Do you want to see a destination in Hanoi with different architecture rather than Asian architecture?

You are a Christian and want to find a cathedral to both pray and explore the Catholicism in an Asian country?

Saint Joseph’s Cathedral in the French Quarter Hanoi would be the perfect place for you to visit when you come to Hanoi.

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st joseph cathedral hanoi

St Joseph’s Cathedral – the little Paris in Hanoi center

Basic Information of the St Joseph Cathedral Hanoi


  • No.40 Nha Chung street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi.

St Joseph Cathedral Hanoi Mass Schedule – Opening Hours

For outside visit: all time

For inside visit: visitors can only enter St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi in the opening time of ceremonial practice as the following schedule:

  • Weekday; 5.30am and 6.15 pm.
  • Saturday: 6 pm.
  • Sunday: 5am, 7am, 9am, 11am, 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm.
  • A special ceremony is on March 19th every year.

St Joseph Cathedral Hanoi Mass Schedule

Lemon tea with sunflower seeds – the famous drink and snack outside the church for young people

St Joseph Cathedral Hanoi Entrance Fee

  • Free

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Local Tips for Visiting Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi

Recommended time

  • For inside visit: Anywhere in the inside opening time.
  • For outside visit:
    • 6 am- 8 am: the weather is cooler and visitors can meet Hanoians with their morning activities.
    • 5 pm – 10 pm: the perfect time to hang out here with lots of local youngsters.
  • On Christmas Eve: St. Joseph’s Cathedral is decorated beautifully with a lot of activities that visitors can join and take photos on this special occasion.

St Joseph Cathedral Hanoi Dress Code

  • Visitors should wear formal clothes to enter the cathedral. If outside visiting is the only purpose, casual clothes are recommended for suitable.

Tips for newcomers

  • Cameras and smartphone are necessary if you want to take some pictures with beautiful backgrounds.
  • If you visiting in summer, remember to use sunscreen and anti-bugs spray.
  • A hat is the must-thing to bring along. You can also bring a small umbrella in case raining.
  • There are lots of cafeteria and various Western-style restaurants around the site so you do not need to bring your own food.
  • For inside visit: No food and drink are allowed.
  • Do not make noise while visiting inside.

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Introduction to St. Joseph’s Cathedral Hanoi


  • At first, the site belonged to Bao Thien pagoda serving as an “administrative center” of Tonkin during the pre-French colonial era.
  • For the purpose of building the church, the pagoda was demolished and the cathedral was constructed in 1882.
  • Completed on December 24th, 1886, the church became a place for Christians living in Hanoi

The Cathedral in the past

  • The cathedral was named “Saint Joseph” because, in 1678, pope innocent XI sanctified St. Joseph (foster father of Jesus) as a patron saint of Vietnam and neighboring countries.
  • As the oldest church in Hanoi, it was one of the first structure built by the French colonial government in Indochina.

The unique structure of St. Joseph’s Cathedral

  • After North Vietnam was taken control by the Viet Minh following the Geneva Accords in 1954, St. Joseph’s Cathedral was closed down until Christmas Eve of 1990, when Mass was permitted to be celebrated there again.

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The cathedral has an architecture with domes and colorful window glasses following the Neo-Gothic style and design of Paris Cathedral.


1. Exterior

  • With 64.5 meters length and 20.5 meters width, the architecture is described as resembling the Notre Dame de Paris.

The cathedral was built with stone slabs and in brick with concrete facing

  • There are twin square towers with a height of 31.5 meters and each tower fitted with five bells.
  • The church has the exterior walls made of granite stone slabs which became severely worn down due to heavy destruction.

St Joseph’s Cathedral Exterior.

  • In front of the cathedral, there is the statue of Mother Maria.

The statue of Mother Maria

2. Interior

  • The windows, which are produced in France them imported to Vietnam, are made with tall stained glass and have pointed arches.

The vaulted ceiling is looked like those in medieval Europe.

Glass stained pictures inside St. Joseph’s Cathedral Hanoi – The Notre Dame de Paris of Hanoi

  • The nave is weathered and the sanctuary looks shine and is made of gilt trimmed wood.

The rib-vaulted ceiling inside the church

  • The statue of Virgin Mary kept in the palanquin, to the left of the nave

3. Meaning to local and tourists

  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Hanoi is always the place for Christians living in this city come and pray occasionally. Moreover, around the cathedral is commonplace for locals gathering their friends and families every weekend

With the wide beautiful site, the outside cathedral attracts a lot of attention and became a place for locals and tourists to gather every evening.

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