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AZ Local Trip will introduce to you a detailed guide when shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter, from which goods are worth purchasing to the best shopping center in this old town!

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1. Things to Buy when Wandering Around Hanoi Old Quarter Shopping Streets

Silks – A soft and romantic beauty

Silk is a special fabric favored by women for its characteristics: soft, smooth, light.

Today, silk is not only ivory white but also colorful, printed and embroidered with intricate motifs.

Silks and Clothing

When dressing up silk clothes, you will feel a gentle and romantic beauty.

If you are in love with this pristine material, it will be an ideal choice to seeking it in Hanoi Old Quarter. In general, you can buy different types of silk in the streets of the Old Quarter, which are high-qualified and at a reasonable price. Especially, Hang Gai Street should be on the top list you should pay a visit for a silk hunting.

Our suggestion is Kenly Silk, which is located at 108 Hang Gai, selling a great collection of silk goods. Their number phone is +84 4 8267236.

Embroidery – The perfect stitched artwork

It is not an easy task for you to find good embroideries in Hanoi in general, and in the Old Quarter in particular.

You will be overwhelmingly impressive with an astonishing number of embroideries here with a great variety of colors and patterns. However, be careful and consider before purchasing to avoid bad products.

We advise that you should go with a local guide, who has basic information about shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter.

  • Suggested place: Quoc Su on 2C Ly Quoc Su Street
  • Phone: +84 4 39289281

Lacquerware – An ideal choice for decoration

Lacquerware (“Son mai”) has become more popular for space decoration nowadays. You can find the merchandise applied this art on the streets of Hanoi Old Quarter, like vases, trays, bowls, or boxes.

shopping old quarter lacquerware

We highly recommend Hanoia – a reputable company with the high-qualified handiworks. However, keep in mind that you will get what you pay for, meaning the price here is not cheap.

  • Address: 38 Hang Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
  • Phone: +84 24 3710 0819

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Other Goods

Some streets in Hanoi Old Quarter specializes in a specific good, where you can find an abundance of products with different quality there. If you have a particular goal, let’s see which these streets below are your choices:

  • Hang Can for stationery
  • Hang Hom for lacquerware and bamboo
  • Hang Dau for shoes
  • Hang Gai for silk
  • Hang Buom for candies and wine
  • Cau Go for women’s accessories
  • Thuoc Bac for tools

hanoi old quarter shopping

In addition, if you wish for wandering and immerse yourself in various products, the busy markets like Dong Xuan will be better.

2. Top 8 Shopping Centre Hanoi Old Quarter You Shouldn’t Skip!

Hanoi Old Quarter Shopping Map

Dong Xuan Market

Dong Xuan Market is one of the biggest markets in Hanoi, where you can find an abundant collection of goods from clothing, tools, fresh food, to household items.

Dong Xuan Market is the main wholesale market in Hanoi. However, walking around in the market, you still find yourself retail stalls at a reasonable price.

Dong Xuan

The market is always crowded and bustling.

If you want to experience the rhyme of local life in Hanoi, don’t skip this precious chance!

  • Address: Dong Xuan Street, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening Hour: Daily 06:00 – 19:00

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Hang Gai Street

Known as the silk street, Hang Gai Street has become the busiest street in Hanoi with well-decorated silk shops always bustling with shoppers.

hang gai

Hang Gai – Silk Street (in Hang Gai Ward, Hoan Kiem District) is 250 meters long but there are 120 business shops. It includes 91 boutiques selling silk goods or services combining silk items.

Along with silk, Hanoians love Hang Gai as the small space of Hanoi silk, warm, elegant but still lively.

Long Bien Market

Long Bien market is a wholesale market, so the trade products here are also very diverse; especially vegetables, fruits, and other agricultural products.

At Long Bien Market, you can always find fruit stalls, agricultural stores and offers to create a special attraction for those who first come here.

busy market under Long Bien bridge

Walking on Long Bien Bridge, listening to the noisy sounds of the market from above, you will feel extremely interesting.

The noisy sounds, along with the freight carts that move in and out, will give us different feelings about the lives of the people who hang around the market all year round.

Hanoi Night Weekend Market

Hanoi Night Weekend Market – a special “fair” in the heart of the old town has long been a familiar destination of Hanoi people every weekend.

This is not only a place for normal trading activities but also a place for cultural exchange. It preserves many unique features of 36 streets in Hanoi, attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

Shopping at Hanoi Night Market

The market is located on the 3km long street from Hang Dao Street to the gate of Dong Xuan Market.

Entering the market, you will be immersed in the space of a colorful and vibrant atmosphere.

  • Address: Hang Dao Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi
  • Opening Hour: Fri – Sun 19:00 – 23:00

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Hang Bac Street

The whole Hang Bac street today is only about 0.5 km long, but there are hundreds of large and small shops specializing in making jewelry and selling gold and silver handicrafts.

hang bac

Most of them are equipped with new technology machines, but besides that, there are still families who still keep crafting handicrafts by hand from ancient times.

Over the ups and downs of time, Hang Bac Street still retains many architectural features and old lifestyle. It might be the timeless charm and beauty of Hanoi Old Quarter, which you hardly find anywhere.

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Hang Dao Street

hang dao

Hang Dao Street is located in the North-South direction with a length of nearly 300m. The street plays the role of the main and busiest trading center in Hanoi.

Hang Dao now specializes in selling clothes, tourism and consumer products such as jewelry, fashion, watches, etc.

The street creates a new cultural feature of the Capital, attracting a flock of tourists to Hanoi. Over the centuries, Hang Dao is still the soul of “Hanoi 36 streets”.


Royal Silk Hanoi

When reading reviews of Royal Silk on Tripadvisor, you will realize that this entire experience is worth trying at least once!

Coming to Royal Silk, you will be served with the excellent masters, the high-qualified materials, and the customized gorgeous clothes. Everything is filled with love.

royal silk

Daisy, the local owner, speaks English very well and she is friendly and lovely to do an outstanding job.

  • Address: 59 Hang Trong, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening Hours: Daily 09:00 – 21:00
  • Tel: +84 46 270 0465

Ajisai Hanoi

Ajisai is a souvenir shop, bringing customers to Vietnamese products. The shop is a few levels selling stuff from coffee powder, tea leaves, teapot sets, souvenirs, etc.

The staffs of Ajisai are very friendly and patient, and souvenirs are in perfect condition. Besides, a plus of Ajisai we cannot skip is that the price of goods here is affordable.

Worth a visit, guys!

  • Address: 12 Nha Tho Street, Hang Trong Ward, Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening Hours: Daily 09:00 – 21:00
  • Tel: +84 43 938 0219

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