Con Dao used to be known as “Hell on Earth” which had a once-famous Con Dao Prison. However, in recent years, after traveling to the island becomes a new trend, people have discovered a new image of Con Dao. Under excellent preservation, Con Dao becomes more attractive than ever to local and foreign tourists alike.

Con Dao is recognized to be one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam that you should not miss. For many people who are planning to go to Con Dao, they will ask, “What does Con Dao have?”. Take a seat and explore our guide that tells you about exciting things to do in Con Dao for further reference!

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Exploring Con Dao Prison

Con Dao is not merely a tourist destination, and it is very rich in terms of historical background.  Con Dao prison is an ancient relic associated with the painful past of the Vietnamese.

Along with Phu Quoc prison, Con Dao prison is another place where many patriotic Vietnamese people and political prisoners were held in custody and grounded down. In each cell, hundreds of people were kept shackled and were tortured both mentally and physically.


con dao prison

Until now, I still remember how amazed I was at that time. The reconstructed background was so true that I could feel the harshness those prisoners suffered. The tortures were described in every detail that made me feel like I came back to the ancient times.

Con Dao prison has some must-see sites such as cow cages, tiger cages, limekilns. Tiger cages are perhaps the harshest solitary confinements where prisoners suffered from intense agony. Paying a visit to Con Dao prison is a particular way to learn about patriotism and show your respect for these soldiers.


Hence, you should add a trip to Con Dao prison into your itinerary. I am sure that it will not disappoint you.

Diving into the Seabed to Observe Coral

If you want to make your vacation more memorable, you cannot ignore the activity of snorkeling and scuba diving in Con Dao. This is among the most remarkable events in which millions of tourists are interested.

The coral system in Con Dao is by far the most abundant source in Vietnam. A variety of different kinds of corals and impressive types of fishes are available at most of the small islands around Con Dao archipelago.

Apart from the kingdom of corals, there are marine creatures, including Dugon mermaids, turtles, giant barracuda, and squid. Also, you can see a lot of multicolored species of fishes in the tropical coral reef. There is nothing more precious than seeing these colorful sources firsthand.

When I first tried this activity, I was extremely excited. I had never imagined how mighty the ocean was until I contemplated it with my own eyes. Of course, I think you will be the same.

This excellent experience will bring you unforgettable memories of swimming among the clear blue water like a fisherman. You might be very astonished while watching the overall picture of beautiful coral reefs, colorful fishes, and a diverse and vibrant ecological environment. The coral here is mostly without vibrant colors due to global climate change. As a result, it contributes to the specialty of coral reef in Con Dao.

Diving into the Seabed to Observe Coral

There are 16 islands in the Con Dao archipelago for you to decide where to dive into the sea. In particular, you can find many professional diving equipment services for rent in Hon Tai, Hon Bay Canh, Hon Tre, Hon Cau, and Hon Trung. It is worth trying this new kind of outdoor activity in Con Dao.

Going Fishing in the Middle of the Open Sea

Everyone must be familiar with the typical kind of going fishing. However, going fishing in the open sea of Con Dao is very strange but exciting. It is a must-try activity when you come to Con Dao.

Going Fishing in the Middle of the Open Sea

Con Dao is proud to be a land with an abundant source of seafood. For this reason, this island has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world who are fishing enthusiasts.

At first, going fishing in Con Dao was just a recreational activity for a group of tourists. Nevertheless, this hobby gradually developed into a movement. As a result, Con Dao becomes more well-known to welcome many groups of fishing from other areas to start long trips of fishing.

Nowadays, more and more people come here to go fishing. Also, if you ask anyone for a piece of advice on what to do in Con Dao, they recommend this kind of activity. You can travel by boat to the middle of the open sea, then ẹnjoy this activity.

Plus, there is an adventurous activity called go fishing shark. If you are piscatorial and want to test your courage, you had better not miss it.

In general, going fishing in Con Dao is a form of experience based on the spirit of discovery. After such attractive trips, I am sure that many people will view the island differently, typically: “Not only sacred but also interesting.”

Though I am not interested in fishing, this experience has been one of the most unforgettable memories on my vacation. That’s why I recommend it to you.

Watching Turtles Lay Eggs at Night

Watching turtles lay eggs at night is a way to enjoy the most unforgettable moments in Con Dao. Do you wonder why you can witness this particular moment? The reason is that Con Dao is among the most ideal places in Vietnam, where sea turtles come to lay their eggs.

When the moon rises, the mother turtle will go up and use four limbs to dig small sand holes to lay eggs. Each hole has dozens of turtle eggs. This process is relatively rare that not everyone has the chance to see . Hence, if you travel to Con Dao, you don’t want to miss this.

Watching Turtles Lay Eggs at Night

I traveled to Con Dao 2 months ago. After spending all day long going sightseeing in Con Dao, I was suggested to experience a quiet but incredibly charming night on Hon Bay Canh. When I was there, I saw firsthand the Chelonia mydas sea turtles, often called green turtles, to lay eggs on the beach. It was so incredible that I wanted to share this new feeling to all of you guys.

On the other hand, there is a turtle sanctuary at Hon Cau that you can spend the night here participating in the exciting activity. It is bringing hatching turtle eggs just off the coast. I bet that it will be among the most impressive activities you have joined in your life.

I am pretty sure that this is a unique tourist service in Con Dao that few other places would have. And the truth is that anyone who comes here is curious about the nightlife of these lovely turtles. Being afraid to try this thing will be your biggest regret.

In sum

I recommend Con Dao as an ideal destination to try new experiences or take a rest. The breathtaking beauty of Con Dao is the combination of rurality and history. Coming to this gorgeous island is a must-try activity when you are looking for some tourist destinations. Beautiful wild beaches, as well as historical monuments, have contributed to the attractiveness of Con Dao.

Additionally, there are numerous different things to do in Con Dao, which are not limited to those listed in the above article. Also, many exciting activities here are waiting for you to explore. Pack your bags and come to this fascinating island!