Best French Restaurants in Hanoi

5 Best French Restaurants in Hanoi – Local Guide

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The best restaurants in Hanoi French Quarter cater to a more international clientele, serving premium wines and cocktails as well as authentic French, European and American cuisine in classy settings. Located to the south and east of Hoan Kiem Lake, the French Quarter is where you can find the city’s government offices, embassies and elegantly restored villas with French architectural influences.

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Egg Coffee

Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Ca Phe Trung) – Local Guide

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I. Egg Coffee Overview

egg coffee
Sitting on a small chair on the pavement with a cup of egg coffee become a familiar symbol of Hanoians

You are a real fan of coffee? You desire to try all types of coffee?Vietnamese Egg Coffee is actually a unique kind of coffee that you cannot miss. Unlike Western normal coffee, Hanoi locals have created a new ways to enjoy coffee for decades: mixing eggs into coffee to form a perfect match. Sitting on a small chair on the pavement with a cup of egg coffee become a popular image of Hanoi, the capital and undisputed epicenter of coffee culture in Vietnam. Read more

Bun Thang - the elegance of Hanoi's culinary culture

Bun Thang – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Bun Thang

While in other dishes there are a few types of materials which are considered to be “critical”, in Bun Thang, all spices and ingredients contribute to its own quality. Even one missed spice can create a damage. Generally, it is estimated to have up to 20 ingredients to make this dish.

Visiting Hanoi, it is such a shame if you don’t enjoy this noodle soup! Bun Thang is one of the traditional dishes that represent the elegance of Hanoi cuisine.

Apart from its mouth-watering taste, the presentation of Bun Thang is like a beautiful work of art, whose colors symbolize 5 basic elements that form the whole universe in the Chinese’s beliefs (metal, wood, water, fire and earth), to bring the balance of beauty.

Bun Thang
Vietnamese Bun Thang

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vegan, vegetarian restaurants

Top 7 Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi (Religious, Healthy purpose)

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Vegetarian is not only a way of enjoying food but also a very good form of body scrubbing. People choose this kind of food processor as a way to reduce stress and have a different view of life.

To meet those requirements, more and more Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi are trying to find different ways to attract customers. The 7 Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi recommendations is giving plenty of choices for healthy-eating lovers and regional purposes. 


 Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi
A vegetarian dish

Moreover, vegetarian is now becoming a trend with a lot of restaurants opened throughout recent years. There are nearly hundreds of restaurants in Hanoi with different way of processes as Western or Indian food and different kind of restaurants such as luxury or buffet restaurants.

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Com – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Com

Com (green rice) is one of special cuisines in Vietnam in general, a most well-known Hanoi speciality in particular. Mention to Com, people instantly think of a purely pastoral gift, a gentle embellishment in a romantic autumn of over 1000-year-old Hanoi.


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Cha ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong (La Vong Grilled Fish) – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Cha Ca La Vong (La Vong Grilled Fish)

Cha ca La Vong
Cha ca La Vong – Hanoi turmeric fish with dill

You are probably wondering what this dish is with such an excessive amount of herbs, dill and fish nowhere to be found. Under all the fresh dill is the moist and tender fish – cha ca loaded with turmeric. Cha Ca La Vong is a must-not-miss in guidebooks for whoever visiting Hanoi not only for its mouthful flavor but also its representation of Hanoian culture. Read more

Xoi Hanoi - Vietnamese Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice in Vietnam (Xoi) – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Sticky rice (Xoi)

Xoi Hanoi - Vietnamese Sticky Rice
Five Color Sticky Rice – A dispensable local cuisine in Vietnamese wedding days

Sticky rice is a prevalent food made from steamed or cooked glutinous rice, a rustic dish which is very omnipresent in many Asian countries, Vietnam included. The S-shaped country is known as an agricultural one with water rice, the major crop. To every Vietnamese, Xoi is a must-have dish in important occasions such as full moon days, Tet holidays, weddings and death anniversaries. Read more