Vung Tau | Vietnam – The Official Guide to Vung Tau

Vung Tau Overview

Coastal city Vung Tau is located in South Vietnam to the Northeast of Mekong Delta. It is next to Dong Nai to the north, Ho Chi Minh to the west, and Binh Thuan to the east. It is a critical urban and economic center of the region.

The city looks remarkably civilized with broad boulevards. Oil is the key business here. Therefore, the horizon is, normally, dotted with a bunch of tankers. Besides, petro dollars dominate the city’s economy, which inflates prices significantly.

Not to mention, it is also a popular place for trips on weekends from Ho Chi Minh city. This tourist spot rocks on weekends when people descend in numbers, but it’s a bit silent during the week.

Vung Tau enjoys a favorable settlement on a peninsula with fresh sea air. Also, it is said that Vung Tau is a blend of man-made architectural works and natural communities.

We must say that although few people bother to visit this place, it is still an excellent spot to start/end a coastal road excursion to Mui Ne and others.

Explore Vung Tau

Map of Vung Tau

Vung Tau Attractions

Travelers typically consider Vung Tau as a weekend destination as it is near Ho Chi Minh city. If you plan to visit this city, you can consider adding the following sites to your bucket list: Back Beach, Front Beach, and Con Dao.

Especially, Con Dao is a must-visit destination with crystal clear water and white sand beaches. Its natural beauty can tempt any tourists, including locals and ex-pats.

With the serene landscapes without any influence of tourism services, Con Dao is a precious pearl of the country and an ideal place for those who want to escape from bustling urban life.

Along with exotic beaches and yummy street food, the city offers a host of other exciting attractions.

  • Thich Ca Phat Dai
  • Statue of Jesus Christ
  • Ho May Cultural and Ecological Park

Vung Tau Restaurants & Dining

As a coastal city, Vung Tau boasts a lot of yummy seafood. You can easily find a dining place along the beaches or any streets in the city.

We have compiled a list of top dining addresses that serve delicious dishes in Vung Tau. We will divide it into different categories ranging from affordable to luxurious restaurants for your consideration.

#1. Cheap Eats

  • New Century Fish and Chips
  • Ly’s Café
  • Cj’s Pub

#2. Local cuisine

  • Ganh Hoa
  • Matildas
  • Belly’s Watering Hole

#3. Moderately Priced

  • Pizza Leo
  • Bistro Nine
  • Don Quijote Restaurant

#4. Fine Dining

  • La Sirena Seafood Restaurant
  • Hon Ru Ri Seafood Restaurant
  • Moc Sushi Restaurant
  • Ga Ac Tiem Thuoc Bac

Vung Tau Nightlife

Once the dark starts to cover every corner of Vung Tau, it’s time for you to explore the real beauty of this city. You will find a lot of fantastic entertainment places.

At this time, people rush to the night market to enjoy the bustling atmosphere, along with yummy food. In addition, coffee shops and restaurants welcome a bunch of customers. Not to mention, bars also begin to be busy with hard music.

Generally, you can experience a lot of enjoyable activities at night in Vung Tau, which will never let you down.

Here are some recommended addresses for you:

  • Vung Tau Night Market
  • Black Pearl Bar
  • Vuvuzela Beer Club
  • Cask Bar
  • Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Café
  • Fang Pub Vung Tau
  • Vung Tau Beach Club

Vung Tau Shopping

As Vung Tau is a top tourist spot that welcomes a lot of travelers, its shopping sector has also been diverse with many option choices. Although the city is not the best option to buy special souvenirs, the way of shopping here is exciting. You will have a great experience when going shopping in this place.

To help out in finding a place to buy items that you want, we have compiled a list of popular shopping addresses below:

  • Con Dao Market
  • Imperial Plaza
  • Surfing and Kitesurfing Equipment
  • Vung Tau Market
  • Vung Tau Co.op Mart

Vung Tau Weather – Best time to visit

Vung Tau features a tropical monsoon climate with two different seasons: rainy season and dry season. While the dry season is between November and April, the rainy season is from May to October. Furthermore, the average temperature in this city is about 27 degrees C.

The best time to visit Vung Tau is from December to March.

During this period, it is much more pleasant with little rain. Also, the sea is also quite calm so you can do various activities like snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and so on.

Not to mention, you can have a chance to enjoy bong gon flower season in February. At this month, most streets in Vung Tau are covered white blooming white flowers, making it so romantic as in a movie.

Where to stay in Vung Tau

Accommodation in Vung Tau city is quite diverse, so you can easily pick up a suitable one, depending on your demand and budget.

Below are some suggested resorts, hotels, and apartments that have received a lot of good feedback in Vung Tau.

#1. Luxurious resorts

  • Lan Rung Spa & Resort
  • The Wind Boutique Resort
  • Leman Cap Resort & Spa

#2. Apartment

  • Thuy Tien Seaview Apartment
  • Lotus Apartment
  • Blue Sapphire Apartment

#3. Hotel

  • Sunvilla Hotel
  • Star Motel
  • VeeVoo Hotel

Vung Tau Itinerary for Ideal days?

Vung Tau is an enchanting city with the fusion of sea, mountains, colonial architects, and cultural buildings. If you are first comers to this city, we have a suggested two-day itinerary for you.

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – Vung Tau

You should start your trip from Ho Chi Minh city at around 8:00 – 9:00. Therefore, you can arrive in Vung Tau at about 11:00 – 12:00. You are probably able to check-in your accommodations at that time. So you can get around to have lunch and come back to the hotels later.

On this day, we recommend you to visit the Statue of Jesus and famous beaches. And don’t miss nightlife activities in Vung Tau. They are entertaining and joyful, which will bring unforgettable memories for you and friends.

Day 2: Vung Tau – Ho Chi Minh city

You can visit other attractions like Buddhist Temple, White Place, and Whale Temple on the second day before returning to Ho Chi Minh City.