Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter

Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter – For your best travel experience

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Here we introduce 9 fascinating Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter. Demonstrating seamless fusion between old, proudly-preserved culture and continuously diversifying city, Hanoi Old Quarter is now the oldest yet busiest commercial hub and tourist attraction in the capital city. Read more

Hoan Kiem Lake- Hanoi Night Market

Old Quarter Hanoi – A Journey To The Past Of Hanoi City

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Old Quarter Hanoi is known as the place to save the ancient culture, the memory of times and this has become the reason why many visitors visit here once in their life.

Old Quarter Hanoi
A corner of Old Quarter Hanoi @lily_philipa

Located in the prime destination – the center of Hanoi, Old Quarter Hanoi has preserves the characteristics of this lands, memories of history, people and country. Through the ups and downs, the streets are still alive to this day.

There are some recommends for you, especially you are a newcomers, to know more about Hanoi and this may help you to arrange the most suitable tour route Read more

Egg Coffee

Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Ca Phe Trung) – Local Guide

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I. Egg Coffee Overview

egg coffee
Sitting on a small chair on the pavement with a cup of egg coffee become a familiar symbol of Hanoians

You are a real fan of coffee? You desire to try all types of coffee?Vietnamese Egg Coffee is actually a unique kind of coffee that you cannot miss. Unlike Western normal coffee, Hanoi locals have created a new ways to enjoy coffee for decades: mixing eggs into coffee to form a perfect match. Sitting on a small chair on the pavement with a cup of egg coffee become a popular image of Hanoi, the capital and undisputed epicenter of coffee culture in Vietnam. Read more

French Quarter

Hanoi French Quarter – French Architecture In The Heart of Vietnam’s Capital

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I. Overview of Hanoi French Quarter

Is there Hanoi French Quarter in the heart of Hanoi? Why do we call French Quarter but not Vietnamese Quarter?

Hanoi French Quarter
One corner of Hanoi French Quarter in daily life

Perhaps you heard about Hanoi French Quarter before, but you don’t have much information about it, right? If you are unsure where it is, let me introduce some interesting facts that maybe blow up your mind.

This area is possibly considered as “Little Paris”, where we can find some similar architecture, typical street style of the capital of France.

Hanoi French Quarter, a charming and elegant beauty, is an indispensable part of Hanoi soul, which reminisces of French colonial era.

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Bun Thang - the elegance of Hanoi's culinary culture

Bun Thang – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Bun Thang

While in other dishes there are a few types of materials which are considered to be “critical”, in Bun Thang, all spices and ingredients contribute to its own quality. Even one missed spice can create a damage. Generally, it is estimated to have up to 20 ingredients to make this dish.

Visiting Hanoi, it is such a shame if you don’t enjoy this noodle soup! Bun Thang is one of the traditional dishes that represent the elegance of Hanoi cuisine.

Apart from its mouth-watering taste, the presentation of Bun Thang is like a beautiful work of art, whose colors symbolize 5 basic elements that form the whole universe in the Chinese’s beliefs (metal, wood, water, fire and earth), to bring the balance of beauty.

Bun Thang
Vietnamese Bun Thang

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Cyclo – A Unique Icon of Vietnam – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Cyclo

Cyclo or Xich lo in Vietnamese

Cyclo (also know as Xich Lo in Vietnam), you may not be familiar with this type of vehicle but it used to be the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam in the 19th century. Though not as commonly used, Xich Lo is still a representation of the Vietnamese way of life that you should not miss whenever visiting Vietnam. Read more

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology- Hanoi Cooking class tour

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology – Insight Into 54 Ethnic Groups of Vietnam

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I. Overview of Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is definitely your cup of tea, if you are those who those who are keen to learn about the multicultural features of Vietnam and those who appreciate an environmentally-friendly space.

Being regarded as a center for ethnographic research, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi offers an insight into the 54 different ethnic groups throughout Vietnam, the S-shaped country.

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Nghia Do Park

Nghia Do Park – Famous Playground of Hanoian

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I. Overview of Nghia Do Park

Nghia Do Park is a suitable for families, friends or couples to go picnic here, playing some activity games and enjoy the atmosphere.

Spending a half day in Nghia Do Park, you will get more relaxed and pleased as well as understand the morning or afternoon activities of the locals. This is also a good place to take some photos.

Nghia Do Park
The entrance gate of Nghia Do Park

Let AZ Local Trip help you to know more about this interesting park

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Com – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Com

Com (green rice) is one of special cuisines in Vietnam in general, a most well-known Hanoi speciality in particular. Mention to Com, people instantly think of a purely pastoral gift, a gentle embellishment in a romantic autumn of over 1000-year-old Hanoi.


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West Lake

West Lake Hanoi (Ho Tay)- Hanoi’s Largest Lake and A Popular Place For Recreation

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West Lake Hanoi
Wonderful West Lake Hanoi at dawn

If you are looking for a short respite from Hanoi, a busy city, West Lake Hanoi is actually one don’t -miss heaven.West Lake, Hanoi’s largest freshwater lake, attracts thousands of residents and tourists seeking a sanctuary of great natural beauty formed by one of Vietnamese four sacred temples and Vietnam’s oldest pagoda.

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