February may be the most suitable time to travel to Vietnam. In this month, tourists can experience and discover a lot of interesting things in different destinations in the country.

In this article, we will give you a checklist of some outstanding places to go in Vietnam in February.

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What’s The Weather Like In Vietnam In February?

Vietnam is a humid tropical monsoon country. The S-shape country runs along the longitude and stretches from the North to the South. The three regions of Vietnam: The South, The Central and The North have different geographical features, leading to different climates.

In February, Northern and North Central Vietnam are influenced by the northeast monsoon from Siberia. Thus, the regions experience a low temperature and a small amount of rainfall. 

The weather in both the South and the South Central Coast region is dry this month. You can feel dry and a bit uncomfortable if you are not used to this weather condition.

Top 5 Destinations to visit in Vietnam In February


First and foremost, the best destination to visit in Vietnam in February that we need to mention is Sapa. It is located in the western part of Lao Cai Province. 

February is the right time for you to contemplate the beauty of cherry blossoms and plum blossoms in full bloom in Sapa.

If you look down from above, you will see a poetic and charming scenery in front of your eyes.

sapa terrace cat cat

Many tourists like to travel to Sapa in February because of not only the flowers but also the snow. In some years, there is snow in Sapa in February. This is a rare thing in Vietnam. 

However, the snow in SaPa is not so heavy as that in frigid zone. For that reason, you can see the landscape submerged in white snow. In addition to taking pictures with the stunning views, you can also participate in some extremely exciting festivals such as the Xuong dong Festival of the Tay and the Dao, the Gau Tao festival of the Hmong people.

It’s amazing, right?

Why don’t you try coming there once?

Moc Chau – Son La

Son La is also a province in Northern Vietnam, so the weather in Son La is similar to that in Sapa. 

Moc Chau – Son La is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. It attracts a large number of tourists, especially in February.

If you come to Sapa at that time, you will have a chance to contemplate the brilliant white of beautiful blooming plum gardens. That white plum blossoms cover the hills and the gardens is an outstanding feature in Moc Chau in February.

However, plum flowers in Moc Chau blossom in a short time. They usually last for only 2-3 weeks. 

Therefore, to make the most of your trip to Moc Chau, you should check the right time when plum flowers blossom before coming there.

Aside from plum blossoms, many people are overwhelmed by the green tea hills that stretch from one hill to another.

The Management Board of the Moc Chau National tourist site has now completed the agricultural tour. In this tour, participants will take the part of a true farmer.

You can take care of dairy cows, mow the lawn, harvest vegetables, pick up ripe seasonal fruits on the fields. After a day with many interesting experiences, visitors will certainly have unforgettable memories.

Bac Ninh

February is the time when many festivals take place in Bac Ninh, such as The Lim, Ba Chua Kho Temple festival and Phat Tich Pagoda festival. Also, the small province is an ideal destination for Buddhists to pray for the new year.

Do you know that this is a region of festivals and cultural traditions with a lot of pagodas?

Once a year in February, The Lim takes place in Tien Du, Bac Ninh. It is the most famous festival in Bac Ninh. The main festival starts on the 13th day of the first lunar month and lasts for 4 days from the 11th day to the end of the 14th day.

Participating in the Lim, you can hear Lien Anh and Lien Chi sing “Quan ho” – a traditional folk music style of Bac Ninh.

Besides, you can also visit Dong Ho painting village, Dau Pagoda, Phat Tich Pagoda, Do Temple, etc. 

Interestingly, there are many specialties for you to try such as Dinh Bang Cake Lady, Nem Bui tinh Xa, Cake of Diem village, etc. 

Sound great, right?

Ha Giang

In Ha Giang in February, the spring begins with a brand-new appearance. Across the villages, the peaches and plum blossoms join to brighten up the region with vivid colors. 

We recommend you some wonderful places to visit in Ha Giang, for example,  Old Towns of Dong Van, Lung Cam cultural village, etc. If you are into ancient beauty, you are certainly satisfied with these destinations.

location ha giang

location ha giang

In these places, you can take lots of great photos with so many imposing scenes, for example Dong Van Rocky plateau, Lung Cu flagstaff or Happy Road.

In Ha Giang, you will have the chance to taste unique local delicacies such as Thang den, triangle circuit cake, Five colored sticky rice, sour Pho, etc. 

Also, you will get the opportunity to take part in traditional festivals. For example, Long Tong Festival, Gau Tao Festival or Tet of Lo Lo.

Do you fancy the idea of going to Ha Giang?

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a place of magnificent natural landscapes. February is the time when Ninh Binh shows you the amazing beauty.

Bai Dinh Pagoda is the first place that we recommend. This is the largest temple and owns the most records in Vietnam such as the largest church area in Vietnam, the pagoda that have the biggest bronze Buddha statue in the Southeast Asia, etc.

bai dinh pagoda

Hoa Lu Relic Site: There are many relics, ruins of palaces, temples, pagodas, tombs, etc. here. Thus, when you visit Hoa Lu, you can make inquiries about the history of Ninh Binh. I suggest that you go to Ngan Xuyen Pagoda and Nhat Tru Pagoda, which are two beautiful and sacred temples to go sightseeing and offer incense. 

Ninh Binh cuisine is famous for 2 specialities of Burning Rice and Goat meat. Thus when you come here, you should enjoy these 2 dishes. Also, Yen Mac nem, eel vermicelli or sour soup are quite amazing, too.

In Conclusion

We have introduced to you some typical destinations that you can go to in Vietnam in February. It’s interesting and worthwhile, right?

No matter where you go, you should prepare carefully before departing so that you can thoroughly enjoy your trip.

We hope that the information we have shared is useful for you. If you have any other suggestions for ideal travel destinations in Vietnam in February, leave your comment down below.

Have a nice  trip.

Thank you for reading!