Sometimes, people are fascinated by the bright lights of the buildings, the hustle and bustle of the city but forget the peaceful and simple features of the homeland like the fields, stork wings, the house wall, or kitchen space.

And sometimes, when people want to slow down, they suddenly think of such places like Sapa, where many tourists choose to find peace in their souls.

sapa terrace cat cat

Where can we see the magnificent scenery in peace as terraced fields in Sapa? 

Creator has skillfully bestowed upon Sapa nature a picturesque landscape that you hardly find anywhere!

1. Rice Terraces Sapa – An Unique and Superb Beauty 

Seeing from a distance, the beautiful picture of terraced fields in Sapa gradually appeared with the marvelous beauty that catches the eyes of tourists. The terraced rice fields Sapa own a different vibrant color in a different season of the year.

During periods between spring and summer, the fields are watered to prepare for the new crop.

At this time, the surface of Sapa rice fields in April shines like a mirror reflecting the deep green of the mountains, the reddish-brown color of the motherland with the silver thread of the embankment.

When summer comes, Sa Pa terraces change the shimmering turquoise color of the winding rice paddies from the foot to the top of the mountain.

muong hoa sapa

The water season is typical of the subtropical monsoon climate. 

Also, it is the symbol of the beginning of a rice transplanting season. You will have a chance to enjoy the enchanting beauty of Sapa rice fields in May appearing around the majestic mountains of Sapa such as Si Mai Cai, Bat Xat, and Bac Ha.

When autumn ends silently, Sapa rice fields in November put the bright yellow silk on the green slopes, promising a bumper crop.

dao people in sapa

It is the most beautiful moment of terraced fields in this land, which has been recorded by many tourists and photographers.

Whether terraced fields are wide or narrow, they are formed into harmonious cubes by the barefoot artists to facilitate cultivation. The terraced fields are hundreds of hectares in Ta Phin, Ta Van, Lao Chai, etc. as a majestic natural painting with a fanciful shape.

The attractive beauty of terraced fields in Sapa has attracted the attention of many domestic and international tourists when visiting the natural beauty of the Northwest region.

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2. The ancient history of Sapa rice terraces paradise

The birth of terraced fields associated with the history and culture of the Nung, Dao, Mong, and other Sapa villages and La Chi ethnic groups in the mountainous areas of Sapa (Lao Cai), Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai), and Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang).

sapa terrace cat cat

Terraces are an effective farming method on sloping land and cliffs. 

Therefore, the compatriots chose hills and mountains with the three-tiered soil to create a flat ground. After that, it is possible to dry or bring water from the higher mountain peaks depending on the different cultivating methods.

Currently, terraced fields in the Northwest are nearly tens of thousands of hectares, of which Hoang Su Phi has 765, Sapa is approximately 1,000, and most is Mu Cang Chai with almost 2,200 hectares. All of which have been recognized as a national level tourist attraction.

Not only are farming fields, but the terraced fields in Sapa also bring unique cultural and historical values. Come, admire and discover the marvelous paradise of northwestern mountains and especially the mist town – Sapa.

3. Where to find the most splendid Sapa terraces?

Muong Hoa valley

From Sapa town center, traveling along the mountain road close to the high mountain about 8km, visitors will encounter an extremely overwhelming spectacle – Muong Hoa valley – the pride of Sapa.

Sapa tourist area has a lot of terraces, but the most beautiful and most significant fields lied in the Muong Hoa valley.

In addition to the Sapa terraced fields with steps leading up to the sky, near the valley, there are many kinds of colorful flowers that seem to be blooming all year round.

visit sapa

The perfect combination of Sapa terraces and Muong Hoa flower

Besides, Muong Hoa valley is also famous for its ancient and unique rocky beaches.

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat is a Hmong village in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, just over 2km from Sapa town center.

At an altitude of about 1500m above sea level, Cat Cat village also has a typical Sapa climate with a relaxed and fresh atmosphere. Located directly beneath the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Cat Cat village is surrounded by natural landscape with the large golden rice fields Sapa, the green hills and mountains, and small wooden houses of black Mong people.

All seem like being intertwined to make up the picturesque beauty here. 

In the season of ripe rice terraces Sa Pa Vietnam, the whole village is immersed in the golden color of rice; you can stand from above to fully enjoy the brilliant yellow spread of both sky and land.

Lao Chai – Ta Van village

Ta Van village is located in the valley, on the two sides are the impressive Hoang Lien Son mountain range and Ham Rong mountain, surrounded by Sapa rice fields at lower levels.

It seems that these are the stairs connecting Lao Chai to the mountains to blend into the clouds to the sky. Sa Pa terraces here are different from those of other places.

Ta Phin village

Lying to the northeast, about 12km from Sapa town, Ta Phin village is near a limestone mountain chain of Hoang Lien Son range, near the head office of Ta Phin commune.

Come to Ta Phin village; tourists will admire the Sapa terraced rice field at the golden, winding beside the hills, making the field softer like silk strips.

Titling the horizon, the dense green areas of the cornfields on the rising stone slopes adorn the stunning natural painting.

Now, let’s move to the next part and we will show you Sapa rice terraces best time to visit.

4. The best time to visit Sapa rice fields

Whenever the autumn comes, the sun shines on the mountains of the Northwest, the terraced fields in Sapa change the green shirt with a shiny yellow.

September is considered as the golden season of the Northwest when the rice on the terraced fields is ripe, which brings a poetic and peaceful beauty.

Sa Pa terraces gently swaying along with each passing breeze, look like little waves drifting off with the gentle lapping of the river water.

The time from mid-September to early October every year is the ideal time for tourists to come to Sapa and see firsthand the dreamlike Sapa terraced fields.

However, if you want to visit Sapa rice fields in December, it is also a great idea. This misty town in winter brings another different beauty, which you will be overwhelming pleasant.

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5. How to get to Sapa rice field?

There are different means of transportation for you to choose when traveling from Hanoi to Sapa.

Passenger cars, trains, and motorbike are the most common options. Depending on your plans, you can opt for a suitable way and explore Sa Pa terraces in Vietnam.

6. Minority ethnic daily life with Sa Pa terraces Vietnam

The terraced fields in Sa Pa and Lao Cai have been around for hundreds of years, and they are all due to the talented, diligent and hard-working hands of the upland farmers who have made their efforts to create this happy life.

The best barefoot artists must include the Ha Nhi people, then the Dao, the Mong, the Dzay, the Tay, etc. Sapa tribes live on the high mountains of Hoang Lien Son all year around.

Terraces are not only beautiful scenes but also the mobile paddy fields of Sapa minorities. 

The Sapa rice fields Vietnam is an effective farming method on steep and mountainous terrain, contributing to creating unique tourism products for Lao Cai for many years.

People have taken advantage of the natural conditions of nature, impacting on the environment to cultivate, produce, and from there to create extremely magnificent natural landscapes.

Let’s plan your next vacation to see Sa Pa terraces as soon as possible! If not now, then when? Your dreamy land are ready to welcome you, guys!

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