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One of the most exhilarating ways to tour Hanoi is on the back of a motorbike. The Vespa was first popular in Vietnam during the French colonial period and nowadays Vespa city tours are all the rage, Hanoi being no exception. Here, we offer some great itineraries from 2.5hrs to 5hrs in duration.
Sunset Westlake Motorbike Tour offers tourists a great chance to catch the spectacular view of the sunset in the capital. Joining Sunset Westlake Motorbike, you can enjoy mouthwatering local cuisines that you may not find in Hanoi Old Quarter, also explore more the unique culture and history of Hanoi on the back of a motorbike. Have fun with us now!
Hanoi City Tour gives customers a general background about Vietnam in all aspects: history, architecture, lifestyle and culture. You will not only have a chance to explore thoroughly the hidden beauty of Vietnam but love more people here through stunning landscapes and mouthwatering cuisines.
Hanoi Tour Package for 6 days will offer tourists a tremendous chance to visit the most celebrated destinations of Northern Vietnam.
This 5 Days Tour package take you to the most gorgeous landscapes in Northern Vietnam.
Hanoi - Halong Bay Tour 4 days is suitable for those who want to visit main tourist destinations in Northern Vietnam.
Exploring around some destinations in Hanoi, with a local guide is a best choice or ones who would like to know more about the city, especially travelers. On a motorbike, you will have a closer look to every place you pass by.

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Hanoi Tours
A corner of Hoan Kiem Lake in the sunset

Tours to other destinations in Vietnam

Top Hanoi Tours

Hanoi Tours – Hanoi Food Tour

Hanoi Street Food Tours: 

Hanoi Street Food Tours, the title says it all. To discover the true flavors of Hanoi, it’s best to hit the streets. A local guide as a partner will bring you to the most memorable and delicious food venture ever. We will wander around city’s lively street, food markets and street food vendors to taste the best food. Treat your palate to exotic tastes and aromas as you wander the Old Quarter and mingle with locals.

As we wander around Old Quarter, we’ll stop by each place to taste different dishes and follow the heady fragrance of Vietnamese street food toward a colorful nearby market. While eating, your tour guide will provide insight into Hanoi’s food culture, teach you how to eat the dishes in the right way and interesting facts about essential Vietnamese ingredients and typical cuisine.

Hanoi Tours
President Obama is having Bun Cha in Hanoi

As its name – street food, street food of Hanoi are not hard to make and the ingredients are easy to find, too. In fact, with some specialties, you can see the cook prepare and cook the dish right after you order and might do it in front you. That’s why most of dishes are fresh and hot when served. Pop into authentic restaurants manned by local chefs to tuck into more freshly prepared dishes.

Even desserts and snack food in Hanoi are delicious and mouth-watering. Some favorites can be named are fresh fruit served with crushed ice and condensed milk, Vietnamese egg coffee, Vietnamese egg beer. Taking a HanoI Street Food Tours is the best way to treat your taste and stomach and definitely such a waste to miss if you’re in Hanoi.

Hanoi Cooking Classes

With Hanoi Cooking Classes, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the secrets to a tasty meal of Vietnamese cuisine with the help of a local chef. Before all the secrets be revealed in the kitchen, you’ll have a chance to choose and pick your own ingredients from the market. After that, you’ll learn how to prepare all the ingredients. This is a really important step and with some dishes, the crucial step in making the good dishes. At the end, you will enjoy your freshly made meal.

We’ll pick you up at your hotel and then transfer you to the residence of a local chef where your cooking lesson is held. After informed briefly about the itinerary, your host and chef will teach you key phrases for shopping and bargaining in Vietnamese before going out for the market. At the nearby market, use your techniques and lessons to purchase a variety of fresh produce, herbs, spices, seafood, and meats.

Hnaoi Tours - cooking class
Enjoy Vietnamese meal after the cooking lesson

When you’ve gathered all the ingredients you need for the meal, it’s time to start our cooking lessons. The chef will show you how to prepare the Vietnamese ingredients and dishes and watch you as you practice. The cook will observe and correct you each step of making the dishes. Once your food is ready to serve, sit down at the table and enjoy your meal. After that, you’ll be transferred back to your hotel.

Hanoi Tours – Hanoi Walking Tour

Hanoi Walking Tour, the name says it all, you’ll be walking through the streets of Hanoi. As you see, Hanoi is always full of motorbikes with honking horns in crowded streets. That’s why the best way to really experience Hanoi is on foot. Our local guide who is fluent in English will lead you through the streets of Hanoi on a journey of discovery. On the way, you’ll be introduced about the history, culture as well as the local daily lives of Hanoian.

Hanoi Tours - Hanoi Streets
A typical street found in Hanoi

Our walking tour route is a large clockwise circle through the Old Quarter, however, the route can be changed according to your requests. Walking time vary depending on you and your interest in the details, but generally, a whole Hanoi Walking Tour allows a few hours. To each place, other than history, our guide will tell you some interesting facts that even the locals might not know abou thte place.

Hanoi Tours – Hanoi City Tour

Hanoi is the graceful, atmospheric and captivating capital city of  Vietnam. Even though went through thousand years of wars and destruction, Hanoi still preserves many ancient architectural works including the Old Quarter, pagodas and temples. Some other famous places can be named are Ho Chi Minh complex, the Temple of Literature, Hanoi French Quarter, Hanoi Opera House, Within its geographical area, Hanoi also has some beautiful lakes such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake. Otherwise, there’re many museums that contains hundreds of years of history of Vietnam like Hoa Lo prison museum, Vietnamese Women’s museum, Vietnam Museum of ethnology.

Hanoi Tours - Hoan Kiem Lake
A street around Hoan Kiem Lake

Bustling Hanoi offers a charming blend of new and old. The ancient Viet people has left traditions and customs in Hanoi Old Quarter, the French-colonial era has left a legacy of beautiful buildings and avenues in Hanoi French Quarter. Hanoi City Tours are designed aiming to give you an opportunity to enjoy an absolute and adorable Hanoi. With local tour guide you’ll gain more knowledge of this beautiful city.

Hanoi Tours Reviews

  • Divya R: Quick way to do a Hanoi City Tour

Among may types of Hanoi Tours We did this tour on our second day in Hanoi and booked it on the previous night!
We had Hien as our guide. He was very informative and clearly well done with the preparation work! Our first stop is Temple of Literature and then Hoa Lo Prison. We couldn’t do the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum as it was closed for maintenance. Hien was very knowledgable about the Vietnamese traditions, beliefs and customs, drew our attention to some of the intricacies in the Temple of Literature.

  • Jelena 1465 from Singapore: Definitely worth it for great food and company!

My friends and I chose the food tour on our first day in Hanoi and it was the best decision we made for our trip! Our guide Phong spoke fluent English and brought us to many delicious food places, stalls that we definitely would miss out on if he didn’t introduce us to them. Phong also went out of his way to help us bargain and brought us to less touristy places to buy bags that my friends and I saw during the tour. He was really so friendly and easy to hold conversations with! Our friends felt immensely lucky to have met Phong and have such great hospitality extended to us, allowing us to feel that we were hanging out as friends instead. This tour is definitely a great way of learning about the hidden gems and culture of Hanoi!

  • Rich Zimme from Miami, Florida, USA: Do not pass up this unique opportunity!

“Ann” Phương Anh Lưu gave me a wonderful tour and an extremely unique view of Hanoi that I’d have otherwise never been able to experience. On the tour I was able to experience local eateries and flavors that were each an incredible treat. Some of the foods included Bun Trang, a hearty and traditional noodle soup, then coconut ice cream with sticky rice that was incredible (I believe it was called kem xôi). After that the famous Bánh Mì sandwich, then a wonderful papaya salad (I forgot the name), followed by egg coffee at a very hip upstairs lounge. All the places Ann took me to were very unique and on my own I’d never have gotten to experience these places or so many unique foods. Ann knew the best local spots and some back alley locations to get this great food and she really is a very terrific and nice person as well. The cost of each food item was extremely reasonable and I felt that the small donation requested by the company is quite a value considering the quality of the tour. I really enjoyed the tour and highly recommend it. Thank you Ann!!!

  • Singaporeelle: Very knowledgeable and friendly guide

I would like to praised my tour guide, Linh for her patience with our groups. We are a group of 10 people from age 8 to 80. My dad is 70 and he was slow in walking but Linh patiently follow us while slowly explain to us the places of interest.
The most interesting story was the one about HCM that she told us. We also visited Hoa Lo prison, she was very professional to explain each segment for us.
For food, they were delicious too. We had Bun Cha and Egg Coffee. At the evening, we had a nice walk around Hoan Kiem Lake.
A memorable day tour. I would also like to Thank office coordinator Jenny who had coordinated this tour and being so accomodating to my request. Big Thanks!