You are curious about which island is one must-visit island in Halong Bay?

You feel indecisive when choosing a beautiful island on your trip to Halong Bay?

That’s true. Halong Bay boasts a variety of more than 1900 small islands and islets, which causes a big difficulty for tourists when choosing a suitable island for themselves.

If you are dealing with the same obstacles, this writing is especially for you.

A trip to Halong Bay

With a view to helping tourists answering your questions, AZ Local Trip will recommend Titop island, a place revealing the panoramic view of Halong Bay. Among thousands of islets and islands in Halong Bay, Titop island always receives love and interest from both domestic and foreign tourists from all parts of the world.

This post includes some main parts as mentioned below:

  • Highlights of Titop Island – A luminous island in Halong Bay
  • How to get to Titop Island?
  • The origin of Titop island’s name: Meaningful!
  • Things to do in Titop island
  • Best time to visit Titop Island
  • Reviews from customers
  • Nearby attractions to Titop island

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Highlights of Titop Island Halong Bay – An aluminous island in the bay

  • Explore the meaningful name of Titop island- Vietnam- Soviet friendship
  • Enjoy the panoramic view of Halong Bay from the top of Titop
  • Participate in some intriguing activities such as climbing and kayaking

View from Titop Island

How to get to Ti Top Island Halong Bay?


Situated about 14 kilometers from Ba Chay to the east of Halong Bay, Titop Island has an ideal and favorable in the complex of Halong Bay. It is considered one of the perfect stopovers on Halong bay as well as an ideal position for relaxing and sightseeing. Tip Top beach serves as a defend embracing all the island with its endless expanses of white and bright sand and peaceful atmosphere.


How to get Titop island is always a big question of tourists when visiting any place of interest.

Transportation for Titop Island trip

Actually, there are many ways to get to Titop Island but tourists often consider between two options:

  • A stand-alone day trip: For those who have little time or know their wanted destinations in Halong, they often choose a stand-alone day trip: a trip to visit only Titop island. This option, of course, helps you to spend the whole time in your dream destination and not waste your time in other destinations that you don’t like. However, its weakness is that you can feel the full beauty of Halong Bay only a trip to a destination of this bay.
  • A cruise to Halong Bay including Titop island trip: This option is preferred by almost all tourists. It’s the easiest way to visit Titop island. Choosing a cruise that includes Titop island in the itinerary and joining the cruise, it’s simple, right?

Cruises to visit Titop Island

Many cruises visiting Halong Bay consist of visiting Titop Island as a part of the itinerary.

Tourists can consider some suggestions below:

  • Aclass Legend Cruise
  • Aclass Stellar Cruise
  • Carina Cruise
  • Glory Legend Cruise
  • Gray Line Halong

Many cruises visiting Halong Bay consist of visiting Titop Island

The origin of Titop island’s name: Meaningful!

Titop Island- a symbol of friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union

Titop island, also called Titov Island was named after Gherman Titov, an iconic hero of Soviet Union., who boarded his spaceship Vostok 2 and was recognized as the second man to orbit around the Earth in 1961. A year later, he visited Halong Bay in the meeting with the iconic Vietnamese president called Ho Chi Minh. To memorize the friendship between Vietnamese and Soviet Union, Uncle Ho named Cat Nang Island (meaning the beauty of a charming girl) into Titov Island or Titop island.

In 1997, Gherman Titov came back to Halong bay and in the visitors’ book of Halong Bay’s management, he expressed: “Thanks to that God gave me a chance to return to this island.”  The authority of Quang Ninh proudly placed a statue of Titov on this beautiful island in September 2015.

Another story related to the name of Titop island

Titop island Halong bay is also “Cemetery Island” by locals. In 1905, the French cargo ship was in distress due to the incapacity of the wrong navigation.  Their bodies were buried on this island so the island’s name caught on.

Titop Island nowadays

You may want to read:

Best time to visit Titov Island

An appropriate time to come Titop island

Visitors can visit Titop island at any time of the year. There are two periods that tourists visit Titop island most:

  • From June to July: This is the time that most travelers from Vietnam and Asian countries choose to cruise around Titop island.
  • From December to February: Almost all visitors from Europe, America and other countries in the temperate zone visit Titop island.

The off-peak time that the density of tourists is low is from April to May and from August to October.  At this time, there is less touristy so the price is lower.

Tips when visiting Titop island

  • If you want to avoid the crowds and save your budget, you shouldn’t come to Titop island in the peak season.
  • To have the best price and avoid disappointment, book the cruise in advance.
  • In the national events such as Tet (Vietnamese New Year) or 30th April (Reunification Day) or 1st Day (International Workers’ Day), the density of tourists is very high.
  • If you want to experience the red color with many Vietnamese flags on the way to Titop, tourists should come there on Independence Day September 2nd. So don’t miss!

Things to do in Titop Island

Although many cruises including Titop Island in their itinerary, your trip will become easier to know the must-see spots on Titop Island off your list:

  • Besides observing the panoramic view of Halong Bay, Titop island boasts a variety of beautiful beaches. So it’s ideal to join water-related activities such as swimming, sunbathing and joining barbecues. Although it’s a small beach, it is a place that tourists choose to visit throughout the year thanks to its popularity.
  • Along the coast, tourists can pass by many bars and seafood restaurants in which they can relax or taste delicious specialties.
  • Some activities that tourists can’t miss kayaking and snorkeling. Joining these activities, tourists, especially water lovers and marine fans can explore the marine underground world. Kayaking is to explore the surrounding areas at your own pace.
  • Climbing: It’s a popular activity that most tourists choose to hike up to the island’s top and observe the whole view of Halong Bay. To reach the peak of Titop island, tourists have to walk up over 400 steps to reach the top of the island.

Rock climbing at Titop Island


– For those who love easy activities, you can pass by stores that sell swimming costumes, goods and food. Especially, these stores offer deck chairs so tourists can relax and sit along the coastal, tasting a glass of fresh juice or banh mi. How amazing!

– There are also places for tourists to take a shower after swimming with high quality and good behaviors.

Reviews from customers

400 steps to the top- Simon Smiths

It was a tough climb to conquer the top of Titop island. However, it is worth your efforts. After that, it sounded great to take a swim in the bay. The ideal view for sightseeing! There are only railings on one side of the steps so be careful!

Wonderful climb and swim

I visited Titop Island two months ago and I couldn’t say anything about our cruise, except “fabulous”. I tried the platform with a capacity of around 30 people. But to enter this, you had to spend much time queuing on your way up.

After that, it’s time for swimming. Wonderful! I swam for an hour and felt really really relaxing. If you feel hungry, you can buy some beverages in the stores along the beaches.

Wonderful view of Halong Bay

Titop island is a must-see place in Halong Bay and it’s worth every breath to conquer the peak of Titop island. When I got to the top, I felt breathless before observing the scenic view of Halong Bay. My advice is that activity isn’t spent on the aged travelers and visitors with less bodily ability. If you intend to visit Titop island, you should make a careful plan to avoid unexpected risks. After swimming, you may be sticky until you have a fresh shower.

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Nearby attractions

When visiting Titop island, tourists can combine your trip to other tourist destinations that are adjacent to this island. Below are some recommendations for you:

  • Dau Be Island: Considered one of the most charming islands in Halong Bay, Dau Be Island is mostly limestone. With the area of about 22,863 square meters, it appeals to lots of tourists thanks to its gloriousness. What makes it intriguing to tourists are the tall limestone cliffs serving as a massive wall in a variety of strange shapes and looks. The beauty of this island is also fresh green because its nature is unexplored. There are six lakes on Dau Be Island and every lake has its own legend that many generations here still hear. Only by kayaking or taking a small boat, you can reach to Dau Be Island to enjoy the magnificent view of this island.
  • Cong Tay Island: Located in Bai Tu Long Bay and about 40km from Bai Chay Cruise Port, Cong Tay Island is like the Cinderella in the fairy tale. From Cam Pha, the cruise will take you about 30 minutes to reach Cong Tay Island. Despite the destruction of extensive tourism, this island still remains untouched and unexplored. Wandering along the beach, you can observe the hammocks hang under the shapes of trees. It’s a perfect place to relax and sit along the coast of beaches. For those who love peace and tranquility, Cong Tay Island is perfectly yours.
  • Cong Do Island: Cong Do Island is known as its biodiversity and diverse fauna and flora as well as natural landscapes, Cong Do island brings tourists a fascinating discovery for tourists. It has become an alluring tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. Visiting Cong Do island, tourists feel relaxing and peaceful when enjoying the tranquil and peaceful life of locals here.

Titop island is really a can’t-miss island that tourists should visit.

To have your own experience, you should come here and enjoy yourself.