Hanoi Tour Packages

This selection of Hanoi tour packages is ideal for those looking to get the most out of their holiday in the capital city of Vietnam


Old Quarter Hanoi
Hanoi Old Quarter is located in the middle of this city. Hanoi Old Quarter with its old-styled narrow streets full of antique brick houses create a nostalgic feeling regardless the flow of time. From the beginning, Hanoi Old Quarter is where merchants and artisans gathered to sell their products. That’s why Hanoi Old Quarter consists of many small, meandering streets. The name of the street represent the specific good that is traded there such as Hang Bac (Silver Product), Hang Ma (Paper Product), Hang Go (Wood Product), just to name a few. There is no high-rise buildings, luxury stores in Hanoi Old Quarter, but strolling around this area makes you get lost in a totally different world from the rest of the world. Traffic is crowded in Hanoi Old Quarter and it requires some skills to cross the streets here.
French Quarter Hanoi
Hanoi French Quarter is a cannot missed place in most of our Hanoi Tours. French Quarter is right next to Old Quarter and it lies to the southeast of Hoan Kiem lake. French Quarter has an atmosphere far more refined than the mercantile 36 streets of the Old Quarter. In the late 19th century, when the French occupied Hanoi, they demolished many of the old Vietnamese buildings and replaced them with imposing and quite stunning French-style villas, particularly in this area. Hanoi French Quarter is easier to navigate than the narrow alleys of Old Quarter. This area is also home to some of Hanoi’s finest and most luxury restaurants and hotels. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is an important historical attraction of Hanoi, dedicated for the national hero: President Ho Chi Minh. This is where visitors can pay a visit and show the gratitude towards President Ho, who has led the country to independence and reunification. If you have time, pay a visit inside the mausoleum, where the body of Ho Chi Minh is placed. Visitors have to follow the line and have only short time to look at the body as they are shuffled through the mausoleum. Temple of Literature Temple of Literature is originally built as an university in 1070 and now it has become one of Hanoi’s most picturesque tourist attractions. It can be said that Temple of literature is some of a few well preserved ancient constructions. This is a superb example of traditional-style Vietnamese architecture. This ancient site offers many small relics such as a lake of literature, the Well of Heavenly Clarity, turtle steles, green gardens, pavilions, courtyards and passageways. In the past, the university only accepted the elite and royal family members as students before eventually opening its doors to brighter ‘commoners’. Things to do in vibrant nightlife in Hanoi In our Hanoi Tours you’re free at most nights so these are some suggestions of what to do at night in Hanoi for tourists => See more: Things to do in Hanoi
Top things to do with Hanoi tours
Soaking some fresh beer at Ta Hien Street Ta Hien Street or Bia Hoi Corner is located in Hanoi Old Quarter. This place is an absolute classic nighttime destination in Hanoi. Your night in Hanoi will be more fun if you spend a night soaking the atmosphere and perhaps some beers here. Variety of beers are served here from Vietnamese beer to famous beer brand in the world. They also sell yummy food to eat with beer. Hanoi Night Food Tour Well the idea of enjoying street foods in Hanoi regarding to Hanoi nightlife is very interesting to almost every visitors. Unlock Vietnamese cuisine and discover the alleyways in the Old Quarter is a fun thing to do at night. Many street vendors sell delicious food in Hanoi Old Quarter. Don’t forget to taste the famous Bun Cha, Pho, Banh Xeo or Che. Visit Hanoi Opera House Located in Hanoi French Quarter, Hanoi Opera House depicts a luxurious image just many other buildings in this area. It is one of the most iconic examples of colonial architecture throughout Vietnam. Night scene in Hanoi Opera House is beautiful. Simply spend one night at a live musical or opera performance here, it will be a memory for you. Note that shows are not constantly performed here, so you should make sure that you check with the concierge at the hotel in order to see if there is any performance scheduled according to your time. Club and Bars Hanoi is also full of night clubs and bars. Many foreign tourists like coming to these places. Some famous clubs and bars can be named are Funky Buddha Club, Hanoi Press Club, Dragonfly bar lounge,