#3 DAY Hanoi Itinerary – What to do in Vietnam for 3 days

 Itinerary for 3 days in Hanoi  Ok, hesitate no more, plan your own 3 Days in Hanoi by getting a glimpse of these selected options: OPTION 1: Day 1: Arrival – explore the nostalgic beauty of the Old Quarter Day 2: Around the city with Free Local Guides (AZ Local NPO) offering Hanoi Free Walking Tours […]

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Hanoi Itinerary 6 Days – How to spend 6 days in Hanoi for newcomers?

You have just arrived and haven’t known what to do in the next 6 days in Hanoi? Or how your Hanoi Itinerary 6 days should be? The first thing I want to inform you that: You are so lucky to have chosen the right duration for your trip to explore the beauty of the North of Vietnam! 6 days […]

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What to do in Hanoi for 4 days | BEST Hanoi Itinerary 4 days 3 nights

Just arrived in Hanoi and you’re wondering “What to do in Hanoi for 4 days?” As a local tour guide for foreigners, I have my own experience in planning Hanoi itinerary of different durations. In this blog, I am happy to suggest a Hanoi Itinerary 4 days recommended by locals living in Hanoi for many years. If […]

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