Ta Phin village is a place where many generations of Red Dao people have lived for a long time. It is one of the best Sapa villages with unique cultural features, which attracts many tourists by the beauty of tranquility, simplicity, and pure nature here.

If you want to get away from the hustling and crowded cities, we highly recommend this village to your next vacation.

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1. Ta Phin Village Sapa – A symbol of culture

Ta Phin village of Vietnam is located about 17 kilometers west of Sapa. This is the village of Red Dao people – an ethnic group in Northern Vietnam.

This Red Dao village brings about differences in house architecture, house decoration, writing, costumes, jewelry and especially customs and festivals. Dao women often sell backpacks, travel jackets, towels, handbags, etc. with unique patterns and bright colors.


The traditional brocade made with silk fabrics are famous for vibrant colors and raised patterns and become the most favorite products of Ta Phin village Sapa Vietnam. The local people are friendly and helpful, they live together peacefully year by year.

Experiencing the richness and uniqueness of their valuable culture will be the most unforgettable memories of your trip to Sapa.

2. How to get to Ta Phin Village Vietnam

If your starting point is Hanoi, you can refer to our article to know the most suitable ways from Hanoi to Sapa.

Ta Phin village Sapa is located about 17 kilometers from Sapa town center in the direction of going back to national highway 4D from 4-5 kilometers from Lao Cai city. There is a fork turning into a small asphalt road, going a little further you will see a toll station, each with a ticket of 20,000 VND, then turn left to reach Ta Phin village Vietnam.

To move from Sapa to Ta Phin village, you can rent a motorbike for about 120,000 – 170,000 VND. Or if you are afraid of the mountain slopes, you can rent catch a taxi in the center of Sapa.

Check out Ta Phin village map below:

If you want to have Sapa trekking on your own, you also need to prepare a Sapa trekking map.

In fact, Ta Phin trek doesn’t require you to be a professional. When you search for Sapa trekking difficulty, you will see that Ta Phin village trek is listed in medium level groups.

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3. Ta Phin village homestay

As in other famous tourist destinations in Sapa like Muong Hoa valley or Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village also has unique designed homestays. Guests can rent a bedroom one night in the village to get an exciting experience with the local people here.

A Ta Phin village homestay you can consider is Sapa Homestay Ta May.

Located in the mountainside, this homestay has a yard and a jacuzzi, built in the classic style of the Dao. Guests can dine at the restaurant of Ta Phin village. Besides, you can cook for yourself in the shared kitchen.

From here, visitors can quickly move to popular tourist destinations like Sapa lake or Fansipan Legend cable car station.

Besides Ta Phin village, you can explore the majestic and tranquil beauty of other Sapa villages such as Sin Chai village, Ta Van village, and so on.

4. Things to do in Ta Phin village Sapa Vietnam

Try Red Dao herb-bathing

dao people in sapa

Visiting houses in Ta Phin village Sapa is also an exciting experience, do not be too surprised when you see many households are drying many types of herbs.

It is an ancient traditional custom: Red Dao herb-bathing.

This activity takes place regularly, especially in the last days of the year. These herb leaves are directly picked up by the villagers, then washed, dried, when needed, boiled with warm water and poured into baths.

To get a quality bath, Red Dao people can use up to 120 different medicinal leaves, and at least more than ten types of herb leaves.

Baths here, which are made from pomu trees, are fragrant with herbal medicine and natural wood smell.

Bath leaves help strengthen health, help women have shiny, smooth skin, help the elderly to improve sleep, help younger children increase resistance, and have more rosy skin.

Explore Ta Phin Cave

One of the best places to visit in Sapa Vietnam you should not skip is the Ta Phin cave.

Entering the cave, visitors will feel like going through the cliff with a curved road. You will see some unique stones with the shape like the young woman holding her baby, or the fairies bathing. Some look like giant raspberries with white lava-like patches, others like coral patches around the edges, have a twist, undulating, jade-colored glitter.

From the top of the mountain, water droplets gradually absorbed and settled in the tip of the stalactite, dripping each beat in the dim space.

Deep inside Ta Phin cave was a large rock lying slightly tilted with chicken footprints on the stone floor.

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Visit ancient monastery

If you are planning a Ta Phin village tour, it will be a pity if you miss up on the old monastery.

The monastery is about 12 kilometers from Sapa town, belonging to the Ta Phin village Sapa Vietnam. The 3-story building has been abandoned for a long time; moss grows on every wall.

According to the document, the monastery that was built in 1942 is the residence of 12 nuns. After 1945, the nuns returned to Hanoi. Since then, the monastery has been abandoned until now.

Here is a beautiful virtual place to take stunning photos. You will feel like stepping into another world of ancient European castles – a mythical world.

5. The daily life of Red Dao people in Ta Phin 

The origin of the Red Dao is the family of the Yao worldwide. In Vietnam, the Yao population is about 750,000 people, so it is considered as the second biggest ethnic group.

People visit the Red Dao village to see their superb terraced fields, hear the romantic songs and love stories, enjoy the delicious local food and experience their unique Sapa markets (especially the “love market”).

The Red Dao people use wood and bamboo to build rectangular houses. A typical Red Dao house in Ta Phin village has three rooms, including a living room and two dormitories. If you visit a home of this ethnic group, you will see a small cooking oven in each room.

Year by year, the Red Dao people still keep their lifestyle; they live peacefully and quietly in their picturesque village.

explore the minority ethnic daily life sapa

Their smiles spread love and happiness.

They wear traditional customs of the ethnic group and cover heads with black scarves (or red scarves). The bright, colorful blouse which is usually decorated by silver is the unique dress for the Red Dao women.

While the H’ mong people are famous for a strange custom – “wife stealing,” the Red Dao marriage is based on the love between a boy and a girl. They sing romantic songs and melodies to express their love.

One particular occasion here which many foreign visitors are curious about is the “love market.” The Red Dao people hold the love markets during the spring season (also after the New Year celebrations). The single boys and girls go to this market to meet and date the one they love.

Visit Sapa and the Red Dao villages at this time, you will have chances to listen to dreamy loving songs and melodies crossing the green mountains, the blue sky and rivers, and the colorful flower fields.

The Red Dao lovebirds will express their stories, their love, and their hope by putting them into the words or the melodies. Local people call this custom as “Pao Dung singing” – a unique and exciting feature in the Red Dao culture.

Unlike the “stealing” action of H’mong men, a Red Dao man needs to “rescues” the girl he loves.

The traditional house of Red Dao people is a stilt house – which is high above the ground. If a man wants to bring his lover back to his house, he has to figure out without any help from the stairs’ her home.

However, the Red Dao man can use his stairs, or his friends can give support to him by making a human tower. Only when he takes the girl down to the ground by himself can he marry her. In the meantime, the girl will sing love songs and love stories to inspire the man. Besides, the wedding of Red Dao people has many same customs as the traditional Vietnamese’s wedding.

The Red Dao people practice their own beliefs and their simple lifestyle for many years and generations. The better your understanding of them is, the more much you love them.

If you have opportunities to visit Sapa and the beautiful Red Dao villages, try at least once in your life to live in their homestay. You will experience their real life as local people, which is a pleasing thing to do.

Don’t hesitate anymore, Ta Phin village Sapa is waiting for you, guys!

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