This selection of Hanoi tour packages is ideal for those looking to get the most out of their holiday in the capital city of Vietnam

FAQs for Hanoi Tour Packages

The packages Itinerary
Decide how long you want to go For choosing a suitable Hanoi Tour Package, the very first decision to make is the amount of time you have for your trip. Do you have 5 days, 6 days, a week or more than that? Normally, tourists have decided the length of the trip before coming because it depends on the length of their holiday, days off and also airline ticket booking. A Hanoi Tour Package is a comprehensive package. They provide you with everything from the first day to the last day including pick up and drop off service at the airport. Decide the destination you want to go As mentioned above, a Hanoi Tour Package includes other destinations outside of Hanoi such as: Sapa, Halong bay or Ninh Binh. We have many Hanoi Tour Packages that offer different itineraries, destinations and lengths. You must choose where you want to visit among all the destinations. For choosing the suitable destinations, you must have some brief information of them. Read the itinerary described in the tour carefully or do some research is recommended. For example, some Sapa tours include trekking activity which can be hard for elders and kids. Hence, if you have a group of elders and kids, you may want to choose somewhere easier such as Halong Bay or Ninh Binh. Besides, you can consider the FIP (Free Itinerary Planning) with AZlocaltrip to have the most suitable travel plan before decide what packages you do.
Include & exclude must be considered carefully for any tours
You may also want to check carefully what is included and excluded in the Hanoi Tour Packages. Things are not included in the package require extra payment.
Make sure about the quality of the provider and company
There’re a lot of agency related scams in Hanoi, both online or offline. You have to be careful with fake tour agencies. They can offer bad tours or they can fake the real brand name and sell tours under the famous brands. Online tour agencies can be more risky. To avoid scams, it’s recommended that you do some research about the tour company. The most reputable site for tourists’ review is Tripadvisor. See the some Tripadvisor reviews for packages by AZlocaltrip @Lui K: Awesome Hanoi Package We Singaporean had some time off for holiday and decided to go to Hanoi. I was doing a hectic research on the Hanoi travel package for my family and I stumbled upon AZ Local Trip through TripAdvisor. And let me tell you that it was the best thing that could have happened! They gave us a free itinerary and customized the itinerary to suit us ( we had 2 people over 70) Jenny their representative was helpful and communication with her was smooth. Since we had some old people and we had some changes about the itinerary during the tour, everything still went smoothly thanks to the help and flexibility of tour director and tour guide. Anh, our tour guide was a young and bubbly girl which was very comfortable being around her. She was very patient to us as we had old people with us. My family had 6 days and went to Hanoi, Halong Bay, Ninh Binh. The itinerary was reasonable for us as it’s not rush and had much relaxing time. Can’t ask for more! We are back from our tour and it’s been an amazing experience from the time of booking to till now. I would recommend AZ Local Trip especially Jenny – our tour director for everyone who wants to visit Vietnam.
the packages tours should be deposited only
Instead of pay the full price, you should only deposit for the packages tours because of the changes would be suddendly, and if you pay only for the deposit, you will have more chance of negociate with the travel agency if neccessary.

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