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Explore Red River Delta Countryside 5 Hours

Red River, Hanoi, Vietnam
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3-4 hours

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Daily Tour

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  • Safety first
  • Insight into the charm of Red River Detal countryside
  • Immerse yourself in the local people’s daily life
  • Experience the farming work with farmers
  • Escape from the hustle and bustle of busy Hanoi City


Rice Farm
Vietnamese farmers are proud of their wet-rice cultivation from generation to generation. If you desire to immerse yourself into the daily lifestyle of farmers, you can’t miss the visit to rice farm to discover the daily farming activities. The rice farm AZ Local Trip highly recommend you is Quat Dong village in Thuong Tin district, Hanoi. On the way to reach rice paddy fields of Quat Dong Village, tourists can pass by some families, hearing the stories about their daily life to get close to the countryside. If having time, doing agricultural work such as plough, growing rice or taking the buffalo sounds really intriguing.
Vegetable Farms
The countryside of Vietnam is famous for not only rice farm but also vegetable farms. And one of the most typical vegetable farm is Tien Le Village, considered as the outstanding heave for those who really love the agricultural daily lifestyle. Visiting this village, you can enjoy the feelings of being a farmer in a Vietnamese rural area. Tourists can visit the houses of farmers here, sipping a warm cup of green tea and talk to friendly locals. Following the footsteps of a farmer, you can come to the horizon of vegetable stalls full of fresh vegetables and fruits. Farmers will guide you the effective ways to harvest vegetable or some secret tips for caring plants.
Fruit Farm
Reaching to Long Bien, you will be overwhelmed with the intact charm of Long Bien Bridge, the obvious witness of Vietnamese wars. Besides, a variety of fruit farms will be waiting for those who want to get closer to the nature and farming lifestyle. Visiting these fruit farm, you can observe the scene of the friendly farmers forgetting themselves in their work. With their skilled hands, fruit trees grow fresh and green, brings hundreds of sweet fruits delivering to other places in all regions of the country. Let’s enjoy the sweetness of fresh fruits to understand more the great devotion of farmers.
Co Loa Citadel
Constructed during the 3rd century BC, Co Loa Citadel was used as the official capital of Au Lac Kingdom. In this outstanding architecture, tourists can explore thoroughly the unique culture of Bronze Age Phung Nguyen and Dong Son through invaluable relics in here. Its special spiral shape mixing with the structure of 9 walls surrounded by deep moats. In Co Loa Citadel, a variety of precious artefacts of Vietnamese’s ancestors are exhibited from Co Loa bronze drum, bronze coin, bronze axes, bronze arrows to daily objects made of ceramic. This place nowadays becomes the ideal destination for travelers in all parts of the world to discover the cultural and historical values as well as the familiar landmark of a tranquil northern village.


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Red River, Hanoi, Vietnam


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