the S-shaped country, considered as the protector of Da Nang City. Leaning on the mountain, overlooking the sea, the eyes looking down, a hand exorcizes while the other hand is holding a bottle of holy water like sprinkling the peace to the offshore fishermen, the statue is a huge representation of Buddha Culture in Vietnam. When you look up to the statue from underneath, the feeling of calm and respect will appear and stand deep inside yourself.

Afterwards, you can enjoy delicious seafood in some coastal restaurants in My Khe Beach, or walking along the spectacular coastal of Non Nuoc Beach to enjoy the salty taste of seawater in here.

2.2 Day 2: Exploring marble mountains

For those who desire to embark on the peak of the significant mountains, Marble Mountains (Ngu Hang Son) offers tourists a wonderful chance to boost your knowledge about the historical and religious features related to Ngu Hanh Son. The Marble Mountains consist of 5 smaller marble mountains, representing five basic elements forming the world: Kim Son (metal), Thuy Son (water), Moc Son (wood), Hoa Son (fire) and Tho Son (earth).

Walking through carved stone steps on Thuy Son, tourists can reach Tam Thai Pagoda, the place to honour Phat Di Lac. Every year, this pagoda allures thousands of pilgrims coming here to pray for a happy and prospect new year. Visiting Thuy Son, tourists can’t miss Huyen Khong Cave, a mysterious cave dedicated to the ancient Cham group.

2.3 Day 3: Tasting mouthwatering cuisines in Da Nang

You can make your Vietnam Itinerary 3 days more memorable by visiting some foodie stores scattered along the bustle roads of Da Nang. Da Nang boasts a variety of delicious food which owns special flavours tourists can’t try in other tourist destinations. Foreign tourists can try Mi Quang (Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles) with its unique dry broth, Bun Cha Ca (Fishcake Noodles Soup), a perfect combination of grilled fishcakes, onions, mint leaves, and excellent rice vermicelli.

In addition, Banh Xeo (Crispy Pancake), a perfect snack for hang-outs, or Rau Cau Trai Dua (Coconut Jelly) with tasteful jelly which is made of coconut water are obviously your perfect choice in the hot summer.

3. What to see in Ho Chi Minh City in 3 days

If you want to experience the bustling nightlife or enjoy the fascinating historical beauty of French architecture, Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is highly recommended for you. Ho Chi Minh, the largest city in Vietnam, boasts its lively lifestyle with lovely people here. So what should we do in Ho Chi Minh City in 3 days?

3.1 Day 1: Exploration of culture and history of Ho Chi Minh City

Spending the first day in Saigon in your Vietnam Itinerary 3 days is worth visiting. Let’s start your day by a glance at Ben Thanh Market, an indispensable symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. From flea markets to upscale luxury malls, the city has it all but Ben Thanh Market has its own speciality. One of the earliest existing structures of the city, this architectural masterpiece is where the sight-seeing experience being a must of the first day in 3 days itinerary for reasons: it is emblematic of Saigonese culture, shows up in a large number of movies and articles

Then we head to Reunification Palace, the home of French Government when Vietnam was a part of Cochin- China. This palace features tunnel, gardens, antique furniture and especially a bomb bunker which is still used nowadays.

Then we continue our Vietnam Itinerary 3 days with a trip to War Remnants Museum, the place restoring war trophies and documents that reflect the brutal effects of US military action to Vietnamese. It’s time for lunch. You can come back Ben Thanh Market to enjoy com tam suon bi, a simple but delicious dish familiar to every meal of Saigon locals.

If you want to escape from the crowded full of smoke from vehicles, you can walk along Botanic Gardens, a wonderful place to relax and get close to nature and animals by feeding them by yourselves. The Botanic Gardens is near Saigon National Museum in which lots of historical documents related to Vietnamese wars are restored.

Vietnam Itinerary 3 days will not be memorable if you miss the visit to Nha Rong Harbor, where President Ho Chi Minh left his country to find a revolution way for his beloved country. You can observe lots of documents and historical objects helping you understand more the whole life and career of Uncle Ho.


3.2 Day 2: Understand more Saigon- Vietnam Itinerary 3 days

The second day is an intriguing adventure coming back to Vietnam’s history to find the reason why Vietnamese won in the grim battle. From Pham Ngu Lao Street, you can reach to Cu Chi Tunnel Complex, an essential part of underground tunnel network of the country.


Historic Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi Tunnel Complex- a can’t-miss destination when visiting Saigon

If you want to experience the beauty of Chinese town in Vietnam, you can’t miss Cho Lon area. This area is relatively akin to the architecture of Chinese houses. Then you can stop at Quan An Ngon, the famous place providing you with various options to mouthwatering local dishes like “banh xeo”.

3.3 Day 3: Closer to natural landmarks of Ho Chi Minh city

For families with kids, you can walk around Suoi Tien or Dam Sen theme park, two celebrated cultural parks of Saigon. In there, children can participate in water activities like boat ride in the shape of a dog or a turtle or swimming.

If you want to explore more cultural features of Saigon, you can make a visit to some famous pagodas such as Xa Loi and Jade of Emperor. Then you can glance at some shopping stores in district 1 area to purchase some favorite clothes or alluring handicrafts as souvenirs in your trip to Ho Chi Minh.

When the nights come, it sounds amazing when visiting some rooftop bars in Saigon like Saigon Rooftop Bar or Chill Sky Bar Saigon to involve in the lively nightlife of Ho Chi Minh at nights.

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