“How much will I spend in Hanoi?” Planning a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam and wondering about the costs? Our comprehensive budget guide covers all the expenses from accommodation to entertainment, helping you plan your Hanoi adventure without financial surprises.

Your Comprehensive Guide to count for Hanoi travel budget.

Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Hanoi without breaking the bank. This guide lends insights on everyday costs, helping you plan efficiently and heighten your holiday experience without costly surprises.

Understanding Hanoi’s Cost of Living for Travelers.

Your trip to Hanoi promises a mosaic of cultural experiences and breathtaking landscapes. But like any seasoned traveler knows, a successful journey hinges on grasping the local cost of living. Let’s peel back the layers of your potential expenses, giving you the clarity you need to budget for an unforgettable Hanoi visit. Let breakdown of the average costs per person for big activities and daily travel expenses in Hanoi.

Hanoi Accommodation Costs – From Hostels to Luxury Hotels

Where you lay your head in Hanoi can vary wildly in cost, but there’s something for every budget. Thrifty backpackers can find hostels brimming with charm for $5-$15 a night, often including free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Mid-range travelers can revel in the boutique hotel experience or enjoy the comforts of serviced apartments for $50-$100 a night, boasting prime locations and additional amenities. For those who seek opulence, the sky’s the limit with luxury hotels and resorts where prices start at $100 and soar upwards, offering a world of indulgence right in the city’s heart.


Beside many luxury 5stars hotels, you can also find some 3stars hostel with a suitable price but still high-quality.

Here are samples for average hostel vs hotel prices in Hanoi (by area, star rating) :

No Category Price Range (USD per night /2 pax) Description Ideal for Travelers Who Example Hotels
1 Budget Guest house /Homestay/Hostel ~ $30 Shared dorm rooms with bunk beds, typically accommodating 4-12 people. Communal bathrooms and common areas are available ( Quote : 5 USD – 15 USD/pax /night)
Private room in hostel /homestay/guesthouse for solo travelers or couples on a tight budget who still prefer privacy ( Quote : Around 20 – USD to 30 USD/2pax/night)
Budget-conscious backpackers seeking a social atmosphere and a chance to meet fellow travelers or who want to find somewhere safe to stay with the tightest budget only. May or maynot include breakfast.
  • AZ Hanoi Hostel
  • The Sinh Cafe & Hostel
  • Hanoi hostel 91C Hàng Mã
2 Friendly Budget Hotels $35 – $45 Private simple rooms with basic amenities like a bed, linens, AC and a TV and may have an en-suite bathroom. For travelers who need a private bedroom with basic amenities, providing a simple breakfast at an extremely affordable cost.
  • Little Hanoi Hotel
  • Affa Boutique Hotel
  • Sophie hotel
  • La Renta Hotel & Spa
  • Sonata Premier Hotel & Spa
  • Spoon Hotel
  • Kingly Hotel
  • Golden Sun Suites Hotel
  • Serene Premier Hotel
  • Little Hanoi Deluxe Hotel
  • Hanoi Holiday Diamond Hotel
3 Standard Hotels $ 45 – $55 Private rooms with slightly more amenities compared to budget hotels, often including en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning. For travelers looking for accommodation with average costs but request with room abit higher standards and more comfort than the budget hotels, this hotel class normally has a good location in the center and near tourist attractions and they serve free breakfast buffet daily.
  • Hồng Ngọc Cochinchine & Spa
  • Romantique Hotel De
  • Hanoi
    Golden Legend Boutique Hotel –
  • Golden Legend Diamond Hotel
  • Golden Legend Palace Hotel
  • Bella Rosa Suite Hotel & Spa
  • Bella Rosa Trendy Hotel
4 Mid-Range Hotels


$ 55 – $85 Private rooms with comfortable amenities like en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and minibars (optional). May offer on-site restaurants, bars, and laundry services. Travelers seeking a comfortable stay with a good balance of affordability and amenities.
  • Hanoi Calista Hotel & Spa
  • Bendecir Hotel & Spa
  • Babylon Grand Hotel & Spa
  • Babylon Premium Hotel & Spa
  • La Passion Hotel & Spa
  • La Passion Premium Cau Go
  • Hanoi Central Hotel & Residences
5 Upscale Hotels $85 – $200 These hotels offer nice room with a higher level of amenities and services compared to mid-range hotels, featuring larger rooms, luxury bathrooms, spa  services, and concierge services with a unique style or theme, providing personalized service and amenities tailored to guest needs. Almost hotels in this list will have pool or sky bar or both. Travelers seeking an elevated experience with more luxurious amenities or a unique and stylish atmosphere with personalized service.
  • Apricot Hotel
  • Peridot Boutique Hotel
  • Hanoi
    Silk Luxury
  • Hotel
    La Petite
  • Maison Hanoi (Boutique)
  • Melia Hotel
  • The Oriental Jade Hotel
6 Luxury Hotels

( VIP 5 stars)

$200+ Spacious and elegantly furnished rooms with top-of-the-line amenities like king-size beds, luxury toiletries, bathrobes, in-room safes, and cutting-edge technology. Often have on-site spas, fitness centers, swimming pools, concierge services, and fine-dining options. Discerning travelers seeking an indulgent and pampered experience with the highest level of luxury and service.
  • Sofitel Legend
  • Metropole Hanoi
  • JW Marriott
  • The Hanoi Hotel
  • InterContinental Hanoi Westlake

Some tips to choose the most suitable option for your accommodation in Hanoi:

  • Decide on the type of hotel that fits your needs and budget. Luxury hotels offer top-notch amenities, while budget hotels and hostels provide basic comforts at lower costs.
  • Research thoroughly before booking, considering factors like location, amenities, price, and guest reviews.
  • Book your stay early, especially during peak seasons.
  • Refer experience from the reliable local people or agencies or the booking websites like Booking.com, Agoda, or Traveloka to compare find the perfect hotel for you.
  • Homestays and guesthouses :  finding affordable AirBnBs or budget-friendly homestays or guesthouses in Hanoi  are the popular options for budget-conscious travelers.

Hanoi Transport Expenses – How to Get Around Affordably ?

On this trip, whether it’s a free day to roam around or a day we have a tour to the suburbs of Hanoi, you will definitely need to use one of transportation and below are the general prices of some popular means of transportation inside Hanoi city to refer when traveling.

Cyclo in Hanoi

Traveling by cyclo in Hanoi ( Internet)

  • Getting to your destination: This includes flights, trains, buses, or any other mode of transport you use to reach your travel location.
  • Getting around your destination: This could involve renting a car, taxis, motorbike rentals, public buses, or rideshare services like Grab or Gojek.
  • Buses are a popular means of public transport inside hanoi city with fares as low as 0.30 USD while the city’s train network offers a closer look at local life average cost around 30 USD – 40 USD each way . For both convenience and fun, you can rent a motorbike every day or you can choose a popular bicycle, cyclo or Grab car with prices varying depending on the distance. Save even more by grouping destinations into walkable itineraries.

Here are samples for average transportation costs in Hanoi:

Category Price Range (USD) Note
Within Hanoi 
Public Bus (per trip) $0.30 – $0.50  Cheap but quite unconvienient
Taxi (base fare) $1 – $1,3 each km Additional charge per kilometer
Grab/Gojek bike or car Similar or cheaper than taxis Fares displayed upfront
Xe Om (short trip) $3 – $10 Negotiate price beforehand
Bicycle rental (per day) $ 8 – $15
Between Cities
Plane (1 way) $60 – $135 Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi
Train (1 way) $40 – $150 Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi
Bus (1 way) $40 – $50 Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi
Between countries
Budget Airlines (U.S. – Hanoi) $350 – $600 1 way
Budget Airlines (Southeast Asia – Hanoi) $150 – $200 1 way

Tips for public transportation, motorbikes, walking, and cycling to exploring Hanoi on a budget:

  • Public transportation: Consider using public buses or mini-buses for a leisurely way to get around the city. It’s the cheapest option, though it can be time-consuming and sometimes inconvenient for tourists as drivers may only speak local languages and limited English.
  • Motorbikes: Renting a motorbike offers flexibility and convenience when exploring the city. Remember to wear a helmet and follow traffic rules. You can explore independently or seek assistance from local guides for a safer and more guided experience.
  • Walking and cycling: For shorter distances or leisurely strolls, walking or cycling is a great way to discover the city while getting exercise and saving on transportation costs when you explore the Old Quarter, visit local eateries, or wander through bustling markets on foot or by bike.
  • Base on destination where you will visit, your group size, travel distance, and budget , let choose the best option suits with you.

Consider contact with  the travel local agencies to get advices about transportation in tour package or using ride-sharing apps for convenient and possibly reasonable for your jouney.

 Hanoi Food and Dining – A Taste of Hanoi Without the Hefty Price Tag.

Pho - Vietnam Noodle SoupDelicious Pho Bo (Beef noodle) – a famous traditional dish that you can not miss when coming to Hanoi

Perhaps the crowning jewel of Hanoi for the budget-wise is its culinary landscape. Dive into street food culture with flavorful bowls of pho or banh mi sandwiches for 2USD to 5USD ····. Mid-range dining spots offer bountiful plates for 10 USD – 20 USD ·, while a splurge at an upscale venue will run you 20 USD to 50 USD or more. This cost depends on the type of restaurant (popular, luxury), dishes and number of people eating.Whether you’re nibbling on the go or sitting down for a full meal, budgeting wisely will let you savor it all.

Here are samples for food costs in hanoi currently

No Category
Price Range (USD)
1 Street Food $2 – $5
2 Local Restaurants $5 – $10
3 Mid-range Restaurants $10 – $20
4 Western/Luxury Restaurants $20+
5 Bottled Water $0.50 – $1.00
6 Beer $1.00 – $2.00
7 Coffee $1.5 – $2.00

Some tips for arrange food, drinks and dinning in Hanoi on trip  :

  • Explore local restaurants to enjoy regional cuisine. Consider booking a table in advance, especially during peak dining hours.
    Research restaurants online to find options that fit your preferences and budget.
  • Eating street food : This cost is often cheaper than eating at a restaurant and is suitable for tourists who want to save money .Many destinations offer delicious and affordable street food. Be sure to try it for an authentic culinary experience.
  • Self-catering: If your accommodation has cooking facilities, consider buying groceries and preparing some meals to save on food costs. This cost is the cheapest but takes time and effort to prepare.
  • Bring some snacks between meals to avoid unnecessary spending.
  • Take advantage of package trips when traveling out of town that include lunch or dinner in the tour for more convenience and affordability than arranging it yourself.

Hanoi Attractions and Leisure – Balancing Top Sights with Hidden Gems

Hanoi doesn’t skimp on attractions, and many are surprisingly wallet-friendly. Gain wisdom at the Temple of Literature or wander through the labyrinthine corridors of Hoa Lo Prison for a mere 3 USD  – 5 USD. For the culturally curious, water puppet shows and traditional performance tickets range from 5 USD – 15 USD. For full-day escapades including guided tours and comfortable transportation, expect to shell out 30 USD to 60 USD.

  • Tickets to visit tourist attractions: This cost depends on the tourist destination and ticket type (package tour ticket, single tour ticket).
  • Research the entrance fees for attractions you plan to visit. Consider purchasing bundled tickets for multiple attractions or tour package if available.
  • Tours and activities: Choose tours and activities that align with your interests and budget.
  • Opt for reputable tour companies to ensure quality service.

Here are the sample cost of entrance fees for attractions ( update April 2024) :

Attraction Ticket Price (VND) Ticket Price (USD)
Thang Long Imperial Citadel Center 100,000 VND $4.40 USD
Temple of Literature – National University 70,000 VND $3.10 USD
Quan Thanh Temple 10,000 VND $0.44 USD
Ngoc Son Temple 50,000 VND $2.20 USD
Maison Central (Hoa Lo Prison) 50,000 VND $2.20 USD
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum 0 VND  0 USD
Fine Arts Museum 30,000 VND $1.30 USD
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology 40,000 VND $1.80 USD
National Museum of Vietnamese History 40,000 VND $1.80 USD
Vietnam Military History Museum 40,000 VND $1.80 USD

You’ll read that there are a lot of “must-do” activities in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Tips to save money for activities or sightseeing in Hanoi:

  • There are a lot of free and cheap things to do in Hanoi like visiting Hoan Kiem Lake , Bach Ma temples, parks and local markets, walking streets, old quarters etc which you can refer.
  • Participate in free or cheap activities such as going for a walk, watching street art performances or watching water puppetry etc.
  • Finding discounted tickets and passes: Some destinations will have discount policies or preferential prices for children, the elderly or people with disabilities, students etc can also take advantage of them.Or you can also find better prices for early bird bookings as well as booking on last minutes sometime.
  • Look for basic package tours to save time and budget because you can combine visits to many places to visit in one day, including all transportation, food, tickets and local tour guide to visit the whole city. In addition, Hanoi is a tourist destination oriented towards traditional culture and history, so having a tour guide present during the tour will be quite useful and interesting.

Shopping in Hanoi – Know What to Spend on Souvenirs

Souvenir shopping of local goods in Hanoi such as silk, lacquerware, embroidery, and coffee fluctuates in price depending on quality and location, can be as frugal or extravagant as you like but normally starting from as low as 2 USD.

Vietnam Travel Budget

Banana pyjama – cute gift for your children you can buy in Hanoi

Night market on weekend or local markets, like the famous Dong Xuan, teem with goods where haggling is part of the fun and yields the best prices. But remember, while bargaining, remain polite and keep it light-hearted.

This is the reference price of some souvenir items in Hanoi

Souvenir Estimated Price Range
Vietnamese Silk and Textiles $3 – $100
Lacquerware $2 – $200
Embroidered Goods $5 – $30
Handmade Ethnic Minority Products $10 – $50
Ceramics $1 – $100
Vietnamese Coffee and Tea $2 – $20
Vietnamese Conical Hats (Non La) $2 – $10
Bamboo and Wooden Products $1 – $30+
Hand-painted Art and Postcards $1 – $50+
Silver Jewelry $10 – $50+

For one-of-a-kind items, boutique stores offer fixed prices on higher-end merchandise, so choose wisely to bring meaningful home mementos without overspending.

Tips for smart souvenir shopping in Hanoi

Hanoi offers delightful and affordable souvenirs. Here’s how to shop smart:

  • Hit the Local Markets : Don’t miss out on Dong Xuan or Hang Gai Street for a variety of picks. Remember, bargaining is part of the fun!
  • Sometimes, haggling also depends on each store or each seller or each item, so please ask on the reference price before bargining, note that paying half the price in Hanoi Vietnam is not always effective because the seller will think you are joking and have no real intention to buy. So you need to consider and ask skillfully when you want to buy to get a good price and a welcoming seller. Pay special attention when bargin and buying in the early morning in Hanoi before 10:00 a.m. morning and when meeting serious salespeople to avoid some unhappy cases.
  • Meet the Makers : Purchase from local craftsmen to get something truly special like handmade lacquerware or pottery.
  • Go Practical : Pick items you’ll actually use—a cloth bag or a coffee filter maybe?
  • Taste of Vietnam : Spices, teas, or dried fruits make tasty mementos to relish back home.
  • Pack Smart : Keep an eye on the baggage limit, and when in doubt, ship it.
  • Speak A bit : A little Vietnamese can help. “Xin chào” (hello) and “giảm giá” (discount) might score you a bargain.
  • Enjoy the Hunt : Take time to look around—it’s all part of the adventure!

Additional Costs or Unexpected Costs – Stay Prepared for the Unforeseen.

  • Currency exchange: Convert some money to the local currency before your trip to avoid unfavorable exchange rates at tourist spots.
  • Medical expenses: Pack basic medication for common ailments and research emergency contact information at your destination.
  • Travel insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances like illness, accidents, or lost luggage and trip cancellations.Policies cover a wide range of prices depending on coverage. A comprehensive travel insurance package, typically ranging from $2-$5 a day, can give you peace of mind.
  • Emergency Funds: Always have a backup plan. Keep aside extra cash to cover unexpected costs or emergencies.

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Budget Categories – Allocating Your Funds Wisely

Crafting a budget is more than just crunching numbers – it’s about prioritizing your expenses and making informed decisions. By categorizing your spending, you’ll gain a clearer picture of your financial commitments and simplify your travel planning.

Hanoi Old Quater Trip

Hanoi Old Quater Trip ( Az Local Trip)

Daily Budget Breakdown – What to Expect.

A practical way of estimating your daily budget is by categorizing costs into three broad styles: budget, moderate, and luxury.

  • Budget Travellers: If you opt for budget accommodations, use public transport, enjoy street food, and visit inexpensive or free attractions, you can lead a comfortable day for an estimated 50 USD to 100 USD each day
  • Moderate Travellers: Those preferring mid-range accommodations, dining at local eateries, and engaging in paid activities can anticipate their daily expenses to hover around 100 USD to 200 USD
  • Luxury Travellers: If you fancy staying in high-end hotels, feasting at fine dining restaurants, and relishing premium experiences like private tours, expect to have a daily budget of over 200 USD
Travel Style Estimated Daily Budget Examples
Budget Traveler $50 USD – $100 USD
* Accommodation: Hostel dorm or homestay
* Food: Street food, local restaurants * Transportation: Public buses, walking, cycling
* Activities: Free attractions (temples, museums), wandering Old Quarter
Moderate Traveler $100 USD – $200 USD
* Accommodation: Mid-range hotel, boutique hotel
* Food: Mix of street food and local restaurants with some sit-down meals
* Transportation: Public buses, taxis for longer distances
* Activities: Paid attractions (entrance fees), cultural shows, day trips (e.g., motorbike tours)
Luxury Traveler Over $200 USD
* Accommodation: High-end hotels, luxury resorts
* Food: Fine dining restaurants, private chefs
* Transportation: Taxis, private car rentals
* Activities: Premium experiences (private tours, cooking classes), spa treatments, exclusive events

By setting a daily spending limit, you can monitor your outflows and adjust your activities to meet your budget.

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Splurge vs. Save – When to Treat Yourself and Where to Cut Corners.

Part of curating a memorable journey involves indulgence while also being astute about your expenses.

  • Smart Splurges: Allocate resources for experiences unique to Hanoi that will enrich your trip. This may include dining at a recommended local restaurant, savoring a traditional water puppet show, or paying extra for a guided tour in the old quarter. These are priceless memories that will kindle the charm of Hanoi within you.
  • Cutting Costs: There are plenty of routes to save without trimming the joy of your journey. Sample the city’s street food, use public transport, and make the most of free or low-cost attractions. Shopping at local markets and practicing your bargaining skills can lay your hands on beautiful souvenirs without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Money-Saving Tips – Your Wallet’s Best Friend in Hanoi

Exploring Hanoi doesn’t have to drain your finances. There are numerous ways to make your money last longer while still enjoying the essence of this dynamic city. Here’s how you can stretch your Vietnamese Dong further and still have the trip of a lifetime.

Discount Discovery – Finding Deals and Offers

Being savvy about where to look for promotions can significantly reduce costs:

  • Accommodation : Consider using apps like Agoda, Booking.com, or Hostelworld or through the local travel agencies combine with tour package to get the best deals for stay arrangement than arrange by yourself through app or hotel websites.
  • Tours and Activities : Visit local travel agencies for get personal advisors and offers not available online is the quickest way and the most popular and reliable way now adays for travelers Websites like Klook or TripAdvisor also have thousand options about tours and activities to refer if you have time and do not mind to research deeply each option to avoid risks.
  • Researching information before a trip is necessary for every traveler and everyone is encouraged to spend a minimum amount of time on it to have a rough idea of the expected budget for the trip and where you want to go. come visit and the quality of service you expect.

However, making a detailed itinerary/budget or arranging a travel trip without the support of locals in a new country by collecting information from different sources on the internet will be difficult. It takes a lot of time and effort, but sometimes too much information and unchecked information sources will lead to a lot of misunderstandings and lack of reality. This will make it impossible for you to know the most effective way to arrange the entire trip effectively, conveniently and affordably. So if you are a busy person and don’t have much time to thoroughly research your trip, it’s worth asking for help from a trusted local consultant to take care of your trip. Help you throughout with useful advice or arrange quality package trips with reliable service and affordable prices is a smart choice.

Local Insight – Spend Like a Hanoian

To really save, do as the locals do:

  • Free Activities: Relish Hanoi’s charm by exploring its vibrant streets and historic old quarters on foot. Attend free cultural shows or exhibitions that may be offered at local cultural centers or universities.
  • Cost-Free Attractions: Some temples and pagodas don’t charge entrance fees – take advantage of these serene spots. Additionally, places like the Hoan Kiem Lake or the Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural offer picturesque settings at no cost.
  • Eateries with Value: Local food markets and street vendors provide delicious and authentic meals at a fraction of the restaurant prices. A “Com Binh Dan”—a local workers’ eatery—offers full meals for as low as $2 – $4.

Mastering your finances for a trip to Hanoi isn’t just about cutting corners; it’s about spending smart to experience the city in its full glory. A well-budgeted trip allows you to soak in the culture, savor the cuisine, and explore the hidden gems without the constant worry of costs. Whether you’re a backpacker looking for adventure on a shoestring or a luxury seeker desiring opulence, understanding and planning your budget can significantly enhance your travel experience. Remember, the essence of Hanoi isn’t captured in how much you spend, but in the richness of your experiences and the memories you create.

So, are you ready to experience the magic of Hanoi? As you finalize your budget, don’t forget to explore our additional resources for budget-friendly travel hacks, hidden gems, and insider tips. Let us help you craft an unforgettable Hanoi itinerary that’s both enriching and wallet-friendly! Start planning your seamless Hanoi adventure today!

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