How Many Days In Ninh Binh?

How Many Days In Ninh Binh? – The ideal trip length

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The answer to the question “How many days in Ninh Binh?” depends on which sites you’d like to visit.

In general, 2 days is ideal to discover all highlights in Ninh Binh. A whirlwind trip of less than 24 hours is still fine, but certainy you don’t want to travel in a rush! Read more

Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter

Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter – For your best travel experience

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Here we introduce 9 fascinating Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter. Demonstrating seamless fusion between old, proudly-preserved culture and continuously diversifying city, Hanoi Old Quarter is now the oldest yet busiest commercial hub and tourist attraction in the capital city. Read more

Kayaking in Halong Bay- Hanoi Muslim Tour: Hanoi - Sapa - Halong Bay 5 days


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When visiting Halong Bay, most of tourists would choose immediately a cruise tour to explore the caves. However, there are more and more visitors picking Vietnam kayaking Halong bay as the way to enjoy the sites themselves.

First and foremost, kayaking ha long bay can’t missed nowadays when you come here. Read more

Things To Do In Sapa

Things To Do In Sapa – Immerse yourself in nature

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Sapa is an ideal place for you to escape the bustling city life

There are top 9 best things to do in Sapa.

Whether it is sights, sounds or adventures – Sapa, Vietnam would make your dream of traveling come true. There is no place better than Sapa to admire the most spectacular views of natural beauty, cast your eyes over plunging valley, immerse in the most wonderful scenery on earth and meet amazing local hill-tribe people you’ve encountered. Read more

Seaplane Halong Bay

Seaplane Halong Bay | Perfect Flight to Discover Halong

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Seaplane Halong Bay is one way to go from Hanoi. It is not the most popular means of transportation among tourists, yet well worth the money.

My article provides you with 3 different options when it comes to seaplane Halong Bay and the information about the seaplane agency. Besides, I also weigh up the pros and cons of travelling with this means of transport Read more

Things To Do In Halong Bay

Things To Do In Halong Bay – Attractions & Activities

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With so many things to do in Halong Bay, it’s dificult to decide on what to start with. Here are some recommendations to help you make the most of your trip to Vietnam Read more

Things To Do In Tam Coc

Things To Do In Tam Coc – The Terrestrial Halong Bay

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AZ Local Trip would like to recommend you some best things to do in Tam Coc!

Known as “Halong Bay on rice field” or “The Terrestrial Halong Bay”, Tam Coc looks indeed like a movie scene. Rice fields and karstic rocks surround the Ngo Dong River. When you’re sailing through it, the feeling of passing through a special natural kingdom is very real. Vietnamese call Tam Coc the Green Sea, and you’ll understand why once your eyes witness the scenery of the paddy fields. Read more

Halong Bay Climbing

Halong Bay Climbing – A paradise of adventurous rock climbing

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Halong Bay Climbing
Climbing up on rugged cliffs

If you have a thirst for adrenaline-rush activites, then Halong bay climbing will please your knees.

Being one of the most majestic climbing areas of the world, Halong Bay is considered the paradise of adventurous rock climbing as it has a unique topography with thousands of high lime-stone mountains arising from the sea.

There are some bolted climbing routes out on some of the islands like Moody’s Beach, Tiger Beach, Saigon Wall, The Face, etc.

Read more


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When discussing about where is new to explore in Vietnam, more and more foreign tourists will mention Ninh Binh instead of Halong, Danang… This is because there are a lot of things to do in Ninh Binh for tourists to explore and experience.

With a great number of destinations, Ninh Binh are now attracts both domestic and foreign visitors, even for more than once.

However, 70% percent of tourists I have met admit that although they can easily search for Ninh Binh activities, there are some difficulties for them to choose what suitable for them as the guides for these activities are short and not specified.

Moreover, they have to search for a lot of pages to find all the Ninh Binh things to do.

things to do in ninh binh
Ninh Binh will surprise you with its beauty and things to do

Now, as a local tour guide, I will show you a list of 7 things to do in Ninh Binh. This list is based on my experience in Ninh Binh for several times.

In this list, I will also mention some details so you can understand more and choose what are the best for your trip.

So, have you prepared to note all these interesting things to get the first look of Ninh Binh. Let’s do this! Read more

Hanoi Shopping Streets

9 Best Shopping in Hanoi with enthusiastic local tour guides

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Shopping at Hang Gai Street- Shopping in Hanoi
Shopping in Hanoi is one can’t-miss activity that tourists should try during their visit to Hanoi capital.

I. Shopping in Hanoi Guide

  • Hanoi capital is noted for not only its spectacular cultural landscapes but also its omnipresent thousands of bustling markets, narrow vendors and boutiques full of lights. Every year, thousand flocks of foreign tourists set their foot on Hanoi for travelling and most of them don’t come back home without purchasing some meaningful handicrafts from the capital with one thousand year of civilization.

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