Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days | Suggested by Local Expert

Lê Ngọc Minh Châu - Updated February 28, 2019

Vietnam itinerary 4 days is now your major concern after choosing a suitable desired duration for your stay.

You, as an international visitor, may find the destination rather unfamiliar. Arranging a proper plan which leads you to amazing spots to discover a new nation is a challenge. Then I guess some recommendation from a local buddy like me will help!

4 days in Vietnam is not too short an amount of time. Yet, it is not enough for you to cover this country from the North to the South.

You need to select a suitable base for your stay first: Hanoi (Northern Vietnam), Da Nang (Central Vietnam) or Ho Chi Minh City (Southern Vietnam). Then I will put forward my Vietnam Itinerary 4 days.

Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days  Suggested by Local Expert

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2 Main Options for 4 days in Vietnam

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Check out our recommended routes below and find out which one is most suitable for you. If you have some difficulty in planning your itinerary in Hanoi and Vietnam, just click the button below and AZ Local Trip will help you out 24/7 for FREE. 

Notes: for only 4 days in Vietnam, you should choose the north, the south or the middle to travel.

3 Main Itinerary for 4 days in Vietnam

Option 1: Itinerary 4 days in - Northern Vietnam (Highly recommended) 

Hanoi – Ninh Binh – Halong Bay

  • Day 1: Charming central Hanoi

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Option 2: Itinerary 4 days in - Middle Vietnam

  • Day 1: Ancient Imperial City of Hue
  • Day 2: Ancient Imperial City of Hue to Hoi An Ancient Town
  • Day 3: Hoi An Ancient Town to Da Nang
  • Day 4: Worth living Da Nang City

Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days | Suggested by Local Expert

Vietnam Itinerary 4 days in North Vietnam

Day 1: Ancient Imperial City of Hue

Most flights to Vietnam land at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) or Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi). From there, you can take another daily domestic flight to Phu Bai Airport (Hue). Otherwise, if coming to Da Nang International Airport, you can go by coach to Hue (less than 100 kilometers).

I suggest that you arrive in Hue the afternoon before, so you can spend the next full day exploring this ancient citadel.

  • Go on a religious pilgrimage to Pagoda of the Celestial Lady (Thien Mu/Linh Mu Pagoda)

The pagoda is worth including in your Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days. Making a pilgrimage enables you to travel and gain insight into Vietnamese Buddhism at the same time.

  • Visit royal tombs of Nguyen dynasties

Hue Imperial Tombs include locations for the burial of kings from different royal dynasties.

All tombs under Nguyen dynasties were built of basalt stone in a simple architectural style, following the philosophy of Oriental Feng Shui.

  • Stop by Meridian Gate (Ngo Mon)

Ngo Mon Gate is the largest of the four main gates of Hue Imperial Citadel, exclusively for emperors or emissaries.

The gate also witnessed many important historical events such as ceremonies honoring doctoral graduates or the Declaration of Abdication of the last emperor of Vietnam.

  • Take a leisurely evening stroll at Hue walking streets

Throughout the street, there are 11 traditional styled houses with typical souvenir products at the night market.

Day 2: Ancient Imperial City of Hue to Hoi An Ancient Town

  • Drop of at Hai Van Pass for Lang Co Beach view from the top of Hai Van Pass

On beautiful sunny days, you can see observe tranquil Lang Co Bay from the top of Hai Van Pass.

  • Enjoy a relaxing evening at Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An walking street retains ancient features like red-tiled roof houses and countless colorful lantern lit up every night.

Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days  Suggested by Local Expert

Day 3: Hoi An Ancient Town to Da Nang

  • Move to Da Nang before exploring the undiscovered of Hoi An
  • Spend an enjoyable afternoon at My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach is well-known as the most beautiful tropical beach in Vietnam.

  • Pay a visit to the Marble Mountains

The coastal Marble Mountains is a cluster of 5 different limestone hills and grottoes. Buddhist and Hindu sanctuaries located inside such caves show you part of Vietnamese history and culture.

  • Walk to Dragon Bridge crossing Han River in the evening

Dragon Bridge is seen as an undisputed icon of Da Nang The fire breathing performance is organized every on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Day 4: Worth living Da Nang City

  • Shop at Han Market

You can purchase various local products at an affordable price at Han Market. It is also one of the largest markets in Da Nang.

  • Visit Da Nang Cathedral on the banks of Han River (if time allowed)

This Gothic-styled pink church in the city center is the only church to be built during the French colonial period.

Vietnam Itinerary 4 days in Ho Chi Minh (Southern Vietnam)

People still dearly call Ho Chi Minh City by the old name Sai Gon.

Day 1: Modern Ho Chi Minh City

  • Familiarise yourself with Ben Thanh Market

Besides regarded as a shopping place for local handicrafts, branded goods, Vietnamese art, and other souvenirs, Ben Thanh Market is also an important symbol of Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Attend a motorbike trip for downtown Saigon night

Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days | Suggested by Local Expert

Day 2: Historic Cu Chi Tunnel to Ho Chi Minh City

  • Discover Cu Chi Tunnels

Asian Record has recognized Cu Chi as the longest tunnel.

During the Vietnam War, Viet Cong guerrillas used it as hiding spots. It was also a route serving communication and supplying food, medicine, and weapons.

Cu Chi Tunnel expresses part of Vietnamese history.

  • Visit Independence Palace (Reunification Palace)

Its architecture combines traditional features and modern 60s style. This famous historical site has witnessed Vietnam Wars against French colonist and American emperor.

  • Get to Saigon Central Post Office

Ho Chi Minh City Post Office (Saigon Central Post Office), constructed in the late 19th century follows Gothic, Renaissance, and French architectural styles.

Vietnam Itinerary 4 Days | Suggested by Local Expert

Day 3: Day trip to Ben Tre Province in Mekong Delta

  • Go on a boat

You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in the countryside of Mekong Delta along green canals. During the way, you can also observe the everyday activities of local people.

  • Drop by some villages

You need to have a short walk on the village path to the village. You now can observe the local here performing their traditional mat making craft. These charmingly-colored mats are used for sleeping on.

  • Travel by local vehicle so-called "xe lôi”

This is a promising one-of-a-kind experience in your Vietnam Itinerary 4 days.

  • Try local cuisine at a local food stall

Day 4: Ho Chi Minh City Goodbye

Go to the War Remnants Museum

It exhibits artifacts relating to the Vietnam Wars and the first Indochina War involving the French colonialists. I am pretty sure it is a golden chance for you to gain insight into Vietnam history.

  • Have a leisurely stroll at Nguyen Hue walking street (if time allowed)

Other Itinerary:

The walking street is a public space for tourists to enjoy the modern scene in the city center.

I hope you can find my recommended Vietnam Itinerary 4 days useful. Please comment on my blog if you have any great ideas to share. You can also contact AZ Local Trip for further local tips.

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