Where to eat in Hanoi? Be Like A Local Foodie

Let’s start by solving quickly your all questions, as well as other visitors similarly, wonder about how the Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi is. These are common kinds of that you’re so excited to take a Hanoi discovery and your plan asks for having to try well-known food? Or you are like a fish out of water to […]

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Top 7 Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi (for Religious & Healthy)

Vegetarian is not only a way of enjoying food but also a very good form of body scrubbing. People choose this kind of food processor as a way to reduce stress and have a different view of life. To meet those requirements, more and more Vegan, Vegetarian Restaurants in Hanoi are trying to find different ways to […]

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5+ Best French Restaurants in Hanoi – Local Guide

The best French restaurants in Hanoi cater to a more international clientele, serving premium wines and cocktails as well as authentic French, European and American cuisine in classy settings. Located to the south and east of Hoan Kiem Lake, the French Quarter is where you can find the city’s government offices, embassies and elegantly restored […]

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Hanoi airport food – What to eat at Noi Bai airport?

Where to find Hanoi airport food while you have some waiting time between flights or just to fill up your stomach before departure? AZ Local Trip would like to give you some suggestions including Vietnamese, Hong Kong, … cuisine and fast food, also coffee shops with nice views. All are 24/7 service, have free wifi and outlets for you to […]

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24 Hour Food Hanoi – Where Hanoi lives all day long!

24 Hour Food Hanoi? Meet the “never-sleep” Tong Duy Tan street, where you can get all the late night food. Don’t sleep on an empty stomach while in Hanoi! — [lwptoc] 1. Cafe Shop – Hanoi 24 hour food Mention about Tong Duy Tan, right away 2 Hanoi coffee shops opening 24/7 will come to every Hanoians’ mind (especially […]

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