Lots of locals recommend wandering along Hanoi night market is one of the great activities in Hanoi at night with one thousand years old of culture and civilization.

One can’t miss attraction of Vietnam’s cultural capital is Hanoi night market, the place bridges the gap between tourists and locals. Founded in the Old Quarter, visitors can also have chances to taste several types of Vietnamese street food along the three-kilometer long pedestrian street, enjoying intriguing cultural activities and purchasing a diversity of goods.

Hanoi Night Market

A busy corner of Hanoi Night Market

Night Market Hanoi is divided into two main markets which include:

  • Hanoi Weekend Night Market
  • Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market

Every market has its own special charm which appeals thousands of tourists and locals coming there every day.

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Let’s follow the foot of AZ Local Trip’s tour guides to discover the beauty of each market!


1. Weekend Night Market Hanoi

Weekend Night Market in Hanoi – a pedestrian street full of historical sites

Weekend night market boasts over 3000 booths from numerous small traders selling local food, clothes, accessories, daily necessities, souvenirs, and handicrafts. Although it’s a tremendous chance to immerse in the festive lifestyle of Hanoi, goods from this market seem not to meet the demands of Western visitors. Therefore, the majority of shoppers coming here are Vietnamese young people to seek fashionable products like smartphone accessories.

  • Food

In general, shopping in the capital of Vietnam is relatively similar to other places in Asia with outfits, trinkets, special cute from Asian countries. Tourists can buy them at any store, shop or market in Hanoi. Weekend Night Market boasts its highlight with a variety of local cuisines which are displayed in three intersections of the market.

Weekend Night Market Hanoi

Grilled or fried meat, seafood, cake… selling at Hanoi night market

You can easily find these mouthwatering dishes in any road and traffic cut. You will be involved in roadside grills, Vietnamese bread, bun cha, and Vietnamese treats. Along two sides of crowded streets are various vendors selling Vietnamese specialties and serving seats for tourists. Chinese Hot Pots and local beers are two must-see things that most tourists are interested in.

  • Cultural shows symbolizing Vietnamese values

If you are a lover of Vietnamese arts, you can’t miss cultural performances which are held at the end of Hanoi Weekend Night Market. A lot of amazing shows take place in these market alluring lots of kids and families gathering here. Especially at occasional events, Weekend Night Market is more crowded than ever before.

An intriguing performance taking place in Hanoi Weekend Night Market

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Moving to Ta Hien street also known as Western street, it is time to enjoy the modern world. Live performances from music band play instrumental, from the popular US – UK songs, European classical music to Vietnamese latest songs in the central square of this street.

Ta Hien street is covered by groups of youngsters sitting around small tables, drinking lime tea, eating street junk foods and chatting. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make friends and get closer to Vietnamese daily life, customs and traditions.

Hanoi Night Market Map & Hours

  • Hanoi Night Market Map:
  • Hanoi Night Market Opening Hours: 

Opening days: Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night

Opening hours: From 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm

  • Average price: The cost of items varies on every type:
  • Local cuisines: From 15.000 VND to 30.000 VND
  • Necessary goods such as outfits and souvenirs: 100.000 VND- 200.000VND

2. Hanoi Night Market Old Quarter

What are the unique features of the Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market?

  • The Shopping

Despite the development of other markets, shopping at the Old Quarter night market cannot be beaten.

Hanoi Night Market Old Quarter

 Crowded street with hundred blocks of buyers

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A plethora of stalls sells a huge number of products, including handicrafts, ceramics, porcelain, fashionable clothing, and accessories.

Along the walking street, lots of vendors are equipped with many great souvenirs.  For many foreign visitors, handicrafts sold here are the most memorable products found at the weekend market.

Vendors also display bamboo dolls, pictures, handmade postcards, and even leather handbags with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Painted masks with various size and color

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  • Eating at Old Quarter Night Market

Visitors can’t explore the night market completely without stopping at one of the delicious food vendors along the way.

Food stalls pepper the market with cuisine from around the country, especially Hanoi traditional food such as bloating fern-shaped cake (bánh bèo), bacon, grilled (nem chua), grilled sausages and Hai Phong bread. Visitors will also find snacks and sweets including sticky candy, boiled sweet potatoes and boiled sweet corn that are popular among Vietnamese children, most of which are sold at a reasonable price.

Besides local dishes, Old Quarter Night Market also sells foreign cuisines, meeting the demands of many locals and tourists as well.

  • Entertainment and cultural performances

The Old Quarter is especially thriving on Saturday nights with live performances and works of art.

Vietnamese traditional music concerts are performed at walking street, attracting lots of people keen on discovering the country’s traditional folk music.

– ‘Ca tru’ is on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in need of Urgent Safeguarding.

– ‘Cheo’, ‘Hat xam’, ‘Chau van’ are performed along the street and in front of small temples by professional artists.

It is a great opportunity to experience various types of Vietnamese traditional art and these concerts are all free.

Don’t miss Hanoi Night Market on your days in Hanoi. With AZ Local Trip, you can have the most authentic experience in this beautiful city!