Thien Cung Cave is a must-visit place whenever you have a chance to travel in Halong Bay.

Although not the biggest cave in Halong Bay, Thien Cung is known as the most beautiful among a variety of mysterious caves with the impressive beauty of mother nature. It is a completely natural cave that is a great combination among sophisticated stalactites, stalagmites, and colorful light.

Coming to Thien Cung Cave, tourists will be overwhelmed with its spectacular and picturesque beauty and have an opportunity to learn about the interesting story related to Thien Cung Cave.

thien cung inside

Inside Thien Cung Cave

Let’s together with AZ Local Trip explore the natural beauty of Thien Cung Cave!

Thien Cung Cave Vietnam Overview

Thien Cung Cave, also known as Heavenly Palace Cave, is located in the southwest of Halong Bay and 4 kilometers to the north of Dau Go Cave. Thien Cung cave makes an impression on tourists with its width of 10.000 square meters and unique structure inside with various stalactites and stalagmites in special forms and shapes.

The entrance of Thien Cung cave used to be very small and covered by a range of flowers and plants so that the cave was still a secret until its discovery 16 years ago, detailed in 1993, a fisherman came for sheltering and avoiding the storm, then found out this beautiful cave by accident.

thien cung structure

The unique structure inside with various stalactites and stalagmites

All shapes of dragons, phoenix and Four Pillars created from stalactites make Thien Cung cave a spectacular picture of a royal palace with unique and magnificent architecture. Combining with a system of colorful lights, this cave makes a great impression on every tourist and leaves them with an unforgettable experience.

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Thien Cung Grotto Opening Hours and Entrance Fee

Opening Hours

Thien Cung Cave is opened for tourists from 8:00 to 17:30, therefore, make sure you come here during this time frame.

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for a visitor is 50.000 VND and this price will not change in any period of time throughout a year.

How To Get To Thien Cung Cave?

Usually, there are 2 main ways to get to Thien Cung cave. The first option is going by kayaking, which is such a wonderful chance for tourists to experience when discovering Halong Bay. If you are going to get to Thien Cung cave by kayaking, you can also come to explore other beautiful and famous caves in your route.

The second option for you is that you will go to Thien Cung cave by cruise ship. Almost all cruises will offer you to visit the cave so that all you need to do is to keep a slot on your cruise ship and you will be taken here.


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The mysterious legend of Thien Cung Cave Halong Bay Vietnam

There is a historical legend about the introduction of Thien Cung cave. This cave used to be the old residence of the Dragon King, who had a great contribution to help people defeat various invaders and save a peaceful life here, and his pretty bride called May.

It is said that, in a year when there was an occurrence of a severe drought seriously impacting crops, therefore, people determined to ask the great Dragon King for help.

One day, a young couple, with a lovely daughter named May, came to find the Dragon King with a hope that the king would be able to help them. When the little girl grew up, she was fall in love with Dragon Prince.

And no long later, their wedding party was held right in the cave with important guests such as gods, genies of the south, fairies and relative dragons, in a cheerful and impressive atmosphere with dragons flying in the clouds, baby elephants and lions dancing, huge pythons slithering around old banyan tree, and giant eagles outstretching their wings, which might be fossilized in Thien Cung cave.

After many years, May and the Dragon King had 100 children in their homes of the cave. When war happened, at the same time when 100 children had grown up, May took a half to discover other lands in Vietnam, creating new pathways and villages. Whereas, the Dragon King and the other half of their children remained in Halong Bay to protect and rule this bay.

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Thien Cung structure – A masterpiece of mother nature

It is not exaggerating to define that Thien Cung Cave is as beautiful as a palace of heaven. Passing through a narrow entrance door, visitors will enter the cave and be impressed by the breathtaking and awesome beauty of Thien Cung cave.

thien cung tourist

Thien Cung cave is the largest and the most famous cave in Halong Bay

There is a great picture of ancient fairy characters with subtle details and exquisite lines located on the east cliff of the cave. In the north cliff of Thien Cung cave, there are special stalactites in shapes of an image of beautiful fairies dancing to congratulate the happy wedding of the Dragon King and his bride.

Located in the center of the cave are four large pillars supporting the roof of the Thien Cung cave. From the bottom to the top of those pillars, there are a variety of amazing shapes including flocks of birds, fish schools, even scenes of human daily activities and pictures of flora. Under the arch of the cave, a cluster of stalactites hanging down accidentally creates a natural stone curtain.

With the unique structure of stone inside this cave, tourists can hear the sound like the drum of the Vietnamese festival when there is wind blowing through the cave.

Especially, when looking up the high roof of Thien Cung, visitors can observe green stalactites, which seem to be in the Penglai scene.

thien cung guide

Seem to be in Penglai scene

In the last area of the cave, the colorful lights of white, red and blue create a splendid picture. Around this area are three different ponds containing clean water where there is a natural flowing stream of water all around a year. According to the mysterious legend of the cave, these ponds used to be a place where to bath 100 children and raise them.

Going deeper, tourists will find the winding path, which witnessed May and her 50 children left the cave to come to new areas of Vietnam while the other 50 children stayed with the Dragon King to protect and develop homeland.

thien cung outside

Outside of Thien Cung Cave, when you go through the cave you will see the beautiful scenery of Halong 

After a visit tour around Thien Cung cave, tourists will be left with an awe-inspiring emotion and seem to escape from an incredible maze which has no difference from a museum of art, created by great hands of mother nature.

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