If you love natural scenery, love biodiversity in reserve forests, or a professional photographer hunting out every single aspect of life, don’t miss the precious chance to immerse yourself into the wonderland with Tam Coc Boat Ride Tour. But before taking this most exciting boat tour, you have to know about the price, time and many detail information below.

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Ninh Binh Tam Coc boat ride

Ninh Binh boat ride – the trip we will never forget

Necessary information you should know about Tam Coc boat ride

  • Opening hours: 8 am- 6 pm
  • The way from Hanoi to Ninh Binh:

There are many ways to get on a Tam Coc boat tour station. Basically, you will need to go to Ninh Binh city center, then move on to Tam Coc.

To get to Ninh Binh, you have lots of choices ranging from private cars, bus and trains, which takes about 2 hours to reach Ninh Binh province. The price is quite reasonable because of the relatively short routine from Hanoi to Ninh Binh (85 km)

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    • Map:

Hanoi to Tam Coc from Google Map

  • How to get from Ninh Binh center to Tam Coc?

Coming to Ninh Binh center, you can travel to Tam Coc by taxi or renting a motorbike. But I highly recommend you to choose a motorbike because you will have the best chance to see pristine karst landscape, the peaceful river and the mountains goats are grazing. Let’s immerse yourself into nature!

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After grasping basic information about Tam Coc, Why don’t you follow Azlocaltrip to find out 5 reasons why we MUST try Tam Coc boat ride? Let’s gooo!!!

Tam Coc boat tour price is quite cheap

The price of the trip is divided into 2 types: visiting ticket and boat trip price. The visiting ticket is 120.000 VND/ticket and the boat trip ticket is 150.000VND/time/trip (4 visitors/boat). The total time to contemplate all scenic sites in Tam Coc is around 3 km.

So, I think Tam Coc boat ride cost is quite cheaper than others like Trang An boat tour with 200,000 VND.

What is the best time to have Tam Coc boat trip? The answer is ALL year

Weather is sometimes a barrier to your trip if it is too rainy, sunny or even stormy. However, Tam Coc is situated in northern Vietnam, so the weather every month is quite cool and very suitable for the boat tour experience. You can make a schedule for Tam Coc boat ride for any time without any worries about bad weather.

If you like to go sightseeing the ripen paddy fields along dreamy and calm Ngo Dong river, visiting Tam Coc in May and June, when the harvest season takes place and all the scenery seems to be filled with golden yellow color.

Tam Coc from may to june

Tam Coc is covered with the yellow color of paddy fields

Or, you ‘d like to have a chance to see the majesty and the magical harmony with the cover of green color among the rice paddy field, mountains and ancient trees, February and March is an ideal plan for you!

Don’t wait for luxury boat tour like Halong Bay, Tam Coc boat trip is truly a venture into wild nature

With a natural area about 350 ha, Tam Coc is totally worth visiting by the pristine, majestic beauty of mountains, rivers, and forests. Following the call of nature, we will harmonize with the gentle rhythm of the poetic Ngo Dong river, contemplate hanging-down stalactites in various shapes.

The transparency of water, with various-shape mountains, creates a perfect harmony, a precious gift which nature gives us.

Tam Coc boat tour

Tam Coc Boat ride – a trip you can’t miss

Tam Coc ( three caves) formed by Ngo Dong river is right with its name, which has three caves including: Ca cave ( cave one), Hai cave ( cave two) and Ba cave (cave three). Passing through each cave, another surprise appears with another beauty from poetic, peaceful to magnificent and splendid sceneries.

Sometimes you have to bow ahead to avoid limestones

Stalactites hang down so far, creates unique and extraordinary beauty. However, sometimes we need to bow ahead a little to avoid the risk of hitting stalactites.

Tam Coc boat tour – Rice fields and authentic farming activities

If you are curious about agricultural activities as well as the daily routine life of locals there, Tam Coc boat ride completely satisfies it. Like the best way to escape from a busy life and heavy workload, Tam Coc boat tour offer you the simple and cultural values of Vietnamese.

On the boat in Ngo Dong river, you have the opportunity to witness the farmers are gathering harvests with genuine happiness and smile on faces,  swarm of buffaloes is passionately grazing on the fields. All seemingly simple activities turn into unique cultures and beauty in Tam Coc.


Eye- witness the lively and local floating market

The floating market, I think, is quite a new concept for Western visitors. The sellers instead of selling goods in a fixed store, do it on the boat at the end of Tam Coc boat tour in order that after the long journey, tourists can drink and eat a bit or buy local souvenirs for their relatives.

To come here and buy goods, every day, they have to start at Tam Coc ferry and then ride a boat through 3 caves. After overcoming Ba cave ( cave 3), they stop on the edge of the river. Whenever the boat taking visitors passing through, they ride the boat in the middle and offer their products.


Hope you have tranquil, peaceful moments floating on poetic, a calming river in Ninh Binh boat ride. Contact AZ Local Trip to get more tips for having a nice boat trip in Ninh Binh.