Sapa Valley- 7 day itinerary north vietnam

7 Day Itinerary North Vietnam Package Recommended for First-time Tourists

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Northern area of Vietnam is one of the spectacular place of interest that foreign tourists should visit in their itinerary traveling to Vietnam. For travelers who have visited Vietnam for the first time or those who have less experience in visiting Vietnam, our recommendation for 7 day Itinerary North Vietnam has definitely become your useful preparation. You will seek a tremendous chance to explore the cultural and historical beauty of Hanoi Capital, involve in the traditional charm of ethnic minorities in Sapa town or praise the primitive nature of Halong Bay, one of seven natural wonders of the world.

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Vietnam charm- North Vietnam Itinerary

North Vietnam Itinerary- 9 Days for Less Experienced Travelers

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Vietnam is known as the S-shaped country with its spectacular charm of many primitive natural landscapes symbolizing for the long-rooted culture, unique traditions and customs and the spirit of the country and also Vietnamese groups. Every region possesses its distinct beauty: Northern area with cultural and historical values, Central Vietnam full of sunshines and winds and the erratic weather of South Vietnam. For those who have less experience when traveling Northern Vietnam, our North Vietnam Itinerary in more than a week will definitely satisfy you.

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Sapa beauty - Hanoi Muslim Tour: Hanoi - Sapa - Halong Bay 5 days

Hanoi Sapa Halong Bay Itinerary- 7 Fantastic Days for First-time Travelers

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Vietnam, the S-shaped country is noted as a wonderful destination with a host of natural spectacular sceneries, unique customs and traditions and the hospitality of locals here. Hanoi Sapa Halong Bay are must-see places of interest that tourists should travel during the tour visiting Vietnam. For first-time travelers who are wondering to spend how many times in Vietnam, our Hanoi Sapa Halong Bay Itinerary in 7 days, I reckon, is your priority.

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Vietnam Itinerary - North Central - Hue - Forbidden Citadel

15 Days In Vietnam – Squeeze the most out of your trip!

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Overview of 15 Days In Vietnam

Now you’ve got 15 days in Vietnam, so where are you going to visit and how many cities are enough? You want to visit all the highlights of Vietnam but definitely don’t want to travel in a rush, right?

From personal perspectives, 5 to 6 destinations is enough for your 15-day trip to Vietnam as you can explore all the highlights but still have time to relax. Read more

12 Days In Vietnam

12 Days In Vietnam – How many cities are enough?

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Overview of 12 Days In Vietnam

Planning a perfect trip for 12 days in Vietnam is not that easy as you can possibly travel in a rush. You know?

Hanoi, Halong, Hue, Hoian and Saigon are the 5 cities that are included in almost every single 12-day itinerary article you find on the internet. As the tours are customized to fit the limited time, you will spend 2 days on average in each beautiful city. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of your trip. Read more

Is Sapa Worth Visiting?

Is Sapa Worth Visiting? – Sapa or no Sapa?

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“Is Sapa worth visiting?” – Foreign visitors hesitate between going to Sapa or not when reading negative feedback about the booming construction in Sapa, which makes the town less enjoyable.

However, despite some touristy and commercialized areas, Sapa still has many things to offer, especially the magnificent valleys. Read more

Halong Bay beauty- 7 day Itinerary North Vietnam

Hanoi and Halong bay Itinerary- 5 days for your best experience

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Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam with one thousand year of civilization and Halong Bay, one of natural wonders of the world are two popular places of interest that tourists can’t miss when travelling to Vietnam. For newcomers that have never visited Vietnam, our Hanoi and Halong Bay Itinerary for 5 days would be obviously your perfect choice that you should consider. This writing is based on my personal knowledge and experience as well as others’ local residents.

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Vietnam Itinerary 4 days to Hanoi, Danang, Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days | Suggested by Local Expert

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Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days | Suggested by Local Expert

Vietnam itinerary 4 days is now your major concern after choosing a suitable desired duration for your stay.

You, as an international visitor, may find the destination rather unfamiliar. Arranging a proper plan which leads you to amazing spots to discover a new nation is a challenge. Then I guess some recommendation from a local buddy like me will help!

4 days in Vietnam is not too short an amount of time. Yet, it is not enough for you to cover this country from the North to the South.

You need to select a suitable base for your stay first: Hanoi (Northern Vietnam), Da Nang (Central Vietnam) or Ho Chi Minh City (Southern Vietnam). Then I will put forward my Vietnam Itinerary 4 days. Read more

Sapa beauty - Hanoi Muslim Tour: Hanoi - Sapa - Halong Bay 5 days

Hanoi Sapa Itinerary- 5D4N Itinerary for Your Prodigious Tour

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The S-shaped country is famous for a variety of spectacular landscapes from the North to the South. Of all celebrated places of interest, Hanoi, the capital and Sapa are two can’t-miss tourist destinations in your Vietnam Itinerary. For those who are wondering what to see in Hanoi and Sapa in 5 days, our Hanoi Sapa Itinerary in 5 days 4 nights will be your perfect priority for you preparation visiting Vietnam. Read more

Vietnam Itinerary 9 days

Vietnam Itinerary 9 Days | Recommended for foreign travellers

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Vietnam Itinerary 9 days | Recommended for foreign travellers

Vietnam Itinerary 9 days is quite enough to cover major tourist destinations for international visitors.

As a local travel expert, I have experience in travel planning. In this article, I am more than willing to share with you my detailed arrangement for 9 days in Vietnam. Read more