If you spend your holiday in Ninh Binh province, Tam Coc cave, Bich Dong pagoda and Mua cave are the destinations that immediately come to your mind. But maybe you can miss some splendid but untouched destinations in Tam Coc- Bich Dong complex, right?

Being a local, I will share with you appealing and breathtaking tourism sites that remain unspoiled and wild beauty in Tam Coc Bich Dong that foreign visitors little know.

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Thien Huong cave

Thien Huong cave lies on the way from Ngo Dong river to Thai Vi temple. It is the light and dried cave and located in the middle of the limestone mountain, which is about 15m from the surface.

thien huong cave

The stair leads to Thien Huong cave Ninh Binh

The interesting thing about Thien Huong is behind the cave, there is a small path to the peak of the mountain. Climbing to the peak, you can enjoy the peaceful and dreamy of Ngo Dong river with the ripen paddy field from far away.

Tien Cave

Tien cave is located in Dan Khe village, Linh Hai, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh, which is 1 km far from Bich Dong pagoda. Tien cave is also called Moc cave by locals with exciting and gorgeous wonders.

Thanks to the natural impacts, stalactites turn into a variety of fancy shapes ranging from tiger, fairy, elephant, lion to colorful clouds- like a magical world. Stepping into Tien cave, tourist seems to get lost in a fantastic and dreamy paradise with peaceful current water and definitely want to explore every corner of the cave.

tien cave

The peaceful and gentle landscape in Tien cave

Lich Coc pagoda

If you visit Bich Dong pagoda, I really advise you to drop Lich Coc pagoda, far from 500m Bich Dong. Pagoda’s yard is large and situated in the foot of limestone mountain. Ahead of the pagoda is the dreamy rice paddy field, creating charming and incredible sceneries.

linh coc pagoda

Isolated from Ninh Binh center, Linh Coc pagoda keep peaceful and antique beauty


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Ancient Vietnamese village ( Cố Viên Lầu)

Co Vien Lau is the ancient house areas which are restored from miniature images of  North Vietnames village. Coming here, you have the chance to contemplate the antique items, cultural values and traditional beauty conserved through the passage of time.

co vien lau

Co Vien Lau is the opportunity to escape from the busy life

In 2008, it is recently added to one of the tourism destinations in Tam Coc- Bich Dong complex. It is near Tam Coc boat marina and on the way to Thai Vi temple. Of all ancient houses, Nông Cống (1847), Ý Yên ancient house (1883),  Thọ Xuân ancient house (1802), Văn Hải ancient house (1853),  Thanh Liêm communal house, Nghênh Tân Các shelter are the most outstanding artifacts and listed one of the best things to do in Tam Coc Vietnam.

Thien Ha cave-  the best things to do in Tam Coc

Thien Ha cave is embedded in Tuong mountain arrays with a height of 200m, which is a natural and firm wall protecting the Southwest of Hoa Lu ancient capital in the 10th century.

thien ha cave

The view from Thien Ha cave to Tuong mountain

To explore Thien Ha cave, you start at Muong Tho Ha,  Son Ha village and follow a small canal with 1km intercalating paddy fields. Then, you walk on the limestone path about 500m on the verge of Tuong mountain to reach the cave.

thien ha cave ninh binh

The light passes through Thien Ha cave, creating “Galaxy”

Stepping into Thien Ha cave, you are certainly attracted by the unreal and magical beauty of the stalactite’s world. Each form of stalactites is called different names according to its shape like: tiger stalks the pray, monkey climbs the trees,…

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But cave

Situated in the middle of Tuong mountain and 18km far from Ninh Binh city, But cave is natural stones mountains with a length of 500m and the largest section is up to 70m, the highest position is 30m. Due to the massive size with colorful and sparkling stalactites, But cave definitely stimulates your curiosity, imagination and adventurous passion.

but cave

The abundance of stalactite’s shapes appeals to lots of tourists

Lying in the center of But cave, it seems to appear a fairy sitting near the river and award luckiness and good things to tourists

Thung Nang ( sunny valley)

From Thach Bich port, a small reed boat will take you around limestone mountains arrays and go to Thung Nang- right with its name- the valley is full of sunshine. Sunshine appears everywhere from the leaves, ancient cottages to even the bottom of the river, creating the brilliant and poetic sceneries.

thung nang

Travelling Thung Ninh in windy days, tourists can enjoy the piping of trees

Going deeper into Thung Nang, the system of caves and mountains are more abundant with famous destinations like Ba Doi mountain, Thung Nang simple, Coc mountain,… When the boat is moving from the valley to another, the scenery is seemingly to be more splendid with a bit mysterious.

thung nang ninh binh

The way full of paddy fields to Thung Nang

With all these what to do in Tam Coc Vietnam, ready to pack your back and let’s go discover the beauty of this landscape? Trust me, you won’t regret it. Feel free to contact us if you need some helps!

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