21 Best Vietnam Travel Agency and Tips to choose will help you out! To avoid typical dilemmas that made Vietnam less charming in tourists’ eyes!

From the North to the South, Vietnam owns many incredible attractions which makes the fame of this country.

Even you have researched carefully about the country, the knowledge of local or the guide of local experts is more valuable and it makes you easier to discover all around Vietnam.

That is the reason why you need a travel agency in Vietnam for help. However, the existence of cheating in the hospitality industry has made Vietnam become less charming.

Travel agencies in Vietnam also suffer some bad reputation:

  • Copycat Vietnam travel companies

  • Hidden charges

  • Opaque pricing schemes

The honest Vietnam travel agencies do exist in this country and seem to be out-priced by the fraudulent agency in the hospitality industry.

Thus, whether you are going to book a package to Ha Long Bay or to Ho Chi Minh City, there are a lot of things about the tours to carefully consider before you actually make the payment.

At least, you do know who deserve to receive your money when you decide to give it through the windows (or through any kind of online payment you chose) after this article.

So, let’s dive in!

I. List of Travel Agency in Vietnam from the North to the South

1. List of travel agency in Hanoi (North Vietnam)

AZ Local Trip

Situated among many agencies in Hanoi (also in Vietnam), AZ Local Trip stands on great service by being an enthusiastic assistant helping you plan itinerary for FREE and offers the most stable and quality-trusted services.

Making sure you have a safety, emotional trip and collect one-and-only experiences from each (the best) view of Vietnamese life is AZ Local Trip’s aim.

As a third party in the chain, AZ Local Trip definitely faces the doubt of tourists. With the published information and committed service, AZ stands here serving you!

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    1.  Meeting Office: 131 Tran Phu street , Ha Dong , Hanoi
    2. Paper Office: 99A, Tam Khuong, Dong Da, Hanoi

Hanoi Free Local Tours – Best Travel Agent in Vietnam   

Hanoi Free Local Tours is a non-profit organization providing travelers with many FREE tours in Hanoi and FREE Itinerary planning for by travel experts living in Hanoi for years.

This organization is very famous, and also on CNN and Channel 8 Singapore.

Free Tour Guides on CNN

Hanoi Free Local Tour guides taking travelers around Hanoi for FREE on CNN

What Channel 8 Singapore talk about Hanoi Free Local Tour?

Vega Travel

Vega Travel is a family-owned-and-operated company offering valuable tours in North and throughout Vietnam. The tours provide excellent tour guides, drivers and Ha Long Bay private boats.

Vega Travel also financially supports kindergartens and schools in the remote area like Sapa and Bac Ha.

Halong Bay travel and Sa Pa trekking are the best-recommended tours of this operator.

Ethnic Travel

Ethnic Travel has an office in Sapa and their trips are usually across Northern Vietnam in small groups.

The feature of Ethnic Travel is a low-impact tour by using public transport, homestays and other activities like cycling, hiking, cooking… Ethnic Travel also offers Bai Tu Long Bay tours.

Based on their strength of Northern Travel, you should make the decision to book a tour from them if you are an audacious tourist.

Don’t forget to check all the review, it will help you have an overall view above the service of the agent

Handspan Travel

Handspan Travel has appeared since 1997 providing the tour around Indochina.

In Vietnam, they offer tours to Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island and other attractions in Northern Vietnam, plus mountain biking and trekking tours in a remote area like Moc Chau, Sapa, Ba Be National Park

As they are well-known for community-based tourism areas in Northern Vietnam, you can consider booking their tour if you wish to have this experience.

Free-Wheelin’ Tours

Free-Wheelin’ Tours has motorbike tours around the North of Vietnam and famous for the eight-day trip on Minsk bikes to Northeast areas.

Also in the North, they provide mountain-biking trips and hiking expeditions.

The agency also offers Marco Polo travel and kayaking trip in Halong Bay and Ba Be Lakes.

Tours from Free-Wheelin’ Tours are definitely interesting and they will bring you a thrilling experience sitting on a motorbike and exploring the North of Vietnam.

Mr. Linh’s Adventure Tours

Mr. Linh’s Adventure Tours is a professional and specialized in off-the-beaten-track and adventure travel in Vietnam’s Northern remote areas.

Their Ba Be Lakes homestay tour is highly recommended for travelers!

Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure

Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure is the one for travelers who want to take motorbike tours around the North and look for the Minsk motorbike.

Wild, freedom and the panoramic view on trip are the salient points of Cuong’s Motorbike Adventure. Be curious and figure out the charm of Vietnam with a motorbike!

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2. List of Travel agency in Ho Chi Minh City (South Vietnam)

List of Travel agency in Ho Chi Minh City (South Vietnam)

Along with Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh is rich in history and culture city

Again, AZ local trip is one of the top travel agency in Ho Chi Minh City or the south of Vietnam.

Standing with the postcard in hand from North to South, AZ Local Trip always is in the road and give the postcard written inside that “Discover with you and enjoy with you. We are your partner, we are AZ”

Buffalo Tours – High-end travel agency

Kim Tran Travel – Day trips and overnight trips in Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta.

More detail: Here

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3. List of Travel agency in Da Nang or Hue (Middle of Vietnam)

List of Travel agency in Da Nang or Hue (Middle of Vietnam)

Hue and Danang is absolutely destinations you should heading to

DMZ Travel bar offers budget boat trips along the Perfume River and also tours to Laos.

Mandarin Café provides great information, transportation, tour packages in Hue and nearby areas.

Sinh Tourist books tour buses, and buses from Vietnam to Laos.

VM Travel books transportation to Phong Nha and offers tours visiting the Phong Nha caves.

Other trustful travel agencies for your trip in the middle areas of Vietnam are Café on Thu Wheels and Stop & Go Café.

Take a tour to the top attractions

Take a tour to the top attractions all over the hidden beauty – Vietnam

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II. Tips about Vietnam Travel Agency you need to Know

1. Make sure the Vietnam travel agent is the real one but not a copycat.

For example, you should know the number of AZ Local Tour’s branches (formerly known as AZlocal) that organize reputable tours in Hanoi.

The answer is one, but it’s fine if you think there is over a dozen of AZ Local Trip in Hoan Kiem District and in the Old Quarter.

The real AZ Local Trip offers excellent service with local tour guides and excellent travel plans across Vietnam cities and province.

In order to ensure choosing the real travel agency, you should go to only to the address that is provided on their official website!

Tips about Vietnam Travel Agency you need to Know

There are a lot of things about the travel agency to carefully consider before you actually make the payment

2. Booking directly with the travel agency Vietnam to save money

Every hotel in Hanoi offers tour services, but should you book through them or not?

You probably end up paying more for tour service in Hanoi hotels compared to buying a tour at the agency because they tend to outsource these services to third-party travel agencies.

However, if you book a tour through the hotel, you will be picked up and dropped off right at the hotel’s lobby.

A direct booking with the hotel would normally allow you to cancel and receive a full refund if you change your mind or see a better offer – this might not be possible with a 3rd party booking.

Because it is the 3rd party booking, the price usually is higher (not so much).

If the price is about the same – book directly – you have more options (canceling, rescheduling, getting a lower price if prices drop in the future, better upgrade potential, etc…) but it is usually more than the price of direct booking with a travel agency.

That can end up saving you a lot of time in both ways. Time is money, saving time means saving money!

Booking directly with the travel agency Vietnam to save money

Booking directly with the travel agency to save both your time and money

3. Try to buy things yourself as often as possible

Your tour guide purchased the train ticket from Hanoi to Hue himself, but he insisted on having a travel agency booked transportation and the cruise for Ha Long Bay trip.

Please note that in order to fully control over your vacation in Vietnam, make sure to buy things directly despite the fact that the tour agency can do it better than you do.

Remember that unless you find a trustful agency, buses, trains, and hotels are easily arranged on your own.

4. Ask the travel agency about the inclusions before you pay up for something  

A can of beer on Ha Long Bay tourist boats may cost from 2 US$, and things will get worse if your trip has more unknown inclusion like this. Unless you have money to throw it through the window, you should ask about everything before you paid up.

Make sure you get everything in writing and agree to the terms before making payment. The dishonest travel agencies are usually uncertain and try to hide things from you, while the honest ones will give you their paper including clear terms for the tour without hesitation.

Actually, for more information about the price of common things sold retail, you should ask your hotel’s concierge or the pupil (if it is possible). The locals are well-known about the price and they can give you some available advice.

Ask the travel agency about the inclusions before you pay up for something

Always ask your travel agency about the inclusions and exclusions before you put in your money

5. Always keep your agent’s phone number so as to ask about the inclusions at anytime

In case you still have something in doubt (even if you already asked about it), calling to the travel agent’s number and ask them will make you less stressed about unclear things.

Keep contact with the manager of the agent to ensure that you have a plan B for the journey.

That’s all you need to take note when it comes to choosing the best Vietnam Travel Agency. If you have any question, feel free to ask us! AZ Local Trip is always here to help!

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