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Hanoi, Vietnam
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Do you know, before splendid and showy lives at night, there is a romantic Hanoi in the sunset, poetically and imaginatively. That’s when sunshine is lighter, sun is gradually hidden from our view, leaving a bright and cheerful red space in the sky. Wandering with bikes, contemplating graceful beauty of nature will give us a strange feeling, calm but exciting. With immense space of Long Bien Bridge and West Lake, we may live in that moment, forget the time and just want to be there forever, in a fugitive thought…


  • Pleasant time on a budget
  • Insight into Hanoi’s culture and lifestyle
  • Meet locals to understand their daily lives
  • Biking around Hanoi to visit most famous attractions and more
  • Customizable tour


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Start Pick up - At Your Hotel

At 16:00, we will meet at your hotel. Then, we'll go to the location where you can get your vehicles of the journey (bikes) and start cycling from there.

Destination 1 - French Quarter

The first destination is really familiar, a famous place that all tourists know when coming to Hanoi. Beside an antique but dynamic Old Quarter, we have French Quarter, subtle and sophisticated. This area has left special hallmarks, one of precious heritages of Hanoi 1000-year culture. This is Hanoi Opera House, a historical, artistic building that inherit many spiritual values of history. This is Trang Tien street, luxurious like Paris corner with many boutique shops and a big shopping mall (famous for ice cream too). This is Hanoi Hilton (Hoa Lo prison), where exhibits dark memories of unjust wars.

Destination 2 - Long Bien Bridge

Next destination is the historical witness throughout 3 centuries, built in 1898. Dim light on Long Bien bridge evokes a sentimental feeling on us, sense the rhythm of time in people flow rushed to home, several minutes before the dark. In the middle of the bridge, we will see reddish curling flow of Red River, a far-flung green alluvial ground with banana gardens, strawberry fields, and be amazed by the story how the bridge “survived” after a ton of bombs falling down.

Destination 3 - West Lake

Say goodbye to an ancient Long Bien bridge, we will contemplate serene ambience in Hanoi’s largest freshwater lake, Ho Tay With this large area, many people think of a little ocean inside the city. Is there anyone don’t feel emotional in front of glowy sun slowly hide into the horizon on the vast surface of the lake… Lake surface is like gold inlaid under the last sunlight. That gl

Destination 4 - B52 Lake (Huu Tiep Lake)

Ngoc Ha village, more specifically Huu Tiep lake, is another historical witness of Vietnamese magnanimous history. In “Dien Bien Phu in the air” battlefield, a part of jet fighter being downed by Vietnamese antiaircraft forces, fell down to the lake. Over 40 years, this lake is in the bottom of Ngoc Ha residents’ heart, a symbol of 12-day Dien Bien Phu in the air glorious feat. Nowadays, around this lake, people have renovated into a community road, becoming a playing ground for children, a leisure Tai chi practice place for old people…

Destination 5 - Ho Chi Minh Complex

We'll bike along crowded streets in city center to visit the biggest symbol of Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a sedate and earnest place for the mighty chief of our nation, Ho Chi Minh, having a nice sleep in heaven. We can say it’s the place converging architecture and cultural space of the capital, if we look at the whole process building this construction. Continuing the journey, we will see Ho Chi Minh’s stilt house and his goldfish pond, unpretentious and simple as his noble life. Then, Ho Chi Minh museum, one of the biggest museums in Vietnam, where preserves and exhibits precious oblects, documents about President Ho Chi Minh’s life. At last, we will be surprised by One Pillar Pagoda, one of the most unique architecture of Asia.

Destination 6 - Thang Long Imperial Citadel

Right next to Ho Chi Minh Complex, we'll visit 1000-year-old citadel, the first foundation to build up Hanoi nowadays. The citadel is a monumental complex attached to the ancient capital Thang Long. This grandiose architectural construction was built in many historical phase and becomes one of the most important relics of the historical monument system in Vietnam. Vestiges of Thang Long citadel in the historical course throughout 13 centuries with relics and cultural floors overlap one another. These unique architectural traces along with millions of precious objects partly reappeared Vietnamese history, makes us more curious about it.

Destination 7 - Your Hotel

After all, we'll be back to your place by bike. We say goodbye and finish our tour at this point.


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Hanoi, Vietnam


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