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1 Day In Sapa


1 Day In Sapa – For those who are pressed for time
Posted by: Huongnm /1640
While spending 1 day in Sapa is not the best choice, it’s still possible for visitors who have a tight schedule to go on a trek through the mountains and the magnificent valleys! Actually, if you want to spend a full day in Sapa from early morning to late evening, you have to take a […]


What to do in Sapa for 2 days | Must-do in Sapa for 2 days 1 night
Posted by: Hoàng Lê /2190
You are planning a trip to Sapa but getting confused because there are a lot of recommendations of duration as well as the route on the internet? You’re wondering What to do in Sapa for 2 days? Based on my experience in Sapa for several times,  the ideal duration to stay in Sapa is less than […]


Sapa 3 Days 2 Nights – RECOMMENDED ITINERARY for First-time Visitors
Posted by: khaipv /3240
(Recommended) Sapa 3 Days 2 Nights for First-time Visitors   AZ Local Trip provides Sapa 3 days 2 nights Package Tour. You must be wondering how to spend your 3 days in Sapa well. There are various beautiful spots here, so even domestic travelers may feel a little confused, let alone international tourists. I did […]

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Why Sapa? Is Sapa Worth It? 

Before planning Sapa Itinerary, many people ask: Why Sapa? and Is Sapa really worth it?. Of course we’ll give you Sapa Itinerary right under this post. But to make sure of you knowing the destination before coming, let’s do some introduction first.

Sapa is a lovely hill station in the Northwest of Vietnam, about 320km from Hanoi. Sapa is home to stunning mountain landscapes, lush mounain ranges, beautiful terrace rice fields, unique stilt villages, different hilltribe minorities and of course, the Indochina peak – Fansipan.

In recent years, Sapa has become the most booming tourism spot which welcomes thousands of visitors each month for its captivating beauty and enriched cultures. Going to Sapa means leaving behind all the stress from daily life and immersing in the majestic and stunning views of nature. If you’re still wondering weather to go to Sapa or not? you may find the answer in this detailed article: Is Sapa Worth Visiting?

2. Planning Sapa Itinerary – Best time to go to Sapa?

Sapa is in the Northwest of Vietnam and also has 4 seasons like Hanoi: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

The best time to visit Sapa is Spring ( from March to May) and Autumn ( from September to November). In Spring, the weather is nice and stable; it’s sunny at days and cool at nights, suitable for activities. In Autumn, the weather is dry, the sky is clear and the scenery is the most beautiful during this period.

Winter time in Sapa is really cold since it’s mountainous area. However, the cold and fogginess make this place more ethereal than ever.

3. Detailed Sapa Itinerary 

Planning an itinerary is never easy, especially when you’re not the locals. There’re so many questions to answer: Where? What? When? How? and How Much? The research from Expedia also shows that 86% travelers see planning an itinerary boring and tired. But don’t worry!

After questioning thousands of customers from AZ Local Trip via email and direct interview and our experiened tour guides, we’ve found out best itineraries for tourists to the beautiful Sapa. The itineraries are displayed below, from 1 day to 3 days in Sapa.

These itineraries are suitable and reasonable and many of our tourists have used these itineraries for their trip.

Sapa Itinerary


Below is our recommended itinerary for your holiday from 1-3 days in Sapa, Vietnam