Overview of Hanoi Old Quarter

Old Quarter Hanoi is the “heart and soul” of the capital city. A place to save the ancient culture, memories of times and indeed the best place to visit!

Since the 15th century, Old Quarter has featured a local lifestyle in ancient houses and at a slow pace of living. Throughout more than 1000 years, Hanoi Old Quarter still keeps a mysterious look but full of charm, which has enchanted many visitors coming here.

Originally, the Quarter consists of 36 main old streets, most of which were begun with “Hang” and originated from names of types of merchandise produced and traded such as Hang Duong (Sugar), Hang Muoi ( Salt) …

Therefore, Hanoi Old Quarter is known with another name “Hanoi – 36 old streets”. Besides, there are a lot of old historical sites associated with the formation and development of the Old Quarter.

Visit Old Quarter Hanoi, you will be able to explore Asian architectures which have remained for thousands of years. Moreover, travel here even only a day, you will have the chance to experience the daily life of Hanoian and understand their lifestyles.

A lot of people visiting here more than one time because of endless traditional value in the breath of modern life which attracts them and make them curious about Vietnamese culture.

How about following our below route recommended to you to have the best understanding of Old Quarter Hanoi?

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Hoan Kiem Lake Old Quarter Tour

Hanoi Old Quarter Map

Best of Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter Attractions – Points of Interest You Should Visit

Hanoi Old Quarter fall

Old Quarter Hanoi Activities

It is obvious that you will have a great chance to experience a tremendous number of interesting activities when visiting Hanoi Old Quarter.

Let’s explore the thousand-year-old culture of Hanoi through a walking free tour here. Let’s fulfill your dream of discovery by discover the rich cuisine in Hanoi.

And let’s…

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Egg coffee Old Quarter Tour

Hanoi Old Town Food

If you are a fan of the delicious dishes, don’t skip an opportunity to step into the real heaven in Hanoi Old Quarter!

From the most traditional famous food of Vietnam like Bun cha, Pho, spring rolls, etc. to the luxury Western dishes, you can FIND THEM ALL in our old town.

So, don’t hesitate anymore, guys!

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dong xuan market

Hanoi Old Quarter Shopping

You are in love with wandering around the crowded streets and busy markets?

You are interested in an astonishing number of different goods from the artistic products, coffee beans, beautiful clothing, to the fresh food?

If so, CONGRATULATIONS! What you are finding is our outstanding Hanoi Old Quarter!

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the chi boutique

Hanoi Old Quarter Stay

When searching where to stay in Hanoi on the internet, perhaps you are very confused because there are tons of different results.

Our advice is that Hanoi Old Quarter is an ideal choice.

There are various different hotels here for you to choose, as well as Hanoi Old Quarter is located on the center of Hanoi, surrounding by the well-known attractions.

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Hanoi Old Quarter Tours

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