Hang Da Market Hanoi is a historical witness throughout many changing events from the prosperous phase of trade to the era struggling against French colonists, U.S army.


Hang Da Market Hanoi Overview

Before, Hang Da market was just a small, village-type place, where people gathered to sell and buy stuff. Products were mainly hidden and leather of buffaloes and cows. That’s why the name “Hang Da” was born, which means “selling leather”.

Inside, there were some provisional tents, so some troupes and traveling circuses hired them to perform in the evening.

hang da market

Outside the Hang Da Galleria shopping mall

Until the 1937-1938, people started constructing the market. In 1942, when Japanese troops stationed in Hanoi, planes of U.S army bombarded, unfortunately right to Hang Da market. Many people passed away and injured in this event.

Nowadays, Hang Da market in Hanoi has 3 floors, modern and convenient. Products are various and diversified in materials, models, designs…

Hang Da street

Hang Da is one of 36 ancient streets in Hanoi in the last millennium. In Nguyen Dynasty, some small traders brought hide and leather to the street to sell, formed a market named as Hang Da, too.

At 40 Hang Da street, there is a temple named Tam Thanh (or Vu Du communal house), where some fortune tellers came here and predicted for locals and tourists. Therefore, the street also had a folk name “Thay Boi”, which means “fortune teller”.

In the first stage of the 20th century, French administration named the street as Rue des Cuirs, translated from the word Hang Da. At that time, there was not any shop selling hide and leather.

At the end of the 20th century, a bunch of leatherette products appeared on the street. Many shops concurrently produced and sold them, with a wide variety of products: cushions, mattresses, handbags, suitcases…

Other popular products are the ones made from tires of broken cars, especially the durable and cheap rubber slipper.

Hang Da Structure

Ao dai

Ao dai – traditional women custom is also selling here

Hang Da market Hanoi is spaciously built with 3 main areas on each floor:

  • Basement: mainly foods, packaging products, and votive objects
  • 1st floor: event organizing place, selling beer, wine and confectionary (candies, biscuits…)
  • 2nd floor: luxurious and expensive products.


This place sells foods from vegetables, fruits to meat and fishes. Types of meat and fishes are only fresh in the morning when they have just transported. That’s why the market is comparatively crowded at that time.

A wide variety of vegetables and fruits here (watermelon, apple, pear…) are quite fresh.

The most special item in the market is packaging products. Anyone who is a connoisseur in shopping, already knew this is a central market in selling this type of products. In comparison with other markets, this place is more favorable with nice design and various products.

traditional ceramics

A huge number of traditional ceramics being sold in Hang Da market

The first floor:

The main goods sold here are beverage (beer, wine…) and confectionary (candy, biscuit,…)

The hall on the 1st floor is quite large, so events are often held here, drawing the attention of people around.

The second floor:

This is the area selling high-grade goods, ranging from branded clothes to high-fashioned accessories (glasses, wallet, watch, handbag,…).  The twinkle and sparkle of shops will catch your attention in the beginning, but the price may be expensive as well.

Local stuff in Hang Da Hanoi market

Local stuff in Hang Da Hanoi market

Some worshipping stuffs for locals to use when they go to pagoda or worship at home 

  • Traditional Vietnamese dress:

The dress symbolizing for Vietnam, Ao Dai, can be bought in the basement. With sophisticated embroidery and skillfully weaving made from real silk, Ao Dai in Hang Da market will never let you down.

  • Second-hand clothes:

You can find some of the most fitted clothes for yourself at the cheapest price ever. Even some stylish and modish items from famous brand names are waiting for you to get somewhere in this small market.

  • Foods:

If you feel a little bit tired after a long walk, just stop for a short while and go into food stalls on the 1st floor. Some freshly cooked Vietnamese snacks will satisfy your appetite with the explosion in taste.

food stall

There are also some small food stalls in the market for you to try Vietnam street food

  • Artistic rice paper products:

If you want to find material for your painting, or just buy paper items like souvenirs, drop in some stalls in the basement. Notebooks, paintings, cards, they all are a good purchase.

  • Recreational center for kids:

If kids go along with you, they will have much fun time with many indoor games.

Also, you can see the birds in the corner of the market (between Hang Da and Hang Dieu Street). There is a large shop lined with bamboo cages filled with extraneous birds.

Hang Da Market Opening Hours and Location

Along with Dong Xuan market, Cau Dong and Bac Qua, Hang Da market is a significant place, evoking meaningful memories about unique traditional culture, and subsidizing era in Vietnam

  • Location: 1 Hang Da Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
  • Opening hours: 8 a.m to 6 p.m


  • Bargaining is advised and completely expected to get a good deal. As usual, start at around 50% of the starting price but do not accept any lower than 25%
  • The best time to visit is in the morning on weekdays. Because you can avoid the crowd on weekends, also midday heat in the summer. Moreover, fresh foods and snacks are usually sold in the morning.
  • Don’t forget bringing along a camera and a little money to taste the food.

Including Hang Da Market in your Hanoi itinerary with us!