Quang Binh

Quang Binh Overview

Quang Binh province is located in Central Vietnam, which is around 490 kilometers south of the capital Hanoi.

It is a home of over 800,000 people in an area of 8,037 square kilometers. The province features diverse terrain from islands, forests, lowlands, mountains to rivers and seas. That’s why Quang Binh becomes an ideal destination for those who love adventures and explore new things.

Notably, it is worth mentioning that Son Doong Cave and Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park are the most famous attractions in Quang Binh, which feature exotic landscapes and breathtaking sceneries. Moreover, you can have a chance to discover various complexes of caves in these destinations.

For the last few years, the authorities have invested a lot to boost tourism here. Accordingly, cultural relevance and historical sites have been preserved carefully while the transportation system has also been upgraded.

Thanks to these attempts, Quang Binh has become a more tourist-friendly spot.

If you plan to visit this beautiful land, our article is everything you need to know about it.

Explore Quang Binh

Quang Binh Map

Quang Binh Vietnam – All You Need to Know

Quang Binh Attractions

As mentioned above, two key tourist spots in Quang Binh include Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park and Son Doong Park.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang is still a preserved park located in a limestone area. This park houses enormous karsts and countless grottoes and caves. Thanks to being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, there is a significant increase in the volume of local and foreign tourists visiting it.

When it comes to Son Doong Cave, it is the world’s largest cave at present. So far, it has been off the beaten track due to the challenge of the terrain. The spectacular destination is hidden in a harsh National Park in the province. Reportedly, it was founded two to five million years ago and people did not know about it until the year of 2009. The wonder of nature features a unique environment of trees, lakes, rivers, and animals, along with some of the tallest stalagmites in the world.

Besides the destinations as mentioned earlier, you can visit Bang Mineral Hot Spring, and Gio Island.

Quang Binh Restaurants & Dining

Thanks to the efforts to enhance the tourism services of the government, visitors to Quang Binh have no difficulty in finding good addresses to fill up their stomachs. There are various options for you to choose from local specialty to international dishes.

As a coastal province, Quang Binh will meet the demand of those who are fond of seafood. Some best dining venues serving seafood include Quoc Dung Seafood Restaurant, Viet Hung Seafood Restaurant, Hai Yen Seafood Restaurant, and Ba Hien Seafood Restaurant.

Also, if you want to try some exquisite dishes, you can go to Viet Hong Restaurant and Sai Gon – Phong Nha Restaurant.

Quang Binh Nightlife

Though tourist services in Quang Binh are significantly improved, nightlife activities here are still limited. There are not many nightclubs or other places for nighttime hangout.

Nevertheless, if you want to have a drink, you can go to Sun Spa Resort, where you can find a bar serving yummy traditional drinks and cocktails.

Besides, a host of cafés is available for you at night, and Bar Café Wonder No.1 is also an ideal stop. Notably, one of the budget ways to enjoy the nightlife in Quang Binh is enjoying bia hoi with your friends in various stalls and joints along the streets.

Quang Binh Shopping

Quang Binh has many markets and stores that will never let those who want to enjoy shopping here down. Most of them are settled in the city of Dong Hoi. Visitors can discover Vietnamese living styles through usual markets such as Ba Don Market, Treo Market, and Dong Hoi Market.

And if you want to buy souvenirs to give to your loved ones, you can go to Clem’s Souvenir Shop. It is the best place for you to find beautiful gifts.

Other suggestions of shopping venues include Nua The Gioi Fashion, Nui Linh Cosmetics Shop, Nhu Y Shop, and T&T Footwear Shop.

Quang Binh – Best time to visit

As a province in the region of the tropical monsoon, Quang Binh features two distinct seasons, including dry season and rainy season. Accordingly, the area experiences the rainfall between September and March while the dry one lasts from April to August.

The best period to visit Quang Binh is about April and May as in these months, there is little rain, and the weather is quite cool as well.
And as the storms regularly happen between September and November, you should avoid traveling to Quang Binh this time.

Quang Binh – Where to stay

There is a wide range of accommodations for tourists when coming to Quang Binh. You can easily find one in Dong Hoi or Nhat Le Beach. In addition, some beautiful homestays that are a bit far from the city center are also available for you.

To help you out in finding a suitable one, we have compiled a list of suggestions below:

  • Chay Lap Farmstay
  • Muong Thanh Luxury
  • Chay Lap Rustic
  • Nhat Le Hotel
  • Royal Quang Binh Hotel
  • Sun Spa Resort
  • Riverside Hotel Quang Binh
  • Phong Nha Hotel
  • Cong Doan Nhat Le Hotel
  • Sai Gon Quang Binh Hotel

Quang Binh Itinerary for Ideal days?

As Son Doong has been still hard to reach so far, you will have to register and wait for a long time to join a tour to explore this destination. It is known that Oxalis Adventure is the only provider for trips to Son Dong at present. You can visit its website and fill in a form for Son Doong adventure.

Excluding Son Dong from your bucket list, two days are enough for you to explore Quang Binh. Here is our recommended two-day itinerary that you can consider.

Day 1: Phong Nha Cave – Botanical Garden – Nhat Le Beach

In the morning, you can visit Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park to enjoy the magnificent beauty of caves and stalactites created thousands of years ago.

Botanical Garden is the next destination that you should visit. Here you will be immersed in the wild environment and have a chance to explore rare and abundant fauna and flora system of the primeval forest.

In the evening, Nhat Le Beach is an ideal spot to enjoy a stunning sunset view. Imagine how peaceful it is when you sit on the beach and hear the sound of wind and waves hitting the shore in the golden hour.

Day 2: Dark Cave – Thien Duong Cave – Everland Food Market

You can start your day by visiting Dark Cave, another beautiful destination in Quang Binh, before moving to Thien Duong Cave. This is considered as the miniature of Son Doong. After spending a day exploring the beauty of nature, you should go to the Everland food market that serves incredible food specialties such as banh bot loc, banh beo, and various kinds of cakes.