2 WEEKS IN VIETNAM – Best Plan for Vietnam Itinerary 2 weeks

Vietnam Itinerary For 2 weeks (14 days) How This Vietnam Itinerary Works For the starting spot, there are two options: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Since these 2 cities are the main arrival destinations of Vietnam, there aren’t so many differences for each choice. However, I had a trip from Hanoi to Ho Chi […]

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How Many Days In Vietnam is enough? – Plan Your Trip Wisely

“How many days in Vietnam?” – You hit enter and then receive 195 million results within 0.48 seconds. Now you’re bombarded with a huge number of articles in which there are different points of view. Some of the posts are not updated, the season when each person traveled to Vietnam varies and the regions they chose […]

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12 Days In Vietnam – How Many Cities Are Enough?

A detailed plan makes a perfect trip. 12 days – more than a week – surely is a good option for a journey around Vietnam. Located at the edge of the Indochina region, Vietnam keeps lots of attraction and things to do all over the country reasoned by the affection of Mother Nature, so it is […]

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Vietnam Itinerary 9 Days – Recommended for foreign travellers

Vietnam Itinerary 9 days is quite enough to cover major tourist destinations for international visitors. Questions: “I fly to Ho Chi Minh City on Easter and plan to spend 9 days in Vietnam. Was thinking of Halong Bay, Nha Trang, Hoi An, and Sapa. Can someone recommend where all to go (we like beaches, quaint towns and a bit of history) and how […]

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Vietnam Itinerary 8 days – Ideal for First-time Visitors

Vietnam Itinerary 8 days is not an easy one to plan, especially for an international visitor. If you have never been to this tropical Asian country and are unfamiliar to the geography here, some local advice is necessary. Common Question from travelers: “Travelling to Vietnam for 8 full days in Vietnam.  Group of a few guys, Never been […]

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