When it comes to Quang Ninh, tourists always think about Halong Bay. This is Vietnam’s world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO. Halong Bay is an ideal destination because it possesses pristine deserted beaches. In addition, Halong Bay also has a lot of lively markets and shopping malls that offer tourists a variety of items.

With AZ Local Trip, let’s explore where you can come and find things in Halong Bay.

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1. Halong Marine Plaza Entertainment and Trade Center

Halong Marine Plaza is situated in Halong Marian (Hoang Quoc Viet Road). This is a big modern complex of a series of services including many interesting amusement parks, shopping centers, and food courts. When mentioning Halong Marine Plaza, we cannot miss some typical things and places, which create the unique features of this site such as the biggest indoor entertainment area of Quang Ninh, the biggest round swing of Vietnam, the artificial beaches and the first international cinema.

This center is over 4000 square meters in area. It is acclaimed as a shopping paradise and fashion capital because it offers a wide range of goods from electronics, household, cosmetic, fashion to souvenir. It is likely that tourists will be overwhelmed by various famous domestic and foreign brands.

halong marine

Inside the Marine Plaza

Entertainment is an outstanding trait in this center. Tourists will be attracted by the biggest round swing of Vietnam, which gives them a good chance to experience the natural setting from a height of 90 meters. With only 15 minutes sitting in the colorful cabins, visitors will be overwhelmed by a completely different feeling about the stunning view of the new world’s natural wonder.

Besides the food and fashion, Halong Marine Plaza frequently holds many big events and festivals at the culture square. The area of this square is about 5000 square meters. It is gloriously decorated with a lot of fountains and colorful light. Tourists coming here always feel comfortable and pleased when immersing in the youthful and vibrant atmosphere here. In particular, there are numerous special celebrations with many interesting performances each afternoon.

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2. Bai Chay Trade Center

Bai Chay Trade Center belongs to Bai Chay, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province. This trade center derives from a small market located in Vuon Dao street. Because another street was opened here, the market was moved toward the inside and constructed on large-scale investment. After that, the market became the present trade center.

This is the place of almost all kinds of goods for customers of every age. The products range from normal products to high-quality ones, mainly fruits, fabrics, goodies, clothes shoes, and electronics.

A striking feature of food in this center is that the seafood here is well-known for its fresh taste and reasonable price. One of the most preferred specialties here is grilled chopped squid, which tourists try once will never forget its special flavor.

shopping in Halong food

Can’t-miss destination

Bai Chay Trade Center is considered a can’t-miss destination when coming to Halong. In this site, tourists can buy a lot of unique and good products and souvenirs for themselves as well as for their families.

Address: Vuong Dao Street, Bai Chay, Halong City

3. Vincom Center Halong

Vincom Center Ha Long is the first construction of Vingroup, which started in November 2013 in Quang Ninh. This trade center was designed following the European style with over 36000 square meters in the area of total floors including four floors and one basement.

This is an ideal site for tourism including a variety of services such as high-quality shopping centers, education, and health centers for kids, food courts and entertainment areas. The center does not only offer the modern trade and entertainment areas, but the spaces for eating and drinking are also vibrant. The customers will have a great chance to experience all the senses through many special domestic as well as foreign dishes. All of them are not only delicious but also eye-catching.

halong vincom

Vincom Center Ha Long from the outside

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4. Halong Market 

Halong Market is an ideal destination for Halong Bay shopping is constructed in 2003 in Bach Dang road. To go to the market, tourists will have to drive straight through to Bai Chay Bridge to the intersection of Loong Toong, turn right and walk more than 1 km.

This market becomes a big shopping site for visitors when coming to Quang Ninh. Halong Market opens at 6.00 am and closes at 6.30 pm every day. It is frequently very crowded at the weekend. Being located in the city center, Halong Market is one of the big wholesale markets offering a wide range of products, especially Chinese products. There are two floors which offer different types of goods.

Address: Bach Dang Street, Halong City

food for shopping

Food at Halong Market

5. Halong Night Market

Located in Bai Chay Beach, Halong Night Market is a tourist attraction for both local and foreign visitors when coming to Ha Long. The market normally opens from 6.00 pm until late at night. This is the place gathering almost all consumer goods from medium quality to high quality.

A market is a group of over a hundred stalls that sell various kinds of products, such as handicrafts, handmade accessories, clothes, and other dispensable items such as swimwear, lotion, or hat. Tourists tend to come to this place for purchasing unique products of Halong Bay like necklaces made from seashells, wooden small boats, or T-shirts with images of this beach city.


Handicrafts good at Halong Bay Night Market

Moreover, this Halong Bay Market is also an interesting place for tourists to enjoy many types of fresh and tasty seafood. Besides that, if you live near Ha Long city and you want to practice English, Halong Night Market is an ideal site for you. There are a lot of foreign visitors here. That is also the reason why the price of goods here is normally higher than that of the goods in other markets in Ha Long.

Address: Halong Marine, Hung Thang Street, Halong City

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6. Mong Cai Border Market

Mong Cai Border Market is in Mong Cai Town, Quang Ninh province. This is a trading center and one of Vietnam’s busiest border markets. Being adjacent to the border gate, the consumer goods here are very diverse, especially the goods imported from China, such as fabrics, clothes, shoes, electronics, groceries, and fruits.

The products sold here are much cheaper than elsewhere because they come directly from China. Besides that, a lot of goods for export from Vietnam like seafood and coffee are also available here. In particular, Mong Cai Border Market sells many products of traditional Chinese medicines. The customers will be examined and prescribed by Chinese doctors.

  • Address: Mong Cai Town, Halong City

7. Hon Gai Market

Hon Gai Market is situated in Hon Gai Ward, Ha Long city. The local residents state that Hon Gai Market is the wholesale fish market in Halong. After a long journey fishing offshore, all of the fishermen come back land together with their products and bring them to Hon Gai Market for wholesale.

This place is considered as the source of goods for almost all the seafood stores of other markets. If you have the chance to come to Halong Bay, Hon Gai Market will be a good choice for the ones who want to buy fresh and low-price marine products.

Hon Gai Market opens from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock in the morning. There are various kinds of seafood sold here, such as shrimps, fish, crabs, and oysters.

Address: Hon Gai Street, Halong City

hon gai market

8. Flea Market

People visiting Ha Long cannot miss the Flea Market. In Ha Long, from 6.00 am to 2.00 pm on every Tuesday, a variety of goods with affordable prices, mainly seafood, are sold around hotels to serve tourists. This market mainly serves the tourists going by ships.

Have you got any idea of places for shopping in Halong Bay? If yes, feel free to share it with us!