As a stunning coastal city, Vung Tau must be one of the most favorite beaches for the “craving” of the blue sea suddenly. Not only beautiful beaches, Vung Tau still has many tourist destinations, amusement parks, and countless delicious dishes of the sea without any food lovers want to miss.


An ideal destination for your Vietnam getaway!

If you intend to bring your backpack and go straight to Vung Tau, then pocket some things to do in Vung Tau below to have a remarkable getaway!

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1. Explore the pure beauty of Back Beach

Back Beach, also known as Thuy Van Beach, is located in the southeast of Vung Tau City, extending about 8 kilometers from the foot of Nho Mountain to Cua Lap.

In front of the East Sea, Back Beach has in itself the harmonious beauty of color with the white of dunes stretching in succession, the green of the ancient casuarina forest, the immense poplar forest, the shady coconut trees, along with the clear blue of the sea.

Looming under the poplar forest is a series of wooden lodges designed in a simple and rustic but extremely elegant, charming style.

vung tau sky

With fresh air and stunning scenery, Back Beach will create a comfortable feeling for visitors after hard working days.

A highlight of this place you should not skip is Tao Phung Mountain or Nho Mountain – one of the two most beautiful mountains of Vung Tau coastal city.

The mountain is not very high, only 170m from the sea, but has two peaks and stretches from North to South. Along the northern ridge, you will see the Da bridge, along the southern ridge, it is the magnificent Mui Nghinh Phong.

Going through nearly 800 steps, you will reach the statue of Christ and the ancient artillery battlefield in the late nineteenth century. With its breathtaking architectural landscape, this place has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national-level historical-cultural relic.

Don’t stop there, move to the next section and let us show you other interesting things to do in Vung Tau Vietnam!

2. Go fishing in Front Beach

If Back Beach has a gentle beauty, allows visitors to immerse in the typical sunshine of the tropical climate, the Front Beach makes a strong impression with the vibrant beauty and the breath of the prosperous life.

vung tau weather

It is the area where entertainment facilities are concentrated.

Located in the southwest, Front Beach, also known as Tam Duong beach, is often hailed as a half-moon shaped back to the mainland with two heads Tuong Ky and Tao Phung.

Along Front Beach are rows of coconut trees and lush eagle trees, besides specialized park areas for visitors.

Vung Tau city center is located in Front Beach areas so you can find a lot of new, modern buildings or hotels, bringing to this beach a busy, brilliant atmosphere.

On the night, Tran Phu Boulevard is bright with a perfect combination of a system of high-voltage lights, the shimmering light from the cafes on the windy high buildings, and the light from the anchor ships perched on the sea, all creating a romantic and poetic beauty for Front Beach.

If you are listing things to do in Vung Tau beach, don’t forget to spend leisure time sitting on the rocky shore, go fishing, and enjoy the fresh air and the cool sea breeze.

It will be a great idea to immerse yourself in nature!

Besides, you can see more Vung Tau beach review on Tripadvisor to have a closer view about the picturesque beauty of this land.

3. Discover the unique charm of Pig Hill

Pig Hill Vung Tau, which is more than 100km from Ho Chi Minh City, is a well-known tourist attraction and attracts a flock of tourist every year.

vung tau attractions

When you first arrive here, you might be a little disappointed because this is just a bare hill.

However, when approaching the edge of the hillside, the scenery of the long sandy road in Back Beach meanders and the deep blue sky appears in front of your eyes. Looking from the top of the hill, visitors will see both Thuy Van street, a corner of Ha Long street and Hon Ba island in the sea.

This place has two typical seasons of the Southern climate. In the rainy season, the trees are green with fresh air. In contrast, the hill will become mysterious in the dry season.

The gravel road on the hill brings visitors to a real paradise. In addition to the charming landscape, Pig Hill also attracts tourists, especially young people and photographers, because of dry grass with ravishing yellow or white-red dividers, that make up the breathtaking picture.

It is also an ideal place to contemplate sunrise or sunset on Vung Tau land. Pig Hill is now a stunning, unique, and most interesting in Vung Tau, so don’t forget this activity in your top 10 things to do in Vung Tau!

4. Go shopping at Xom Luoi Market

Xom Luoi market in Vung Tau is considered an ideal place to sell the freshest and cheapest seafood of this city.

If you are planning to travel to Vung Tau, want to eat cheap seafood or buy it as a gift, definitely not to miss this Xom Luoi market as one of the best things to do in Vung Tau!

The market opens all day, but around 3 – 4 p.m when boats come back from the vast sea is the best time for you to buy the freshest and delicious seafood. What’s more wonderful when choosing fishes that have just been caught, right?

Seafood in the Xom Luoi market Vung Tau is also very rich: shrimp, crab, fish, squid, octopus, etc. You can find any kind here!

A wide variety of fishes like grouper or mackerel has not yet been chilled, so the freshness is just as good as it is. To buy the most affordable seafood, you should pay down 10-15% of the offered price.

A service that is welcomed by people and tourists here is on-site processing. Not just simple pre-processing steps, you can ask the seller to boil or steam on the spot! Too convenient, right?

Just spend 15,000 – 20,000 VND, visitors have a plate of seafood that is both delicious and cheap.

5. Chill out in Ho May Park

If Da Nang has the way to the fairy scene – Ba Na, Ho May is the place where you can bliss in the wonderful land in Vung Tau.

When you come to Ho May, you will admire the largest artificial lake on the mountain in Vietnam, the waterfall towering high above the sky, the diverse ecological garden with many different kinds of animals, entertainment area for all ages and even spiritual-cultural tourism areas.

A special feature here is that despite being in the mountains, there is a full range of services from A to Z, like parks, pagodas, Buddha statues, flower gardens, swimming pools, restaurants, luxury hotels, etc. as a miniature city on a high mountain.

Ho May tourist area promises to bring visitors the most interesting and wonderful memories.

Your top things to do in Vung Tau will be beyond your expectations with Ho May park!

6. Wander around Hon Ba island

As a small island in the town of Lagi, Binh Thuan, Hon Ba is also called Three Bullets island or Archinard island, belonging to Vung Tau Con Dao.

To come to this Vung Tau tourist destination, from National Highway 1A turn to the mountain, you have to go through a 30 kilometers long winding road.

Along the road, the landscape is wild and peaceful, only the sound of the wind, the sound of forest birds, waving in the deposited space.

You will see small and big rocks of all shapes and sizes, crowded together on the banks, scattered among the lines of Da Giang Stream. The flow of white water rained like a love song in a quiet mountain forest.

If you are an adventurous visitor, don’t skip the chance to explore this splendid path. Your list of things to do in Vung Tau city will bring the most unforgettable experiences!

7. Take part in Nghinh Ong Festival at Thang Tam temple

Located on Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Thang Tam is the place where Nghinh Ong festival – one of the 15 biggest festivals in the country takes place.

Visiting the communal house, you not only admire the unique architecture but also listen to stories about the process of forming Vung Tau land and the traditional Nghinh Ong festival.

Thang Tam spirit temple is a common name of a complex consisting of 3 structures: Thang Tam spirit temple, Ngu Hanh temple, and Lang Ca Ong temple.

Thang Tam temple is built according to the traditional architecture of Vietnamese people, designed with delicate lines and complicated patterns.

Nghinh Ong festival is a traditional festival of fishermen to express gratitude to God Whale who has helped workers when they encounter accidents at sea.

In Vung Tau, the festival is held on August 15th – 18th according to Lunar year in Thang Tam God Relic Site.

Visiting Vung Tau on this occasion, visitors will learn the traditional rituals of local people as well as immerse in the vibrant atmosphere of cultural repertoire. So, remember to plan this activity for your top 10 things to do in Vung Tau Vietnam!

8. Immerse yourself in the beauty of White Palace

White Palace is known by the French name Villa Blanche meaning white villa, located on the big slopes of Vung Tau city at the address 4 Tran Phu, Ward 1, Vung Tau.

It will be a great place for the most beautiful photos!

White Palace is a 3-story building, 19 meters high, 25 meters long; the whole house is whitewashed, from dome doors to roof tiles. When visiting the palace, visitors can see French architecture, which is bold in the shape, the layout, the array of very artistic decorative borders.

Bach Dinh was built from 1898 to 1902, used to be a resort for the Governor-General of Indochina, Emperor Bao Dai and the presidents of Vietnam.

White Palace attracts tourists not only by impressive architecture but also by the poetic scenery here. When arriving here, visitors will be surprised as if lost in the ancient castle between the mysterious forest.

Do you think it is all of Vung Tau? Of course not!

Let’s move to the next part and explore other things to do in Vung Tau at night!

9. Lost in the beauty of Ho Tram

Ho Tram is a long coastline between Long Hai and Binh Chau in the territory of Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.

This beach is noisy, crowded but captivating by the clear blue water and the smooth white sandy beach, creating a wild, gentle beauty. 

The quiet road from Vung Tau city to Ho Tram lasts about 30 kilometers. Along the road are cherry blossoms always in bloom, making a breathtaking picture you cannot get your eyes off.

Ho Tram is considered to be a picture of harmony with the colors of the sea, the forest, and the wildness of nature. To Ho Tram beach, visitors will enjoy a completely different atmosphere than Long Hai beach or Vung Tau island.

Ho Tram is gentle with a long, white, sandy beach and turquoise-like water in the bright yellow sunshine, making the natural landscape here more vibrant, mesmerizing, and outstanding.

The sand in Ho Tram is also very special, it is not as yellow as the sand in almost Vung Tau beaches but slightly turned pink, adding a little light under the golden shining.

Let’s choose a top-notch room here and enjoy your truly relaxing vacation at Ho Tram.

If you are wondering about things to do in Vung Tau beach, it is an ideal suggestion!

10. Visit the symbol of the city – Vung Tau Lighthouse

When you read to this part, perhaps you are not confused with the question things to do and see in Vung Tau. However, let us show you the last activity in our list of top things to do in Vung Tau Vietnam!

Lies on the Small mountain peak (also called Tuong Phung mountain), Vung Tau city, the lighthouse was built in 1862 by the French with the aim of being the way to guide boats.

In 1913, after being rebuilt, up to 170 meters high above the sea level, this lighthouse is one of the oldest ones in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Today, Vung Tau lighthouse is not only a way to guide ships and fishermen but also become a famous tourist destination.

Coming here, you will see a cylindrical structure of 18 meters high, 3 meters in diameter, fully painted white, the inside is a staircase leading to the top of the lighthouse.

From the balcony at the top, visitors can enjoy the cool breeze blowing through the salty taste of the sea, relax and soothe the body to see the beautiful city below, or just be quiet in front of the immense fairyland.

The lighthouse has an enchanted beauty when the sun sets over this land.

Is Vung Tau worth visiting? Definite yes! Let’s pack your travel bag and visit this outstanding city from now!

A full list of top things to do in Vung Tau Vietnam is ready for you!

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