The best pizza in Hanoi – Where to taste the pizza Hanoi?

You may wonder where to taste the best pizza in Hanoi for your days here. These are the famous Pizza Hanoi that I want to share with you. Hope you can find a good place to eat! >> Where To Eat in Hanoi like a Local Foodie?<<< [lwptoc] Capricciosa Pizza & Pasta – The best pizza in Hanoi Old […]

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Best Steak In Hanoi – Where to take the best steakhouse in Hanoi?

Best steak in Hanoi? Are you finding the best steak besides traditional cuisine of Hanoi? It is lucky for you since beefsteak is not unfamiliar anymore in Hanoi, and if you are wondering where to find the best steakhouse in Hanoi, we will suggest you some places where offer the best steak in Hanoi. With this […]

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Best BANH MI in Hanoi – Where to eat the BEST Banh Mi in Hanoi

[lwptoc] 1. Banh Mi Dinh Ngang – Best Banh Mi Hanoi In the list of the best things to eat in Hanoi, we should mention Tram Banh mi in Dinh Ngang street. Actually, the restaurant’s food is simple including pate, fatty sausage, pork fillet, fried eggs, some cucumber pieces but thanks to its sauce added to […]

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Best Cafes In Hanoi – Where to taste the best coffee in Hanoi?

Best cafes in Hanoi? Where would you go to taste the coffee in Hanoi? Would you like to have some for dessert after trying the best food in Hanoi? Here are our suggestions. [lwptoc] Best Coffee in Hanoi Old Quarter Giang Coffee – the original egg coffee Hanoi Giang coffee is one of the best cafes in Hanoi, […]

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Hanoi Indian food & restaurants – Where to taste Indian food in Hanoi?

Hanoi Indian food has a variety of component, flavor, and mode. Not only the gift in India is very specialized of associates of the type. Here is our suggestion about Hanoi Indian Food for you. Find these eye-catching Indian dish in Hanoi with this guide Best Indian Food in Hanoi Vietnam [lwptoc] 1. Naan bread – […]

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