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Vietnam Itinerary 2 days- For your best experience in the S-shaped country

Lê Ngọc Minh Châu - November 02, 2018

Vietnam is known as a beautiful country, boasting its divergence of culture and traditions with 54 different groups. Travelling to Vietnam, foreign tourists can seek a tremendous chance to explore various breathtaking sceneries stretching from the North to South. For those who desire to spend 2 days exploring the beauty of Vietnam, Vietnam Itinerary 2 days is obviously your perfect choice. Due to the limited time for travelling, tourists can spend two days discovering one particular city of Vietnam. This article based on experience and knowledge of many locals, myself included offers you a variety of options for your two-days trip in Vietnam.

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Vietnam Itinerary 2 days- For your best experience in the S-shaped country

1. Wonderful two days in Hanoi - Vietnam Itinerary 2 days

If you want to enjoy the cultural and historical of Vietnam, Hanoi is definitely your priority. The capital of Vietnam with one thousand year of culture and civilization with brings tourists an unforgettable memory in your Vietnam Itinerary 2 days. Below are some suggestions of mine, surely assist you in your exploration and discovery of Hanoi City.

1.1 Day 1

It sounds a great idea to get up early to have a stroll along Hoan Kiem Lake ( The Returned Sword Lake), the precious pearl of Hanoi. Walking along the road full of green trees and colorful flowers, tourists can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this early morning. Ngoc Son Temple, located in the middle of Hoan Kiem Lake is also one cant’- miss place of interest you should try in Hanoi. Across Ngoc Soo Temple is a red ironic The Huc Bridge in the shape of a shrimp, which is the first place to receive the bright sunshines in the morning.

Vietnam Itinerary 2 days- For your best experience in the S-shaped country

Then, you head east direction to visit Hanoi Old Quarter with 36 bustle streets, one beautiful landmark of the capital. One highlight that makes tourists can never forget Hanoi is its special feature, every street only specializing on one specific trade. If you want to possess the best silk materials, come to Gai street with a variety of silks and fabrics. Ma Street will impress tourists by the red color by thousands of paper artifacts such as colorful lanterns, masks and parallel sentences on Tet holidays and Mid-Autumn Festival. In addition, you can experience the feelings of bargaining your favorite goods in Dong Xuan Night Market.

Now it’s time for lunch meal. Tourists can take a taste on bun bo nam bo, the specialty of Northern area or Vietnamese pho, a global dish of Vietnam with its special broth secretly handed from generation to generation.

In the afternoon, you walk out of Hanoi Old Quarter and visit other nearby attractions. Tourists can walk around St. Joseph’s Cathedral to enjoy the neo-gothic style, a typical Western architecture or enter Hanoi Opera House, a landmark symbolizing Western architectural features to watch amazing performances displayed by both local artists and foreign ones.

The mysterious beauty of St.Joseph’s Cathedral allures many tourists all over the world.

If you are a fan of water puppetry, you can’t not miss Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre. With the cost ranging from 60.000-100.000 VND ($3-5), tourists can enjoy a traditional art of Vietnam, which reflects Vietnamese thoughts and emotions on daily events and surrounding people. You can walk along the narrow alleys of Old Quarter to sip a cup of egg coffee to taste the bitterness of dark coffee mixing with the fat flavor of eggs. Supposed you are not keen on coffee, try craft beer in Ta Hien Street to have more chance to chat with local residents.

Vietnam Itinerary 2 days- For your best experience in the S-shaped country

1.2 Day 2

Travelling to Vietnam, you can’t miss Ho Chi Minh Complex, one famous tourist destination during Vietnam Itinerary 2 days. Ho Chi Minh Complex is considered as a spirit of Vietnam and a witness of long-rooted history and culture. You can visit the final resting place where preserves the body of President Ho Chi Minh in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Besides, you can wander along Stilt House,the residence of Uncle.Ho and One-pillar pagoda, a clear symbol of Buddhism in Vietnam.

Afterwards, tourists can take a look at Hoa Hoa Prison, ” the hell on earth” with thousands of torturing to understand more the brutality of French colonialists as well as the bravery of Vietnamese people. It will appear to be a perfect option for you to have a lunch at Cha Ca La Vong, a famous Vietnamese traditional dish.

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The final destination in Hanoi 2-day tour is crossing across Red River in Long Bien Bridge. This bridge is an obvious witness of the grim wars of Vietnamese against invaders. Having endured two Vietnamese wars, Long Bien bridge still remains intact beauty which allures thousands of travelers coming here annually.

Vietnam Itinerary 2 days- For your best experience in the S-shaped country

2. Absolutely fabulous two days in Dalat City

If you are tired of the bustle and hustle of Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh city, you can choose Vietnam Itinerary 2 days to Da Lat City. This central city of Vietnam is known as the wonderful heaven of flowers and lovely French villas and pine forests. Da Lat is not bustle as Hanoi City or modern as Ho Chi Minh City, but this city still remains its primitive nature.

2.1 Day 1

From your booked hotel or home stay, you should hire a motorbike to explore the whole beauty of Da Lat. Don’t worry because you will not have to deal with traffic jam like in other cities. The first destination you can’t miss in Vietnam Itinerary 2 days is Dalat Railway Station. Built in 1932 by French architects, the station boasts its original ticket windows in variety of colors and a wood-burning stream train. In addition, with a ticket in Railway Station, you can reach Trai Mat village, known as a place of interest with its rural beauty.

Then, you head for Truc Lam Pagoda, located in the center of Dalat on the road leading to Prenn Hill. Although Thuc Lam Pagoda has recently built, it still allures tourists as the best-kept shrine in Dalat. The pagoda is filled with a heaven of flowers with a variety of kinds and colors.

In the afternoon, for those who want to get closer to the nature, Elephant Fall is one can’t miss in your journey to exploring Vietnam. Due to the zigzag pattern of the road reaching Elephant Fall, so be careful when riding motorbike to come here. Elephant Fall is worth visiting by hearing the echo of the water falling into the lake, so amazing!

When the sun sets, it sounds amazing when you walk along the Dalat Market (Cho Dalat). Dalat Night Market boasts its more than 1000 stores and shops displaying lots of artifacts. The price in here is only haft compared to that of Saigon, so shopaholics will definitely satisfy.

Vietnam Itinerary 2 days- For your best experience in the S-shaped country

2.2 Day 2

The second day in Dalat will begin with a visit to Statue of Golden Buddha, one landmark symbolizing specific Buddhist architecture. This statue is known as the largest Buddha one in Dalat, offering a wonderful spot for relaxing and observing.

For flower lovers, Dalat Flower Garden, a place owning lots of both native and exotic flowers is obviously a heaven. Spring and winter are the best times to visit Dalat Flower Garden. One highlight of this garden is as it is located on the north side of Xuan Huong Lake, kids can paddle around in a swan boat.

If you are a fan of discovering the history of Dalat, XQ historical village is a destination you must come in Vietnam Itinerary 2 days. Noted for XQ hand embroidery pictures, this village is contributing to introducing Vietnamese traditional art to international friends. XQ hand embroidery pictures themselves creates a special art, a precious gift for foreign on their journey to Vietnam.

The final destination in two-day trip in Dalat is visiting Lang Biang Mountains, hiding a legend of an eternal love. The foot of the mountain offers residence for ethic minorities, so tourists who desire to explore the ethic culture can visit Lang Biang Mountains. The road to the mountains is also so attractive as you can enjoy the hidden but strong beauty of wildflowers such as Mimosa flowers, hibiscus and wild roses.

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This is two options I highly recommend for you in your Vietnam Itinerary 2 days. If you want to get further information, please contact us, AZ Local Trip!