The key to a memorable trip is to choose the right place to visit. Do you know where to go in Vietnam in May yet?

Either yes or no, take a look at ozur article. You might have a change of mind after reading about the 6 stunning destinations below. We recommend these tourist spots for good reasons.

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Let’s see together.

Vietnam Weather In May

Vietnam consists of 3 main regions, namely the North, the Central, and the South. The weather in each area is different due to geographical features.

Take a closer look!

May marks the beginning of summer in Northern Vietnam. Therefore, it is not too hot with the average temperature of about 32 Celsius degrees. There is little or no rain at all, which makes it ideal for traveling and sightseeing.

Da Lat Vietnam in January

The weather in the Central Vietnam is almost similar with few downpours. Storms do not strike until late summer, so those who want to visit the Central in summer should go in May.

Meanwhile, the Southern Vietnam is entering the rainy season in May. However, the downpours here are quick to come and leave. The average temp in daytime is still high, unfortunately.

Must-visit Destinations In Your Trip To Vietnam In May

Let’s come to the main part now. 

There are multiple outstanding destinations to visit in Vietnam in May, but we introduce to you the most prominent names below.

Hoi An Ancient Town

May is the ideal time for a trip to Hoi An ancient town in Central Vietnam.

Have you heard of Hoi An before?

The ancient town is incredibly popular amongst locals and foreigners alike. In particular, it attracts millions of tourists on a yearly basis.

The highlight of Hoi An is arguably the unique old-town architecture dating back over a century ago. All the ancient houses were identically constructed, with tubular shape, exquisite truss system, tiled floors, wooden columns, etc.

Hoi An

Old houses aside, the town features short and narrow streets running vertically and horizontally as in the chessboard.

It is true to say that Hoi An is a living museum of ancient architecture.

At night, the old town shines brightly with elaborately decorated lanterns of Chinese style. 

On May 6th, the monthly lantern festival will take place. You will admire a stunning scene of thousands of colorful paper lanterns floating on the river and lighting up the whole town.

There is more to discover in Hoi An ancient town! But we advise you to come and see it yourself.

Halong Bay

There is not much left to say about Halong bay, right? 

It already makes a household name for itself with the majestic scenery. Even more, Halong bay was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

Halong Bay consists of soaring limestone pillars and countless tiny islets which dated back to millions of years ago. We bet you will be jaw-dropping at the extraordinary natural beauty there.

“Lost in the ocean” in Halong Bay!

The world-famous beach in Halong will not disappoint you. Imagine immersing yourself in the crystal-clear water or sunbathing on white sandy beaches.

Isn’t it satisfying?

If you can afford a bit extra, then book a cruise to explore Halong Bay. You will enjoy a luxury experience on the water that is certainly worth your money.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city in Central Vietnam. Considered as a pearl of the ocean, the city boasts marvelous beaches and excellent services.

The beaches in Nha Trang stand out featuring stretches of white sand, rows of palm trees, turquoise water, and calm waves.

The thought of swimming the whole day makes you feel bored? 

Do not worry! There are endless activities to do, for example, snorkeling over coral reefs. 19 tropical islands off the coast are waiting for you to explore, too.

Nha Trang

There is more about Nha Trang.

This coastal city gives off a uniquely cosmopolitan vibe with soaring high-rises, world-class restaurants, and chic boutiques. 

Such an atmosphere gets even more bustling at sundown. You have plenty options of where to go and what to do, from partying at rooftop lounges to shopping at vibrant markets.

What about the foods? Nha Trang promises a great dining experience. Don’t you know it is called the seafood capital of Vietnam?

Ninh Binh

Traveling to Ninh Binh in May is highly recommended, as it is the beginning of ripened rice season in Tam Coc and Trang An.

Standing from a high point, you can take a panoramic view of the vast paddy fields in golden colors surrounded by limestone mountains. Ninh Binh looks like a watercolor painting with yellow and green as the main tones.

thung nang ninh binh

Another way to admire the rice fields is to take a boat ride. You will travel between floating rice fields on both sides of Ngo Dong river.

When in Ninh Binh, do not miss out on Mua caves. It offers a great hike and a breathtaking view of Ninh Binh from the mountain top. We bet you will have stunning check-in photos here.

For those who are into history and culture, we recommend Hoa Lu and Bai Dinh pagoda complex. 

Hoa Lu was the former capital of Vietnam, while Bai Dinh is a well-known religious attraction in Ninh Binh province.

Thanh Hoa

The next destination we recommend is Pu Luong in Thanh Hoa province.

The highlights of Pu Luong are also golden paddy fields as in Ninh Binh. However, there are major differences. Unlike the floating fields in Tam Coc, Pu Luong features terraced rice fields across the mountain slope.

The picturesque views of golden fields dotted with quaint villages will surely leave a long-lasting impression on tourists.

In addition, tourists will have a chance to admire magnificent mountain ranges, majestic waterfalls, serene rivers, etc.

On the whole, Pu Luong is a must-visit spot for travelers who desire a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Cat Ba Island

May is definitely the right time to head toward the beach and immerse yourself in the turquoise water. If you prefer a less crowded spot for relaxing, we strongly suggest Cat Ba island in Hai Phong province.

Cat Ba island is famed for emerald green beaches and majestic caves just as Halong Bay.

There is a bunch of water activities to try, including kayaking, scuba diving, etc. After hours spent underwater, you can also join the adventurous sport of climbing the mountains.

Fancy fresh and delicious seafoods? Then Cat Ba will not let you down. Tourists have a chance to enjoy a variety of seafood with highest quality and affordable prices.

It does not stop there.

Located in Cat Ba archipelago, Monkey island offers exciting experiences that you can hardly find elsewhere. 

In particular, you can take photos of monkeys playing on the trees. The monkeys here are not afraid of humans, so you can get close and feed them. Do not tease them, however!

The Bottom Line

This is the end of our article about 6 best places to visit Vietnam in May.

Have you made up your mind on where to go? Let us know your choice in the comment section, and we will provide you with useful information. Finally, thank you for reading.