How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi?

How Much Will I Spend In Hanoi? – Plan your budget wisely

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“How much will I spend in Hanoi?” – We’ve been asked this question several times by foreign tourists.

Among cities in Asia, Hanoi is a relatively cheap place to visit. Further, it’s easy to splurge when eating in Hanoi!

Here are the costs of the services that you may have to pay for while staying in Hanoi. Read more

Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter

Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter – For your best travel experience

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Here we introduce 9 fascinating Things To Do In Hanoi Old Quarter. Demonstrating seamless fusion between old, proudly-preserved culture and continuously diversifying city, Hanoi Old Quarter is now the oldest yet busiest commercial hub and tourist attraction in the capital city. Read more

Best Time To Visit Hanoi

Best Time To Visit Hanoi

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Best Time To Visit Hanoi
Autumn is the best time to visit Hanoi

Unlike Saigon, Hanoi has four seasons, and as the city’s in the northern hemisphere, that means the chilly winter starts in December and steaming summer hovers around July and August. It’s impossible to give firm predictions of the Hanoi weather each month, or even each season, as temperatures, rainfall and sunshine can change from day to day.

However, the best time to visit Hanoi is Autumn. During autumn, Hanoi seems more relaxed than any time of the year. Leaves are falling on the pathways and there are remnants of bloomed flowers from the past Hanoi climate. Everything is just so beautiful. Every scene is worth a postcard snapshot and it’s a sin not to bring a decent camera during your visit.

Before knowing about what Autumn in Hanoi can offer, AZ Local Trip would like to introduce you the 4 seasons in Hanoi and special events that come with each season.

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Best French Restaurants in Hanoi

5 Best French Restaurants in Hanoi – Local Guide

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The best restaurants in Hanoi French Quarter cater to a more international clientele, serving premium wines and cocktails as well as authentic French, European and American cuisine in classy settings. Located to the south and east of Hoan Kiem Lake, the French Quarter is where you can find the city’s government offices, embassies and elegantly restored villas with French architectural influences.

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Hoan Kiem Lake- Vietnam Itinerary 3 days

Old Quarter Hanoi – A Journey To The Past Of Hanoi City

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Old Quarter Hanoi is known as the place to save the ancient culture, the memory of times and this has become the reason why many visitors visit here once in their life.

Old Quarter Hanoi
A corner of Old Quarter Hanoi

Located in the prime destination – the center of Hanoi, Old Quarter Hanoi has preserves the characteristics of this lands, memories of history, people and country. Through the ups and downs, the streets are still alive to this day.

There are some recommends for you, especially you are a newcomers, to know more about Hanoi and this may help you to arrange the most suitable tour route Read more

Thach Xa Village

Thach Xa Village – An Unique Traditional Craft-Making Village

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I. Overview of Thach Xa Village

Hanoi is famous for not only an old but crowded city but also many around villages. While visitors may be introduced about Bat Trang, or Duong Lam old village, we will recommend you a village seems to be strange to hear: Thach Xa village.

Thach Xa Village
Local are making bamboo dragonflies

Coming here, you will get overwhelm with the old background full of bamboo dragonflies, which you cannot find in any other places.

II. Introduction

II.1. Products

Coming to Thach Xa village, the first impression tourists can get is the image of local kids playing the bamboo dragonflies,. Different from big cities with a lot of modern toys, the children here still love this bamboo toys like in the early days.

Throughout 20 years, Thach Xa village has become famous for making bamboo dragonflies and attracted a huge number of visitors coming here and exploring the process of making a bamboo toy. With the increasing demand, there are more and more families are getting involved in making the dragonflies. Read more

Museum of Ethnology- 7 day itinerary north vietnam

11 Things to do in Hanoi with KIDS (Recommended for Family Travelers)

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Things to do in Hanoi with kids is the concern of many family travelers to this bustling capital city. You may be wondering how to connect everyone through the journey while taking good care of your children.

Understanding this issue, AZ Local Trip, with years of experience in operating tours for families, has compiled a full list of things to do with kids in Hanoi. Besides must-see tourist attractions, I also include other interesting activities which let your children have fun and learn stuff at the same time.

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Long Bien Market

Long Bien Market – A Mouth-watering Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market

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I. Overview of Long Bien Market

Long Bien is one of the most important markets in Red River Delta region and the 2nd biggest markets in Hanoi (after Dong Xuan Market). It has been operating for over 20 years. It gathers almost all products from many northern provinces, especially raw food such as vegetable, meat, egg, etc. Read more

French Quarter

Hanoi French Quarter – French Architecture In The Heart of Vietnam’s Capital

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I. Overview of Hanoi French Quarter

Is there Hanoi French Quarter in the heart of Hanoi? Why do we call French Quarter but not Vietnamese Quarter?

Hanoi French Quarter
One corner of Hanoi French Quarter in daily life

Perhaps you heard about Hanoi French Quarter before, but you don’t have much information about it, right? If you are unsure where it is, let me introduce some interesting facts that maybe blow up your mind.

This area is possibly considered as “Little Paris”, where we can find some similar architecture, typical street style of the capital of France.

Hanoi French Quarter, a charming and elegant beauty, is an indispensable part of Hanoi soul, which reminisces of French colonial era.

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Banh Tom

Banh Tom Ho Tay West Lake – Local Guide

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I. Overview of Banh Tom

Sweet potato and shrimp are used in many different culinary culture but the combination of the two is taken to another level in Vietnamese cuisine. Sweet potato shrimp fritters or Banh Tom is a unison of savory and mouthful yet light and fresh taste that. Visiting Hanoi, try Banh Tom once not only for its delightful taste but also for better understanding of the Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

Banh Tom
Banh Tom – Sweet potato shrimp fritters


II. Introduction

During 1970-1980, there was a Banh Tom restaurant located on Thanh Nien Street, alongside Truc Bach lake. At the time, the place was a little get-together and entertainment spot for young Hanoians. As time passes, Banh Tom has become a beautiful nostalgia for many generations.

Banh Tom
Who doesn’t love anything that is battered and fried?

Nearing the end of 1980s, the enhanced quality of life led to an intensive grow of various different services and restaurants. Today, there are many restaurants around West Lake that also make banh tom. Tourists should keep an eye out for the authentic one. Read more