Thai Vi Temple is considered one of the must-visit places in Ninh Binh. If you are going to be on Vietnam discovery journey, this is a great destination to gain more understanding about Vietnamese culture and history that can’t miss.

Thai Vi temple, Vietnam

Thai Vi temple, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

What Thai Vi Temple look like

Different from other places of interest in Ninh Binh, which are well-known for stunning beauty of mother nature such as Tam Coc – Bich Dong or Trang An, Thai Vi Temple distinguishes itself with unique features of worship and typical Vietnamese culture.

Through Thai Vi Temple, tourists will learn more about the history and establishment process of Vietnam when visiting temples of respectable kings in the ancient period.

Not only standing out with the value of culture and history but Thai Vi Temple also has attraction to visitors with its attractive beauty of architecture and peaceful atmosphere. Let’s find out more delightful things about Thai Vi Temple with AZ Local Trip!

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Thai Vi Temple Ninh Binh Overview

Located in O Lam forest, belonging to the old Van Lam hamlet, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, Thai Vi Temple is considered the temple maintaining the most historical value in Ninh Binh.

thai vi temple

Thai Vi temple is an ideal destination for who is into history

Built by Van Lam villagers with an aim to remember the Kings of Tran Dynasty for the establishment of Vu Lam Royal step-over in 1258 after the kings passed away, the temple is a solemn place to worship Kings and generals of Tran dynasty which is one of the most powerful and prosperous dynasties of feudalism in ancient Vietnam.

Some Interesting Facts about Thai Vi Temple

History of Thai Vi Temple

The temple was built by King Tran Thai Tong in 1258 after the first and glorious victory over the invading Chinese forces, the Mongol Empire.

Historical records state that King Tran Thai Tong, who was 41 years old after the victory, decided to give up the throne to his son and retired in this mountain, he built the Thai Vi temple Ninh Binh and became a monk.

He stopped at the small town at the foot of a mountain, viewing the Ngo Dong River and built a small temple in Van Lam cave. The temple worshipped Buddha and three saints. The king meditated daily and helped villagers build a prosperous life.

History of Thai Vi Temple

The temple was built by King Tran Thai Tong

The temple has undergone much reconstruction and the latest was in 2006, carried out by a Buddhist living in Hanoi. It worships King Tran Thai Tong, his wife, and his son.

Until now it has attracted thousands of tourists every month. The number of visitors doubles when local people organize the Thai Vi temple festival from March 14 to 17 from the lunar calendar.

In front of the temple, the Gem well is built of green stone, and two horses in front of Nghi Mon Gate are also built of monolithic green stone. The main road leads to the main street through an iron steeple, the roof of the nose is harmonious, the angle of curved up as the phoenix tail.

Special features in architecture

The temple was built in a particular style of internal attack with outside support called “Noi Cong Ngoai Quoc”. The temple includes 3 houses of Bai Duong, Trung Duong and Chinh Tam, known as main bedrooms, which were made of ironwood and monolithic blue stone pillars and artistically carved by skillful worker.

Outside the temple, there are five arches made of stone pillars. In front of the temple, there is an ancient well called Ngoc Well which was made of green stone with green and clear water throughout a year.

This can be considered as the only temple made entirely of monolithic green stone, but the decorative lines are extremely flexible as if carved in wood, showing the skill of stone carving skilled craftsman. In the region, all the details are alive and remain today and tomorrow.

Special features in architecture

The temple was built in a particular style of internal attack

Temple grounds and the main path are made of green stone. The front porch is six rows of circular columns made of green stone, touching the dragon head in the main hall. The temple is located between the main power is also a large blue block and surface, creating great value for this temple.

The main room is low and quiet, in accordance with the Northern style and dark deep inside, it makes a sense of dignified. Statues of King Tran, the generals, Queen Thuan Thien are solemnly placed on the temple. The temple keeper always knocks on the sacred space to make the atmosphere more solemn whenever he sees the visitors coming.

Thai Vi Temple festival

The festival is organized annually on the 14th – 17th of March of the lunar calendar. It has the purpose of commemorating Tran King, who was a credit to the nation. The worshiping part is carried out in two ways, namely the procession and the sacrifice. The procession is performed by over 30 teams coming from communes in Hoa Lu district and other within the province.

After the procession, sacrifice is implemented. Sacrifice is an important ceremonial hold in front of the temple.

Thai Vi Temple festival

Thai Vi Temple festival

The entertainment is a jolly time for villagers and festival participants as it includes Kylin dancing and the dragon dance, playing human chess, wrestling, rowing….

The temple has long been well-known not only as a cultural-historical relic but also as evidence of stone carving art of Ninh Binh sculptors.

Thai Vi Temple Festival takes place from 14th to 16th day of March in the lunar calendar at Van Lam Village, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District. The festival is an occasion for local people and the whole country to commemorate Kings Tran – emperors with great contributions to the country and people.

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How To Get To Thai Vi Temple?

Generally, there are 2 main ways to go to Thai Vi Temple. Depending on your favor, you can choose a more suitable way for you.

An ancient Vietnamese musical instrument

An ancient Vietnamese musical instrument

Going by boat

As Thai Vi Temple is only 2 kilometers far from Tam Coc, it is convenient for tourists to take a boat ride to Thai Vi temple from Tam Coc. Then, you can stop at the shore and take a short walk to the temple.

tam coc

Going by boat from Tam Coc to Thai Vi temple is highly recommended

Walking to the temple

In this way, you can start from the wharf Van Lam, then take the road, which parallels to the Wu Dong line to enter the temple.

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Tips for a visit at Thai Vi Temple Ninh Binh

  • Make sure you wear formal clothes since Thai Vi Temple is a solemn place to remember kings who had a great contribution to Vietnam.
  • Besides historical value, Thai Vi Temple also attracts with picturesque scenery, therefore, don’t forget to bring a fully charged camera to take various memorable pictures.

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