Long Bien is one of the most important markets in the Red River Delta region and the 2nd biggest markets in Hanoi (after Dong Xuan Market). It has been operating for over 20 years. It gathers almost all products from many northern provinces, especially raw food such as vegetable, meat, egg, etc.

Long Bien market is located next to Long Bien bridge alongside the dyke road, is a fruit and vegetable wholesale market. Every night there are hundreds of trucks carrying fruits and vegetables from many provinces to the market.

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Its peak hours are in the early mornings from 2 am to 4 am when stallholders from the local wet markets, restaurants, and other businesses visit to stock up fresh produce for the day or the products will be provided to other smaller markets in Hanoi.

long bien market

Long Bien market is located next to Long Bien bridge

Long Bien market has a great number of activities that you may have the chance to see first-hand like buying, selling, driving a truck full of products, motorbike riders waiving down everywhere, bargaining, counting money, loading boxes of products, etc.

Long bien


A wide range of products selling at Long Bien Market

It is a great way to discover the normal life as well as specific cultural values of Hanoi and feel the hardship sellers are struggling to earn a living at the time they should have gone to bed.

Vegetables come from many provinces in the country Long Bien market lights up at night

Fruit and vegetables come in from the Vietnamese countryside, arriving in by trucks from around 01:00. A drive or walk along Yen Phu — the main road — at any time between 01:00 and 06:00 will give you an insight into the life of the market, but to experience it in all its glory you’ll need to head on inside.

It is a wholesale market specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables, so tourists seldom visit this market in order to buy them. They desire to come here to gain cultural experience.

Hundreds of people earn their living as porters in the market

Hundreds of people earn their living as porters in the market

Long Bien market is not a really must-visit destination when you travel Hanoi, but getting up early in the morning and explore life before sunrise is a completely interesting experience. However, you should prepare yourself for visiting this wet market, which is apparently chaotic and noisy.

Being a night market also gives it a different vibe: vendors operate under lights or single bulbs, bringing a glow to the multitude of alleyways created by canvas and wooden makeshift dividers.

The traders work all night long

The traders work all night long

The best time to visit Long Bien market is in the early mornings when the sun hasn’t come out yet. You will have a chance to experience the hustle and bustle of a big market which provides fruits and vegetable for every household in Hanoi.

For locals, Long Bien market is just a wholesale market where they work hard to make money and relieve their family’s financial burden.

On the other hand, for foreign tourists, Long Bien market is particularly attractive thanks to its vibrant colors, shimmering lights, and bustling trading scene.

Address of Long Bien Market Hanoi

Long Bien Market is just under the Long Bien Bridge, and to the side of Hanoi Old Quarter. That means you can walk there to visit this wet market.

Local tips

You could visit this market in the early morning from 2 am to 5 am if you want to see how people there work. The market is quite dirty, so you should wear boots especially on rainy days to avoid getting filthy.

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