Sapa is not only endowed with a glorious beauty by Mother Nature, which also gives the land and its people specialties with distinctive features of the Northwest mountainous region.

What to buy in the Sapa?

Where to shop in this mist town?

Or how to shop in Sapa like a local?

Don’t worry, this article will help you answer every question! Let’s check out a thorough Sapa shopping guideline with us!

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1. What to buy in Sapa Vietnam?


As a home of different ethnic minorities, this land has a unique beauty of culture and people. And especially, brocade is the famous specialty of Sapa which you cannot skip.

For the locals here, Sapa brocade items are not only for decoration but also represent and show their love for the culture that has been preserved for many generations.

sapa brocade

Therefore, the brocade is one of the most meaningful and unique gift-buying items.

Sapa brocade weaving has been around for a long time, the weaving thread is strong, tough and beautiful. Sapa people use their skillful hands to weave on each small pretty pattern, bringing the very eye-catching products.

There are many types of brocade products in Sapa, such as bags, purses, blankets, keychains, pillowcases, or bracelets.

The patterns on the items are exquisite and unique. Whereas, the motifs can illustrate the daily life scenes, natural landscapes or can also be simple, rustic patterns.

Where to buy Sapa brocade:

  • Love market, Bac Ha market, Coc Leu market
  • Brocade village of Ta Phin, Cat Cat village
  • Pho Nui Sapa

Address: 013 Cau May, Sapa

Phone: 020 871712

  • Lan Rung Sapa

Address: 029A Cau May, Sapa

Phone: 020 871665

  • Hue Skill Sapa

Address: 024 Cau May, Sapa

Phone: 020 3871050


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Sapa Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry in Sapa is very popular, so visitors can easily buy in silver shops or Sapa souvenir shops. They are also sold at the market along with other unique items to make it easier for visitors to buy.

Silver jewelry not only has aesthetic value but also brings high spiritual value to the people here, showing affection, engagement and possibly relationships.

sapa silver

The jewelry in Sapa is precious because it is handmade from the Mong people.

Through a long and complicated process as well as the talented hands of the skilled workers, these brilliant items have a chance to appear in front of your eyes.

Suggestions for places to buy:

  • Sapa Silver Shop

Address: 19 Muong Hoa, Sapa

Phone: 039 5091 506

  • Sapa markets like Bac Ha, Coc Ly, etc.

Docynia Indica Wine (Ruou tao meo)

The Docynia Indica is a perfect combination of the taste of the green mountains, the fresh and clear air, the blowing winds, and the warm sunshine, so it has all the sweet and sour flavors.

Docynia Indica is very well brewed and then the locals use the essence of which to make wine. At first, taking a sip of Docynia Indica wine would seem like drinking a carbonated beverage, but the more you drink the more ecstatic you feel.

ruou tao meo sapa

Docynia Indica wine not only helps better digestion but also can cure some diseases such as headache, insomnia, dizziness, etc.


  • Sapa traditional market, Mong market.
  • San Lung wine Joint Stock Company

Address: 11, North Duyen Hai Industrial Area, Lao Cai City

Dried Buffalo Meat

Sapa is not only famous for its extremely magnificent mountains but also its unique cuisine also leaves a very unique impression on visitors.

Every tourist coming here is “fascinated” by the taste of the famous specialties, in which, Sapa specialties – Dried buffalo meat (Thit trau gac bep), bringing a bold breath of the ethnic groups’ culture.

buffalo meat

And this will definitely be a wonderful gift for your loved ones!

This unique dish is made from carefully-selected tenderloin meat, then marinated and then smoked, preserved for 8 months to 1 year then use.

The pungent smell of buffalo meat will initially be difficult for to familiarize, but once you have “adapted”, you will be addicted to the sweet and spicy taste – an unforgettable flavor in your life.

In addition, in order to avoid buying fake products, we will instruct you on how to distinguish correct buffalo meat:

– Dried buffalo: Meat on the outside is black, the inside is crimson characteristic of meat. Buffalo meat is quite large and chewy.

– Beef: Meat has a lighter color than buffalo meat, smooth and small grains, not as tough as buffalo meat.

– Pork: Meat is a very light color and soft, small grain.

sapa cuisine

Some suggestions below:

  • Sapa Market
  • Ta Phin, Cat Cat, Ta Van, Lao Chai, etc.
  • A Pao Buffalo Meat

Address: 26 Dong Loi – Sapa town – Lao Cai

Red Dao herbal bath

Sapa Red Dao herbal bath is one of the most well-known regional specialties in the foggy ​​Sapa.

Bathing in Red Dao medicine is one of the cultural activities that you cannot ignore when coming to Sapa. For thousands of years, Red Dao people have established a habit of picking herbal leaves to bathe weekly to bring a fresh atmosphere to all family members.

red dao herb

According to the latest research, the Red Dao medicinal bath offers countless benefits.

After a long journey like Sapa trekking, it provides treatment of aches and pains, reducing back and knee fatigue quickly.

Besides, herbal bathing of Dao people is one of the secrets to bringing back the natural and lasting beauty to the local women here.

You can buy some Red Dao bathing herb at:

  • Dao’s center Sapa

Address: 26 Dong Loi, Sapa

Hotline: 0917 822 844

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Bac Ha plums

Unlike red plum, Sapa plums are green and when eating, you will feel aromatic and sweet but not sour.

Plum trees are one of the common types of trees in the northern border provinces of our country. If the plums of Lao Cai and Lang Son are red-pink, Bac Ha plums have green skin. Each type has its own flavor and different colors.

Since the first lunar month, the whole Bac Ha valley is covered with white plum flowers.

If you come to Bac Ha at this time, you will have the opportunity to admire the pristine beauty of the plum blossoms added to the majestic Northwest painting. The plums in Bac Ha begins to ripen in May and turn into the juiciest fruits in June and July.

bac ha plums

They are popularly sold in Sapa so you can buy them easily at the local markets.

2. Sapa Shopping and Places to Buy

Sapa markets – An ideal option for shopping in Sapa

It will be a regret if you skip the local markets in Sapa.

The bustling and lively markets here with a tremendous number of different products will make you feel overwhelmingly pleasant. You can find everything in these markets, from colorful traditional clothing, Sapa souvenir, to the fresh fruits and food.

Love market at Sapa

More details at:

Lan Rung Sapa – Brocade Store 

Located in the middle of the center of Cau May Street, Lan Rung Brocade Shop is very convenient for tourists to visit and buy souvenirs.

It sells brocade items such as clothes, skirts, bags, bedsheets, shoulder bags, and so on. The store has long been a reliable shopping destination that many tourists choose, especially international tourists.

lan rung sapa

Brocade items here are woven entirely by hand made by the Hmong people, so they are quite durable, each needle thread is exquisite and unique.

The characteristics of the Lan Rung brocade are a mixture of traditional and modern features. Although the price is quite high, it can be assured of quality.

Address: 29A, Cầu Mây, Sapa, Lào Cai.


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Chau Long Sapa souvenir shop

Chau Long Sapa souvenir shop is also a familiar shopping address in the center of the mountain town.

On weekdays, the shop is open from 6 am to 10 pm, while on weekends and holidays, the owner sells from 8 am to 8 pm. It provides mainly silk products, adding some pretty small souvenirs such as shoulder bags, wallets, bracelets made of indigo fabric with colorful motifs.

chau long

The products of Chau Long Sapa are mostly made from handicrafts made by ethnic women, clearly showing the cultural characteristics of each tribe.

In addition, the souvenir price is also quite reasonable from 50,000 to 1,000,000 VND depending on different items.

Address: 24 Đồng Lôi, Sapa, Lao Cai


Woodcarving Souvenir Shop

If you want to find souvenirs related to wood, which can be used to decorate the house, let’s go to Woodcarving Souvenir shop!

The wooden work from small to large are 100% hand-made, lovingly detailed by the skill of talented craftsmen. Therefore, each product is very unique, showing the impressive beauty of Sapa.

Besides, the price of wooden statues in the store is also very affordable, so it is more and more popular with visitors.

Address: 014 Mường Hoa, Sa Pa Town, Lào Cai

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