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Like traveling with a friend

Stopping at a small juice bar, we take a break from walking and share photos from our phones while talking about our families, religion, Brexit and football.

Occasionally, I use a word Nguyen is unfamiliar with and she looks it up on a translator app, but her English is good. Her enthusiasm is infectious, making the tour feel more like a day out discovering the sights with a friend. We step back out into the heat and walk around the corner to St Joseph’s Cathedral…

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Self-service travel is becoming more and more popular, and you can book air tickets, accommodations, etc. online. But go to some countries that are not familiar with the world, if the language is nowhere, it will inevitably have various situations. In fact, you can also use technology to find local people through the travel application, and let you experience the local humanities for free.

Now, with reporter Li Xingyi to Hanoi, Vietnam, try to plan a rich and economical travel itinerary with different applications…


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