Mui Ne

Mui Ne Overview

Mui Ne belongs to Phan Thiet City of Binh Thuan province in Southern Vietnam. The destination has become an attractive spot in the area, luring a host of domestic and foreign tourists thanks to its beautiful natural landscapes.

It features a 12-kilometer beautiful coastline with golden sand. One highlight of the destination is its busy fishing village lying at the heart of the spot. The village gathers a bunch of colored fishing boats at the harbor. We highly recommend you to come here soon in the morning at about 4:00 AM – 5:00 AM to see many fishers unloading their catch.

Not only does Mui Ne boast natural beauty, but it also offers many exciting sports activities such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, sand-sledding, and so on.

Also, you will have a chance to learn about the culture of an ethnic minority living here – the Cham by visiting the Cham Towers.

And if you are hungry after visiting many attractions in Mui Ne, a lot of seafood is available for you to fill up your stomachs.

Generally, with amazing natural landscapes, rich culture, and yummy food, Mui Ne is actually an ideal place for tourists to spend their vacation.

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Mui Ne Vietnam – All You Need To Know

Mui Ne Attraction

As a hot tourist spot in the country, there are a lot of places for travelers to visit Mui Ne. They could be the exotic beaches, verdant mountains, ancient architecture, or fishing villages.

To help you have a better understanding of the attractions here, we have compiled a list with details below.

 Mui Ne Beach: 

Mui Ne is the most popular beach in the area. It boasts 15 kilometers of sandy beaches, along with gentle waves, and high-end seafront resorts. Also, thanks to the rock-free waters, visitors can try kitesurfing in Mui Ne Beach.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

Mui Ne Fishing Village gathers an army of colorful fishing boats down at the harbor, which creates a beautiful scene for the area. And again, you should visit this attraction in the early morning to see fishers unload their catch such as scallops, stingrays, crabs, and groupers.

 Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream)

Suoi Tien is a small stream close to Rom Island. Visiting here, you can have a chance to enjoy exotic stalactites in red and white.

Golden Sand Dunes

The attraction is regarded as a miniature dessert in the Middle Eastern area with reddish-brown sand with gentle slopes. One of the exciting things here is that the shape of layers of sand changes day by day because of the erosion of the wind. Besides, you can try sand-sledding when visiting this spot. It is quite fun!

Po Shanu Cham Towers

Built in the period of the Champa Kingdom, the attraction is considered as the critical cultural landmark of the ethnic Cham group. So if you want to see the architecture of this cultural site, add it to your bucket list.

 Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream)

Suoi Tien is a small stream close to Rom Island. Visiting here, you can have a chance to enjoy exotic stalactites in red and white. 

Mui Ne Restaurants and Dining

As a coastal city, seafood seems to dominate all the meals in Mui Ne. If you wonder which food you should try, we do recommend you to try some dishes below.

Shrimp meat filter cake

If you come to Mui Ne, do not forget to try it. Its flavor will never let you down. And you will easily find this dish in street vendors or local eateries.

Shrimp meat filter cake

If you come to Mui Ne, do not forget to try it. Its flavor will never let you down. And you will easily find this dish in street vendors or local eateries.

Seafood salad

There are two main kinds of seafood salad that you should try, including fish salad and snail salad.

While fish salad is made with fish served with raw vegetables, vermicelli, and a special sauce, salad of thorns snails is made with finely chopped snail meat, pork, fresh vegetables, fried onions, and roasted peanuts. It can also be served with sweet and sour fish sauce. 

Some restaurants that you can go to try this dish include LacheIn Restaurant, Bo Ke 888 Restaurant, Strawy Restaurant, etc.

Rice paper with shrimp sauce

It is a popular snack easily found on every street in Mui Ne. 

You could visit the following eateries to try it: Thu Khoa Huan and Tran Hung Dao crossroads, or the corner of Tran Hung Dao and three-way crossroads, near Tieng Xua coffee.

We also have a list of top restaurants in Mui Ne for your consideration.

  • Jibe’s Suoi Nuoc
  • Sandals at Mia Resort Mui Ne
  • Sukhothai at Sunsea Resort Mui Ne
  • Ratinger Löwe
  • Breeze Restaurant & Bar at Mui Ne Hills Resort
  • R’ung Forest
  • Thung Bar & Grill at Anantara Mui Ne Resort
  • Good Morning Vietnam
  • Deja Vu Mui Ne
  • Cham Garden Restaurant

Mui Ne Nightlife 

Nightlife activities in Mui Ne are quite diverse. You can find many bars, pubs, and lounges along the beaches. All of the dining nightlife spots boast beautiful interiors, plenty of alcohol drinks, food, and friendly services.

Also, most of them hold vibrant parties, movie screenings, cultural nights, dance performances, and bonfires. You can join these exciting activities with your friends and families. They are all fun.

And here are our suggestions for nightlife spots in Mui Ne for you.

  • Jibe’s Suoi Nuoc
  • Dragon Beach Bar
  • Deja Vu Mui Ne
  • Line Up Bar & Grill
  • Ratinger Löwe
  • Pogo Beach Bar & Restaurant

Mui Ne Shopping

When you want to buy anything in Mui Ne, you should go to local markets. Not only do you find the things you need, but you can also experience the lifestyle here. There is a wide range of commodities available in these markets, including seafood, vegetables, meat, fruits, clothing, and so on.

Also, you should visit handicraft shops selling scarves, paintings, textiles, handbags, and embroidery.

Below are some suggested shopping venues in Mui Ne.

  • Mui Ne Handicraft
  • Long Beach Pearl
  • Mui Ne Market
  • 69 Slam Mui Ne
  • Kim’s Shop 2
  • Saga Du Mekong
  • Cathy Boutique
  • Jibe’s Shop
  • Ham Tien Market

Mui Ne – Best time to visit

Mui Ne features a typical tropical monsoon climate with two distinct seasons – the dry season and the rainy season. While the dry season falls between November and March, the rainy one lasts from April to October. Notably, Mui Ne has little rain in comparison with other parts of the country. So you should wear comfortable clothing during your trip.

Regarding the best time to visit here, we recommend the period of November – March. At that time, it was almost sunny with winds. So you can participate in sports activities such as swimming, kayaking, kitesurfing, surfing, and kitesurfing. 

Mui Ne – Where to stay?

To meet the high demand of tourists coming to Mui Ne every day, a lot of accommodation has cropped up in the area, ranging from budget to luxury segments.

You can easily find one place to stay based on your budget and preference.

And to partly help you save time in searching for accommodation in Mui Ne, we have compiled a list of top places to stay. 

  • Swiss Village Resort & Spa
  • Mui Ne Backpackers Resort
  • Shades Resort
  • Full Moon Village
  • Muine Bay
  • A Mui Ne Lodge Hostel
  • Grace Boutique Resort
  • Sunshine Beach Resort
  • The Sailing Bay Beach Resort
  • Amaryllis Resort & Spa
  • Four Oceans Resort

Mui Ne Itinerary for Ideal days? 

Well, we must say you should spend at least two days in Mui Ne if you want to have a complete trip here.

And we don’t want to waste your time more, here is our suggested two-day itinerary in Mui Ne.

Day 1: Fairy Stream – Po Sha Inu Cham Towers – Golden Sand Dunes

If you arrive in Mui Ne in the morning, after receiving your room, you should prepare to visit the Fairy Stream. Then you can move to Po Sha Inu Cham Towers to learn about the culture of ethnic Cham group before visiting Golden Sand Dunes in the afternoon. Here you can try joining sand-sledding.

After visiting the above attractions, you can come back to your hotel or go to the beaches to enjoy the stunning sunset scene. Besides, you should also try some nightlife activities in Mui Ne. We are sure that you will love them.

Day 2: Mui Ne Fishing Village– Mui Ne Beach

As mentioned above, you should wake up early to see fishers unload the catch in Mui Ne Fishing Village. Then you can walk along Mui Ne Beach to enjoy the sea atmosphere or join some sports activities here.