Beautiful Halong Bay at night - vietnam itinerary 2 weeks

3 Most Spetacular Things In Halong Bay Nightlife You Must Do

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Halong is suitable for a 2 day 1 night trip with a lot of attractions during daytime. However, Halong bay at night often make tourists confused to go. So what about Halong bay nightlife?

In some of our posts, we often recommend you to go to Halong night market or walking along the beach

halong bay nightlife
Halong by night

In this post, I will show you more clearly how to get relaxed and entertained with Halong Bay nightlife.

I will give you some information, advices, as well as tips about traveling in Halong bay night. I also want to recommend you some destinations to help you get some ideas of visiting Halong at night and you can make your own route.

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Cua Bac Catholic Church

Cua Bac Catholic Church – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Cua Bac Catholic Church

Unlike other contruction built by French administration, Cua Bac Catholic Church stands out because of the subtlety, sophistication in combining 2 different cultures.

Cua Bac Catholic Church
Cua Bac Catholic Church overview

The architect, Ernest Hébrard, created the harmony, identity but still kept distinctive characteristics of both European and Vietnamese architecture.

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