Vietnam always attracts a lot of tourists, especially in June.

Do you know why?

That is because June is the time when people are having their summer vacation. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, there are a large number of terrific tourist attractions that visitors can not miss in summer.

If you are planning for your summer holiday in Vietnam and you do not know where to go to, don’t worry!

We are here to help you have the best choice. You can choose one from the following checklist of cannot-miss destinations.

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The weather in Vietnam in June

In Vietnam in June, the weather is not as moist as that in spring. However, the temperature is high, which makes people unpleasant.

In North Vietnam, high temperature, as well as high air humidity leads to frequent showers. In contrast, it is the dry season in South Vietnam in June. Because of the small amount of rain, the weather is much more uncomfortable than that in the North.

With that weather condition, you can still have ideal destinations to travel to.

OK! Let’s move to our main part – Top 6 places you can not miss in Vietnam in June.

Top 5 places that you can not miss in Vietnam in June

#1 Tam Coc 

Tam Coc is in a large area in which there are a lot of tourist attractions such as Hoa Lu ancient capital, Bai Dinh pagoda, etc.

Coming to Tam Coc, tourists will contemplate many picturesque landscapes and lots of mysterious caves. At the beginning of June, when the paddle fields turn yellow, you can admire the natural beauty of this world heritage at the best time of the year.

Well, the scenes in Tam Coc change with the seasons, but the most impressive one may be the ripe rice season in June.

You will have the chance to sit on the boat across the yellow rice fields to go sightseeing and see the beauty of fields closely. From this position, you can see the majestic beauty of the mountains and the river.

Only when you come there, can you feel and see all the things that are more than your imagination.

Tam Coc boat tour

Besides, one thing you can miss when coming there is trying some specialties of Ninh Binh such as Burned Rice, Eel vermicelli, Mountain snail and so on.

#2 Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen is a province in the northern midland region and adjacent to Ha Noi. Coming to this region in June, you can avoid the hot weather of the North.

In Thai Nguyen, you can not miss many attractive destinations. For example Nui Coc Lake, Mo Ga stream, Phuong Hoang cave, etc. 

Although Thai Nguyen is not as popular as Tam Coc in Ninh Binh, its imposing natural scenes will certainly make you amazed. 

Also, this region is a wonderful land to organize historic cultural tours because ATK Dinh Hoa historical sites are there. 

Tourists can learn more about the culture of Vietnam’s history in the Museum of Vietnamese ethnic culture, where you can see many traditional cultural heritages of 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups.

When coming to Thai Nguyen, you can not miss its popular specialties – Thai Nguyen tea. Thanks to the advantageous weather condition, local people can grow tea trees on the hills. These hills are also ideal places to take gorgeous photos.

Apart from tea, tourists can try some other specialties of Thai Nguyen such as Binh Long tofu, Cooc Mo cake, Ngai cake and so on.

#3 Bac Giang

If you are travel enthusiasts, you can not try coming to Bac Giang once. Let us introduce to you some captivating destinations in Bac Giang.

If you are fond of going camping, Bac Giang in June is an ideal place to camp and organize outdoor activities at night in June. For example, setting up the fire. Also, in the early morning, you can see the sunrise from the mountains.

You can refer to several other destinations such as Dong Cao plateau, Tho Ha village, Tay Yen Tu protecting area, etc.

One more special thing, June is the time when Luc Ngan lychee – a kind of popular fruit ripens. Thus, tourists will have the opportunity to try this tasty fruit.

Besides, you can explore Bac Giang cuisine with some stunning dishes. For example, Banh Da Tho Ha and Banh Gio Hiep Hoa. We are sure that you will like them.

#4 Sam Son Beach

It is summer in June, so Sam Son Beach is a destination that you should go to. This is also a terrific place to avoid scorching weather.

Sea travel is a choice of a lot of tourists when coming to Vietnam in summer. In North Vietnam, Sam Son is the most popular because it is a beautiful and clean beach.

Coming to Sam Son, you can not only bathe in the sea but also visit other tourist attractions such as Truong Le mountain, Hon Trong Mai, Co Tien Temple and so on.

In Sam Son, you can not but taste Nem Chua – an exceptional specialty of Thanh Hoa province. Apart from Nem Chua, you can try  Goi ca Sam Son or grilled oysters.

#5 The West

Now we will introduce to you another destination in Vietnam in June that makes you thrilled. It is the West of Vietnam.

With the peaceful beauty and the hospitality of local people, the West has made a great impression on tourists, especially foreign visitors.

What is the reason why we recommend you come there in June?

Well, that is because June is the time when the fruit in the West ripens. Coming there at this time, you will have the chance to visit some well-known fruit garden and try many kinds of fresh and delightsome fruit such as durian, rambutan, grapefruit, mango, etc.

There are so many gardens that allow tourists to visit and try their fruit. You can visit Cai Be garden – Tien Giang, Vinh Kim garden – Tien Giang, Cai Mon garden – Ben Tre or My Khanh garden – Can Tho. If you are into the fruit in the garden, you can buy them cheaply, about half or two-thirds of the price in the supermarket.

the west vietnam

Traveling to the West, you should experience the floating market on the river. This market is disparate because people trade everything on the boats floating on the river. This is a unique living form of people in the West. 

You can come to some floating markets such as Cai Rang floating market – Can Tho, Cai Be floating market – Tien Giang or Nga bay floating market – Hau Giang.

It is terrific, right?

To sum up

We have shared a checklist of 5 cannot-miss destinations when you travel to Vietnam in June.

We hope that this article is useful to you.

Have you chosen any places to go on this summer vacation?

If you know some other ideal destinations in Vietnam in June, leave your comments or let us know in your inbox.

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