Cua Van floating village: try 4 fascinating activities in hidden treasure of Halong Bay

Setting foot in Halong Bay, most of us have to say ” WOW” by the majestic and untouched beauty of the drowned karst landscape harmony with the various shapes of limestone islets. Maybe you forget the hidden treasure of Halong Bay which has existed thousand years in the passage of time- Cua Van floating village. […]

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Swimming in Halong Bay: ALL detail guideline of locals for your frequently asked question

If you have a plan to Vietnam, Halong Bay is an ideal destination that you can’t miss- one of seven wonders of the world which are recognized by UNESCO. With the exciting and eager feelings before stepping into this beautiful landscape, maybe some of you still worry about the safety of swimming in Halong Bay. […]

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Halong Bay Luxury Cruise – How To Choose The BEST one!

Intro Talking about Vietnam tourism is talking about Halong Bay, one of the World Heritage site and the most popular attraction of Vietnam. Before comming to the choosing the luxury cruise part, I would love to give you some notes, that travelers offen ask me & my co-workers. Note 1: Should you choose the luxury […]

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Seaplane Halong Bay | Perfect Flight to Discover Halong

If you wanna have a new and unusual journey in Vietnam, try Seaplane Halong Bay once! I can guarantee this mean of transportation is well worth your money. Not only contemplate stunning aerial view sights over the countryside, but you will also be astonished by the thrill of the water landing. Moreover, this seaplane trip will […]

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Best Time To Go To Halong Bay – Recommendation From Local View

Choosing the best time to go to Halong Bay is never an easy thing for travelers coming to Vietnam due to a lot of factors such as their works, weather, special local occasions, budget and also the schedule of their partners. Halong Bay has different beauty in each season and travelers will have their own […]

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