A trip to Vietnam in October will not dissatisfy you. The temperature is favorable for you to explore the beauty of nature comfortably.

If you get fed of searching around for some location suggestions in Vietnam, just read our article, and you can find the answer quickly.

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Vietnam Weather in October

It is not wrong to say that October is one of the best months to travel to Vietnam.

The weather is a bit different in the three regions of Vietnam. In particular, in Northern Vietnam, it is cool as autumn begins.

Meanwhile, in the Central region, it sometimes rains in this month. But do not worry as it does not hinder you from exploring the sceneries here.

And in the Southern part of Vietnam, the temperature ranges from 24-32°C, a bit hotter than two other regions. However, it has much less rain than in the previous months of summer.

Generally, as storms can still probably happen in October, so you should consider the weather and locations carefully.

Five Best Places To Visit Vietnam in October

1. Ha Giang

Ha Giang boasts of a handful of majestic and incredible landscapes, which enchants many people to visit.

location ha giang

location ha giang

The magnificent landscape in Ha Giang

One of the famous tourist spots in Ha Giang is Dong Van Plateau. In October, this place is covered with breathtaking blooming buckwheat flower fields stretching across the hills.

The beauty of this kind of flowers will undoubtedly captivate the hearts of tourists.

Also, another place that you should not miss is Ma Pi Leng pass. Moving to this place, you can see many mountains rising above the magnificent Nho Que River valley. Surely, you will be blown away by the exotic sceneries here.

Nho Que River is definitely a spot that you should visit. From Ma Pi Leng pass, you can easily see the river nestled in the mountains, which appears to be a smooth fillet bringing visitors a romantic feeling. Besides, you can take a boating trip in the river through Tu San canyon. At that time, you will be surprised by the emerald green water of the river, along with the grandeur of the surrounding mountains.

Some other destinations that are worth your trip up include Meo Vac, Hoang Su Phi terrace, Khau Vai, and so on.

Regarding the culinary uniqueness of Ha Giang, you should explore these following food specialties such as Au Tau porridge, dried buffalo meat, buckwheat-flower-made foods, Thang Den, Thang Co, and so on.

2. Can Tho

Located in the South, Can Tho is famous for its idyllic beauty of the countryside. Visiting here, you can explore unique floating markets with a lot of yummy fruits and foods served instantly. Also, you can try sailing through a bunch of canals and enjoy verdant gardens on the banks of the river.

Furthermore, if you love nature, Bang Lang Stork Garden is an ideal place that you should add in your itinerary. It houses a host of storks in many kinds and colors. Notably, the combination of the green orchard with the white color of the storks makes the garden look like blooming cherry blossoms.

It can’t be said that Can Tho stand out from other places for its natural beauty with a lot of ecotourism areas.

3. Da Lat

Da Lat is known as the city of flowers. Not to mention, there are a lot of kinds of fruit and vegetables from farmlands in this tourist spot. Visiting here, you can enjoy the beauty of evergreen forests and natural landscapes.

cathedral of da lat

Furthermore, Da Lat has many French-styled houses built in the period of French colonization. If you are fond of this style of architecture, you can visit Da Lat Railway station and Crazy House.

Another symbol of Da Lat is Xuan Huong Lake. It would help if you visited this spot in the early morning as well as sunset to fully enjoy the romantic beauty of the lake. Additionally, there are many activities for you to try, such as motorboat races, rubber boats, and duck games.

Other tourist attractions include Bao Dai Palace, Lang Biang, Tuyen Lam Lake, Valley of Love, Cu Lan Village, and Da Lat Train Station.

4. Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai belongs to Yen Bai province in Northern Vietnam. One of the must-see destinations is Khau Pha pass, which is the highest peak in the region. Visiting here, you can witness the floating sea of clouds, which is a stunning view that you need to see once in a lifetime. Another fantastic pass is Cao Pha, the world’s fourth most beautiful place. If you are a fan of adventure games and thrills, this tourist spot is ideal for you to explore the majestic beauty of nature.


Notably, in October, Mu Cang Chai is covered with many beautiful golden terraced fields spreading across the hillsides.

Also, you can immerse yourselves a unique culture of ethnic groups such as the Mong and the Thai. Some cultural activities and values that you should explore include Khen dance, traditional crafts, bathing in Thai way, xoe dance, and so on.

5. Sapa

Sapa is renowned for the magnificent mountainous landscapes. The beauty here is like a masterpiece of nature, which makes everyone eager to explore.

Visiting here in October, you will be blown away by the breathtaking scenery of golden rice terraced fields in the mountains, highlighted by evergreen forests.

Also, Mount Fansipan or Roof of Indochina is considered the most prominent tourist spot of Sapa. By reaching the top of Fansipan, you can witness the picturesque scenery of the clouds, mountains from the height of more than 3,000m above.


Notably, if you are into trekking, this is, definitely, a destination for you. You can launch yourselves into cascading rice terrace fields and small ethnic villages. Once you come to lush fields, you can get the real charm of Sapa.

Besides trekking, you can ride motorbikes to explore the beauty of Sapa fully. You can get to famous destinations such as Sapa Ancient Rock Field, Heaven Gate, and Muong Hoa Valley much easier and faster.

Known as one of the top four incredible peaks of the North, O Quy Ho pass should be added in your itinerary when coming to Sapa. By riding along the pass, you can experience the view of floating clouds, vast sky, and a stunning mountainous view.

Final Thoughts

Well, we have suggested the five best places to visit Vietnam in October.

Are you impressed by the exotic landscapes of the destinations mentioned above?

And are you going to pack your bags to visit these locations? Anyway, irrespective of which one you will choose for your vacation, you still should carefully prepare everything to help you thoroughly enjoy the trip.

We hope this article is helpful to you. And should you have any further suggestions, do not hesitate to tell us in the comment section below.

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